2015 Time Magazine, German Chancellor Angela Merkel was elected in a determined political leadership style, and the US presidential candidate, Trump, said, "No matter how popular I am, I'm not going to be in the squad, so why choose a man who screwed up Germany?" "Does Merkel screw Germany up or lead Germany to a better generation?" Let's listen to her story together. (Recommended reading: She was once thought to be the East German Grey Mouse, now she is German Chancellor Angela Merkel )

"Her political leadership style has no gorgeous rhetoric and gestures, and she has no innate leadership, she has a keen sense of the right of a survivor, and a scientist's quest for data." After Merkel became chancellor of the German Prime Minister in 2005 and mastered the world's fourth-largest economy, she remained as straight as ever, an undervalued value of the times. "--nancy Gibbs.

The American Times Magazine elected German Chancellor Angela Merkel as the 2015 Man of the year, the fourth since 1927, with women on the cover of the annual magazine on their own. In this issue of the cover of Time magazine, the oil painting style presented by Merkel in white, blue eyes staring forward, the small title reads "Merkel, the prime minister of the free World, from the East De Lude sect of the daughter of the European continent, the real leader." 」

2015 of Europe, after Greece's debt crisis, refugees, immigration issues, two Paris attacks and Russia intervened in Ukraine ... such as frost, many storms shake the future of Europe's continued alliance possible. Merkel, in the turmoil in Europe, demonstrated the spirit of stability and perseverance.

In the Greek debt crisis deal, Merkel insists on Greece's austerity policy to protect the future of the eurozone; on the difficult issues of refugees, Merkel handled it with care, and when most of the big Powers chose to close the border, she chose to open the door to the refugees and immigrants, despite a sharp decline in German support, Her opponents attack This is undoubtedly Germany's economic and cultural suicide; After the attack in Paris, Merkel assured French President O ' rand that Germany would send warplanes and ground troops to assist in the fight against terrorism, which was rare in Germany, after the Second World War, for many pacifist Germans.

Since 2005, when Angela Merkel was Chancellor of Germany, she had unveiled the new German values, humanity, generosity and tolerance with a strong and straight attitude, and she proved that German power could be used to save and not to destroy.

The reason for Merkel's election of the year is "she has the courage to ask Germany for what most politicians are afraid to ask for," wrote Time magazine editor Nancy Gibbs. "When most politicians are busy courting, speculating, and obeying public opinion to stabilize the next re-election, Merkel is thinking of how to bring Germany to new heights and how to make Europe a stronger ally." To this end, she does not easily compromise, show "although millions of people, I go to the" and the spirit of the world forgotten by the resolute moral leadership. (Recommended thinking: from the world to see Merkel's female leadership style )

Merkel: East German refugee, Minister of Youth of Women, first German Prime minister, European substantive leader

When we looked back on the growth of Merkel for 35 years, she was one of the 107 million inhabitants of East Germany, living like a refugee. By the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, she joined the Democratic awakening with the rigorous and patient study of quantum physics, which became the beginning of her political career. In 1990, the former chancellor of the West German Prime Minister appointed her minister of Youth, and then she became Minister of Environmental and nuclear safety.

In 2005, she became the first female prime minister in German history, and thus rewrote the European Union's male-dominated leadership script.

Merkel's heart-shaped gesture, showing the strength of stability through her limbs.

"Freedom is the core idea of a social and political system," she said in 2009, when she was interviewed by Spigel. With the exception of freedom, man has no ability to innovate. 」

In 2010, Merkel gave a speech: "In Europe, no one should be abandoned, in Europe, no one should be excluded, Europe to succeed only one possibility, we must work together." The question is not whether we can change, but whether we can move fast enough to keep pace with the times. "seems to herald 2015 European problems.

In the 2015, the difficult problem of refugees and immigrants to burn the whole of Europe, Merkel had to attend the forum when the honest answer to the little girl asked "politics is sometimes tricky, I can't tell you that Germany has a way to shelter some people." Some people have to go back. "Merkel is not lying, and Germany is the most tolerant country in Europe, hosting 80万来 refugees from Syria and Iraq, and Merkel bears the tears of anger and emigration from the domestic people."

On September 3, when Merkel was asked how to prevent Germany from "not being Islamist" in the event of a large influx of refugees, she replied, "I am convinced that the culture and society that are shaped by fear will never have a future." 」

Angela Merkel does not manipulate political tactics, when U.S. presidential candidate Trump called her "stupid Woman" and "screwed up German women" and said that the refugees were the most obvious Trojan horse of the generation, Merkel opted to guarantee no tax increases, chose to face a straight 20% poll satisfaction, and chose to use the radio again and again to reassure the German people Wir Schaffen Das, we can, Germany can.

In the midst of a muted and depressed Europe, Merkel proved that we should still retain our human bearing. Although not everyone agrees with the path she has taken, we can absolutely believe that her choice has never been easy. The independence of the public, must take a lonely road, but only willing to lead the people to take the difficult road leaders, have the ability to show the new bearing of the country. (Recommended reading:"female leadership column" before excellence, need to endure is loneliness )

When the world needs her, she's there! 2015 10 moments belonging to Merkel

Following the Charlie Weekly attack in 2015/1/11, Merkel joined with French President O ' Rand, President Donald Tusk of the European Council, and Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas.

In 2015/5/10, when Russian Prime Minister Putin issued a peaceful speech to Ukraine, Merkel pointed.

2015/05/29 Cameroon visits German Chancellery, Merkel listens to the national anthem with Cameroon

2015/06/07 G7 A dinner party to discuss the Greek debt crisis and violence in Ukraine.

2015/06/08 Merkel and Obama continue to talk after the G7 meeting

2015/06/24 British queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip visited Germany to visit Frankfurt and visit the Belsen concentration camp, which is a return visit since 2004.

2015/10/09 Merkel meets with British Prime Minister Cameroon in Britain

2015/10/25 Greek Prime Minister Chipras and Angela Merkel

2015/10/21 Merkel meets Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin in the Chancellery

2015/10/29 Chinese Premier Li Keqiang and Angela Merkel's welcoming ceremony outside Beijing

After Merkel, expect more women in the world to narrate

Merkel, who has been on the cover of Time magazine since 1927, has been on the fourth generation of female forms alone. The top three were the Duke of Windsor Hualis Simpson in 1936, 1952 of the British Queen Elizabeth, and the first female president of the Philippines, Cora Aquino, in 1986.

Every 20 years or so, we wait until Time magazine praises a woman, affirming her influence on the news and her contribution to the world. And we live in the era, there is no lack of dedication to the world of women.

In our minds this year, in addition to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, there are Malala with pen education against guns, Emmahuasen of UN gender ambassadors calling for affirmative action, summoning a better world with their own experience Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, we also look forward to the 2016, to be able to hear more than the media has not been exposed, but in all areas of solid efforts in the female narrative. (Recommended reading: annual Influential women's calendar: Little Williams, Petti Smith, Ono )