January 16, Taiwan's first female president, Tsai Ing-wen, the first to confirm the entry of the new weather into the National Assembly.Her brother Hung Chung-chu a younger brother, threw herself into politics as a political man, and the first time she defeated the veteran Yang Qiongying , and she listened to her election. She thanked her for the full victory of the people. Please believe her, and don't forget to whip her.(Recommended reading: I'm not apologized for my love )

Ham's win: I can win, the people push me on the surf.

Thank you. All of you are in front of the TV, friends in front of all the media. Good night, everyone.

Thank you for coming to my friends all the time, thank you all for the people of Taiwan, and thank Tangzi, Daya, God, and all the people in the Houthis. We did it together. We did it.We have reached a new milestone in the change of Taiwan.

This election, all the people in Taiwan have seen, our team has insisted on a positive value. We must insist on fighting a different election campaign. We must insist on using this election campaign to bring the power of the people into the Legislative Yuan.It is these insistence that people believe, let us achieve this change.

I'd like to spend some time expressing my gratitude to those who support me and inspire me.

This figure is from Hong's Face Book

I will never forget that day in the streets and I hugged me, and I thank my commitment, encourage me, and I want to refuel.Yesterday, Wu said that he seemed to be a virtual father. He pushed me to the stage of politics and handed me over to the people. I wanted to thank Wu Nien-chen for everything he did for the younger generation.(Recommended reading: After the Sun spent the student movement: the next step of the young generation, the end is the beginning )

Dad, Mom, I want to thank you very much.This path of politics, the most difficult and most committed, is my two parents, thank you for your loving kindness during this period of time.

Again, I would like to thank Mayor Lin Jiarong and his wife, who was the chairman of Ci Yong's campaign headquarters, and his wife Wan Like the elder sister.Thank you very much for your efforts to bring the young people into their own free and unrepentent.Finally, I would like to thank all the young people in the campaign team, and all of our campaign cadres, for the help and the carrying of the Cats, and the vassal will also be more serious about the government in the Congress, and in return for you.

I would also like to say thank you to the two competitors.I would like to express my gratitude to Mrs. Yang for criticizing me for criticizing me. I will also review my own shortcomings.Thank you, Mr. Huang, for the participation of Mr. Huang, so that we can realize the value of democracy and conduct a competition for a gentleman.I would like to thank the two candidates for their political blueprint, and I will also include them in the future of Congress to bring about better construction and vision for our homeland.

I am a civilian, and my victory proves one thing: civilians can participate in politics, and I can enter the system to serve the people, others, and all of the civilians in the future.I have been helped by a lot of people on this road.It was the people who chose me, the people pushed me to the prodigan, and how I was fortunate enough to be the one who assumed the hope.

I know that many media friends think that this victory is very simple, and my colleagues have said that several media hopes to be able to arrange an interview in the next few days, so that Ci can talk about the meaning of planning and winning the election.I think the significance of this victory is that the people have expressed dissatisfaction with the ruling party, and the people's strength is not a credit to the people.

I'm not proud, nor should I be proud, because I have to start learning, I have to start learning, how to play the role of a legislator like a good legislator, where I want to work in Congress, where I have to work, every young person's dream, and I must work hard. I must not fail everyone's expectations.So, I'd like to ask all the media friends, for a few days, to give me a little bit more space, and let me be prepared to be a good congresMP.

I will be wary, and I will use the most serious of my heart to realize the people's payments to me.I will not let the people of the country down. I will not let my voters down. Please believe me, and don't forget to whip me, monitor me!

Finally, I would like to say a word to you that I am a Taiwanese man, born on this piece of land, and I am very proud and proud.Thank you all for having a good night. Thank you.(Sibling: [Real Time] Taiwan First Female President!)Tsai Ing-wen's international press conference: " Taiwan will unite as a result of democracy )

The creation of history requires young people!Gentleness of Hung Ci-Yong

In 2013, the death of Hong Chung, the black box of the Ministry of Defense, the anger of the people, 250,000 people took to the streets, and the lights went on for the wrath of China's Chunu Zhongqiu. People were angry why they could not get justice. That is the dawn of the wangs of Taiwan.At that time, we remember that Hong Cie was always wearing a mask, and she was so low that she couldn't talk much. She had fought for the national machine at least. She refused to pay attention to the hands of Ma Ying-jeou, who had finally chosen to believe in her anger.

Hung Chung-chu's death was the starting point for Hung Ciyong to participate in politics, and she said she would never lose anything.

(Picture Source: //www.facebook.com/newpowerhung/photos/pb.852926604746233. -2207520000.1452958844 ./1000558326649726/?type= 3 &theater " target="_blank"> Hong's Face Book )

has no background and no major political party to support her. She then uses his steadfastness to hold every hand on the streets. She stands at the intersection and sunny and cold. She always keeps her eyes gently in her eyes.Wu Nien-chen states that she is a worthy daughter of her. Wu Nien-chen says: " There is no such thing as Hong, and there will not be a later Sun flower movement.I'm standing here, and I just want to tell you, let this girl go to Congress, because this person, such a person, can hear the voices of the people, and he knows what the young people want."

In the evening, Hong Ciyong won the election and defeated the defeated veteran Yang Jongying to the National Assembly."The power of the people will be coming into Congress with her, this is a new Taiwan, she's not arrogant, she must be wary of every step. She knows that from this moment, she must not fail those people who have shed light and believe in her," she said.

Mr. Hung, who represents the power of change after disappointment, has been so gentle and particularly strong.

(Picture Source: Hong's Face Book )