This year, looking back at uncompromising female moments , a good song for 2015, and a review of the annual film commemorating Life , we would like to invite you back to yourself and think about who you are sharing this year #2015最美的时刻 ? Women obsessed with the annual essay activities, we count with the world, and friends, and lovers, and family, and their relationship, to commemorate the year has not been in vain. (Please see article at the end of essay)

At the end of the year, people are always disconsolate about the fast, and for this year's Feng Shi smile.

At the end of the year, especially fit to count the years I cried, laugh, soft, Ben Crazy Times, this year, saw their most miserable and the best appearance, so in the first moment to greet the new year, can secretly wish in the bottom of my heart, and told himself, "This year I tried, how to say all worthy of their own." 」

2015 for me, is a year of cherished relationships. I'm still learning how to live and love with the right speed, and I'm still learning how to let go of the excess rage, and I'm learning how to be a man, arrogant and humble, to imagine the future.

2015 The most beautiful moment, are closely related to people, are now in retrospect good small but important moment. (Recommended reading: Write a thank-you note to 2015: in Singapore, learn to dry your own tears )

Dialogue with the world: the feeling of the world is a valuable thing

#2015 The most beautiful moment is to know that I can ask questions about the world, not only to stay dissatisfied, but to start the next step.

Edit Ab Interview Chongwen We all think the interview is really happy thing

The day of editing is often the case, because a news story is red with eyes or is annoyed, because a letter from a reader is heartfelt thanks or tears; I think of the women in the August at the end of the classroom, when nearly 500 people poured into the scene, when a high school students stand on the small stage to ask questions, when the speaker can not partisan rational dialogue, when everyone is learning to be responsible for the times, I think that is our bargaining chip with the world. You have to be in it, knowing that no one can avoid the consequences of the rash of times. (Recommended reading:"Don't stop thinking, find the rebellion and the future of Taiwanese" Cai English x Xu Tianjin x Yu is like the women's Times Dialogue )

As a person in the world, I cherish as an editor of this identity. I am thankful that I am still feeling the world, perhaps angry or thankful, and I am doing all I can with emotion.

The love relationship with family: don't let coexistence become a rare luxury

#2015 The most beautiful moment , is to travel with their families to see the most common scenery.

October, with the company to take a day off, and family to Hualien to live one night. Mother deliberately get up early, we drive from Taichung to walk the mountains to Hualien, two younger brothers in the back seat make a non-stop, because the road far away they sleep, wake up, it is the night of Flowers east. Dinner, we ordered beer to finally adult can drink the younger brother, the family drink red cheeks, said only the family understand the boring trifles.

Later, my mother told me that a long time no family came out to play ah. I was in Taipei from college, my brother just went to college and left home, my father worked abroad, and then only he and a cat were left at home. Sometimes she feels so empty and quiet.

Looking at the flower east of the night, I think why for the children of the North, and family travel time becomes a rare luxury? As a child, I think I often fail, occasionally love too far away, to be more attentively. (same field Gayon: the importance of eating with the whole family )

Companionship of friends: The world, where you can harbour

#2015 The most beautiful moment , is to support a umbrella with friends, rain wet Our one side of the skirts, his tears come more urgent than the rain. I tried to bear his great pain with too little body, and I wanted to stabilize him at the moment of his fall and let him know that there was a place in the world for him to hide. (Recommended reading: Seven reasons why you should contact your old friends )

Friends are like this, a group of mutual understanding each other embarrassing and silly kind

"Rainy Night, your heart, the whole has broken, let the rain, quietly cover your tears, I will not ask, will not say you are too stupid a little, soaked, I will be here with you." --Soda Green

Looking at him, I think of several years ago I have cried like this, as the whole world I do not want to. The idea of falling tears is so similar that I love him more dearly than I loved myself many years ago. I want him to cry heartily, do not fear heartache of embarrassment, only the rain know our secret.

As a friend, how I thank the world for finding the same kind, and I can love my friends.

A free relationship with a lover: we learn to live safely.

#2015 The most beautiful moment , is to find a relationship with the love of freedom, do not need to rely on holding hands and embrace the gesture of love, we walked into life, with a not particularly romantic gesture.

This year, I learned to break free "a couple is to want a and b" imagination, want to return to the possibility of freedom of relations. " I challenged myself to the line between a man and two, determined to reveal myself a little more, and asked him if he would also pick up my frailty. This year, I have a lot of bad time, I disorderly temper, I vexatious, I like to work more than life, he used to accept me with tenderness, let me know that love is the original. I see your bad side, but don't stop me from Loving you. (Recommended reading: Fine Fire slow relationship psychology: Love is not only the luck of meeting, but also the effort of caring relationship )

We live the life we like, and we learn to take care of each other in a comfortable gesture. Accustomed to being cared for, I want to try to take care of another person.

As a lover, I know I have to learn too much.

A peaceful relationship with oneself: not afraid to see yourself in the worst way

#2015 The most beautiful moment , is I am not afraid to see myself the worst time, know very bad I, is also a part of me, I should not just want to show their beautiful piece.

A pineapple that looks like a flower, like a man, has a place of lack of horns.

This year, learn to face their own vices. For example, I am greedy, I do not seriously life, my friends and lovers are poor, I occasionally will not let go of themselves. I learn to know myself a little more, I know I can't be perfect, but it doesn't matter if it's not perfect. When the world vigorously broadcast the marketing advantages of the narrative, everyone is their own brand manager, I think the world in fact also need a little more about fragile or not so bright story, because no one has only the bright side. (Recommended reading: lucky to be abused by the show!) An interview with Wu Kang Ren: "Harmony is the way, lack of angle to let you succeed")

Knowing yourself will know that the most beautiful piece, also affects you the worst piece. Because that's why we're the reason we are.

As a person, this year let me know, I have to know my place is too much.

#2015 Most beautiful moment, is that we redefine "beauty" is what, so that most of the time, let you touched the moment, in fact, you are the most vulnerable, angry, sad, embarrassing day. After such a moment, we grow up to belong to their own beautiful posture, defying to love the world. (same field Gayon: love, IS has the courage to hurt )

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