Written in the interview with Yang , we invite her to "lust" as the title of the book, she selected three books, "Spring Meal", "forthright women", "love of Freedom: Lesbian story book" every time with the sexual encounter, are more aware of their own and the beginning of the world.

"People who never feel hopeless about life don't know how to love life." 」

Kamui in "stranger" wrote this sentence, let me think of Yang. Women's bodies in the eyes of society, and sometimes like the hidden foreign land, social theft of your birth map, the vast fog erase your love with the body of the way.

The cross fable about body and lust, the flower of love in the place of despair, the person who has not been hurt, learns not to be gentle. (Same field Gayon: An interview with "The Hundred Kisses Paris" Yang: The real counterattack, is the absolute tolerance to the world )

The sexual dialogue between a woman and the body is like this hide-and-seek.
Photographer: Marcel Sauder

Yang is such a person, embracing the thorn of the world in good faith, for their own erotic thread, she said that society has no right to meddle in the body and lust of women, she refused to do the voice of the girl's lust, she chose to believe that everyone is a good person. She listens to the words of attack, and then the warm feedback.

After the visit, we invited Yang to choose the book, and she selected three books about the lust of women, the scent of lust, the boundaries and gender, the lust of love in our bodies, whether it was flowing or not, and the passion was always there and never walked away. (Recommended reading: "Wang Yu" "I am a witch" Why make social anxiety?) )

"Spring Meal" talk about the smell of lust: sexual excitement stage, exudes the ocean atmosphere

Title:"Spring Meals" Afrodita. Cuentos, Recetas y otros afrodisiacos
Author: Isabel. Ayende Isabel Allende
Translator: Zhang Dingxian
Edition Club: Lian Jing Publishing Co.
Release Date: 2009/06/15

The human body, especially during sexual arousal, emits an ocean of breath, similar to the taste of crustaceans and fishes. Eichmann (Diana Ackerman) in her wonderful book, "Sensory Journey", said that humans sniff each other is very important, so in some parts of the world, the meaning of the word "kiss" is tantamount to "sniff". The smell of sexual organs and armpits is a signal, a password that goes directly into the brain of another person, initiates the sympathetic nervous system and a series of uncontrollable physiological and emotional reactions that stimulate us to make love. Science has recently proved that a woman has learned nothing more than thousands of years ago: lust begins in the nose. --49 pages, scented spells (fragments) (same field Gayon: Five "kisses" you don't know)

...... Under the tablecloth, the knee accidentally rubbing, this almost imperceptible contact, like a powerful electric current, the flames suddenly sprang between their legs, igniting their moist legs root. Their posture did not change, but the desire was so strong that it could almost feel its pulse, and a warm mist wiped out the contours of the world around us. There is nothing between them. ...... She picked up the fork and opened her mouth, and he looked at the other side of the table for the taste of her body fluid and the warmth of her breath, and he felt that her tongue was in his mouth like a choking and irresistible clam. --67 page, dining etiquette (clips)

The reason for the choice of books: Speaking of women's lust, this must be seen, not to see. Say more than directly share the book fragments, such a text, how to call people not horny, how can miss?

"Forthright woman" on the boundaries of lust: I want orgasms, no sexual harassment.

Title:"Forthright woman" Josephine Ho ( paper book is out of print, online electronic book download site )
Publisher: Crown Culture Publishing Co., ltd
Release Date: 1994-09-01

Everyone said that as long as you dress decently and appropriately, do not casually and men, do not pose a frivolous image, go out to pay attention to the appropriate safe time and place, you can avoid harassment. In other words, if someone bothers you, it must be that you have created the flow of lust, or that your own passions must flow first, anyway, it must be your own fault. (Recommended reading: Why did I apologize to the man who raped me?) )

The merits and demerits of sexual harassment is so determined that women are naturally inclined to restrain themselves, to suppress their own, to pose an inviolable cold image. Deliberately dressed as a asexual style. The lust and psychological limitations of the ego to deprive women of the courage to develop, bullying her to develop the motive of growth, she not only has no real power to protect themselves, even when the sexual harassment, also hurriedly bewildered how to deal with.

Worse, and more far-reaching, is the sexual fear developed by women in the shadow of sexual harassment. This specific deep fear can make a woman even in the affectionate feelings of the two lovers, but also can't help but be distracted by the suspicion: he is not lust too strong, why the first meeting to start the sexual attack on me? My lust is a bit too much of a tease to hold, I am not a bad woman? ...... These common fears are the signs of a woman's lust being completely strangled. -Chapter II Sexual Harassment: sexual repression of the Sterile Culture 34th page (recommended reading: The ubiquitous culture of sexual harassment!) When a man harassed my 13-year-old daughter to his face.

The reason for the book selection: I have a long psychological problem, probably also a lot of people in the life of the mystery, these mysteries include: men's sexual experience and women's experience in the rich social perception why is so much worse? Why the romantic male gives the person feel handsome, but the prodigal woman is a bit rat everybody scold? Why many virgins feel that has been no sexual experience to embarrass, and even want to use prostitutes as their own rite, but the Virgin in the love market seems to be a very strong condition? (Same field Gayon: Age is sick of female disease misogyny)

Girls are too enthusiastic about sex, as if the end is not very good. Because of the fear of being abandoned by society, they are not too daring to explore their passions: they are not willing to masturbate , have no pipes to go to prostitutes, or even discuss sex with friends. Why is there such a difference? What the hell is going on? Josephine Ho teacher in "forthright Woman" the first chapter: "Earn and compensate" to speak clearly.

The book, which was published 21 years ago, still seems avantgarde and insightful. 21 years ago, the society may not be enough, so the book out of print, now the demon woman everywhere, it seems that it is time to. Sincerely recommend everyone to come to the book to solve the riddle, loose this so-called profit and compensation logic!

The freedom of love--on lust and sex: Discovering Women's lust in Heart

Thefree style of love: A lesbian story book
Author: Zhang
Publishing house: Times published
Release Date: 2011/06/06

I asked Xiao-wai when she was first with a girl, there was no struggle. Xiao Wai said that her first time in high school with girls in love, only the moment of kissing that thought: "I'm kissing a woman!" "If you want to finish it." "It is so simple, so natural. "I finally got to know what she meant. She just felt that when she was in love, gender was unimportant, so there was no intrinsic force to affirm or claim to be homosexual. Because the truth is, she didn't think about sex. --chapter Fifth: Love Without sex pp.89 (recommended reading: after losing Chiuxin, who can we love?) Five filling of lesbian love and Daily Book list )

The reason for the book: I've been wanting to have a girlfriend for a while, on the one hand, because I'm tired of heterosexual men who always want to build up self-esteem by "above women", on the other hand, they find that they also have sex with women.

I think that every woman can fall in love with a woman, through Zhang's "Love of Freedom", I dug into my heart more delicate, more obscure, the past never met the female lust. (Recommended to you: a love letter to an old flame)

Yang's erotic book, on Awakening The scent of lust, the initiation and collision of sex and body, the sexual flow of lust may be. Everyone has their own root of the lust and the story, you are welcome to write to Content@womany.net or red blush , to share with us your!