After leaving the cotton candy, Zhung (small ball) opened a process of looking for oneself, she around a circle to see her good and bad, also found herself still most like music, like stage. Now she wants to tell us that in fact, not perfect themselves is the most real, we can not be happy forever, but we have been able to choose the real. Recommended to you, the most courageous and honest ball.

In May 2013, a new dispatch appeared on the official Cotton Candy blog, titled "The _katncandix2 of cotton candy." This sudden news, in fact not only let the fans unprepared, even members of Shen San Ji, Zhung (small ball) themselves are not ready. "At that time we are not mature enough, the network Shangsheng volume is very big, after the news sends out, we only then discovers, really has already spilt the milk." "The little ball sitting in front of me remembers this passage with a low head.

"Things are bound to go in the right direction."

Hugh Regiment has been three years, the small ball said, at that time both people are not too able to deal with things, as the orchestra grew, encountered more and more complex things, friction is gradually more. "Shen San Ji is an extremely optimistic person, always have a lot of positive power, compared to me is very pessimistic, we are a positive, a negative, communication is easy to have problems." I am still very grateful to him, and did not get a chance from him, there will not be me now. "Talk about the music on the road of the noble, small ball first blurted out the name, is Shen San Ji."

The ball is in a singing contest met Shen Sage, when he is the game review, hear the ball singing feel very like, also will have the birth of cotton candy. "He is really willing to believe me, he is very powerful people, at that time, I project a lot of admiration and worship in him, he is a bit like Dad to lead me, then, with the development of cotton sugar, we become more and more equal, we will start to quarrel." "The wings of the small ball more and more strong, eager to fly, two people still too late to running-in such changes, the anger to be away from each other."

leaving Cotton candy is not a simple thing for a ball, and cotton candy is her starting point and the warmest comfort zone. the small ball says, the process that pulls away cotton candy and Shen San Ji, in retrospect may be a bit like the drug withdrawal, she was forced to go forward, began to learn for their own responsibility, the decision, because no one can give her up. I asked the ball whether she had regretted making the decision. She thought for a moment and said that she looked back, only that it was a certain thing that would happen, a necessary process:

"I believe that things will go in the right direction, no matter what it looks like, is not the average person's imagination of the life of the job." 」

For small balls, what happens in life is arranged, it will happen when, as for, Cotton Candy has no chance to return to the stage? Small Ball said, "Life is really difficult to die, may really have to wait until the death of the moment to say die." She smiled slightly. (Extension recommendation: life is to make choices, choice of opportunity cost is regret )

Leave the stage, but find the music energy

Leave cotton candy, again to "small ball" standing on the stage, singing the song of Cotton Candy, watching fans happy face, small ball but confused. 2014, in the end of the "We, go together!" After the concert, she announced that she had temporarily left the stage when she said:

"I have always been unsure of my position, especially after the Cotton Candy Regiment, I suddenly puzzled whether you are listening to cotton candy, Shen San Ji song or My word, or like I show the true attitude and appearance." 」

So, she chose to put aside all, leave the music, try to find herself. The decision seems risky, but it gives the ball more chances to try out different areas, whether it's what they like or dislike, growth. "I was first asked by a friend to do the Japanese solo, later found very painful, do those who need to use the brain location and do not like to do music, feel like they are not suitable to do this thing, later, just have a chance to play a stage, I finally have an excuse to tell friends do not do purchasing. 」

The small ball participates in the stage drama, is directed by Wanfang, Xu Xian "Merry Christmas", the first attempt to act, during the rehearsal, she has a lot of not adapt, "I want to learn GB dance, wear cool clothes, but also try to face their own stand on the stage is not the protagonist of this matter, because the stage is a team." "At the time, the ball was playing a more than 30-year-old screenwriter, a very paranoid personality, she was not at the beginning to grasp how to interpret the role, of course," Why do you want me to play? The question, too, did not stop circling in her mind.

"I was impressed, at that time in the field to ask Xu Xian Court teacher How to play this role, she answered me:" You don't play dumb! You have all these experiences. "I was very skeptical at first, until the end of the show, I asked the Shen San Ji who came to see the show how I was doing, and he answered me:" Ah, you are not playing yourself? "I realized that I was very aggressive at some point, especially at work, but I didn't find it and thought I was good," he said. "The play, the ball said, is to make her aware of what she had not realized in her heart."

The ball has become accustomed, whenever the stage lights a dozen, she will bear the audience mood, and the rhythm of all the performances, the play, the one who always holds the microphone, to just a little piece in the play, she learns how to step back, play her part, finish what the team does, and after the play, In the body of the so-called "aggressive" himself, came out to say hello to her to make her more aware of herself. (same field Gayon: Di Zhijie, Zhang Shunjie talk about the addiction: "Stand on stage, you must live in the role! ")

I think people are very fortunate that we can have many different faces of ourselves, but we are sometimes too anxious to put each aspect of the face or negative labels, and easy to refuse to face some of their own characteristics. We are not perfect, but we can choose to be honest to see and accept our own imperfections.

"Music makes me feel powerful."

This stage drama experience, let the ball more affirmation, oneself really like to stand on the stage feeling, so, around a big circle, she eventually belongs to the stage. "Only in the present of singing can I be completely myself." Although the choice of bitter road, there will always be some moments of special loss, but in the face of their favorite things, I really can not bow. "The little Ball says that over the years there have been a few nights of confusion and helplessness, but she's already quite clear that music is her thing to rely on:

"Music makes me feel powerful, capable of paying, and I can forget all the noise when I hold the microphone." 」

Talk about the comeback concert last November, the ball said that they were in fact very fear, because has not been with fans for more than a year, she doubted that she is really worth waiting for everyone. "The singing is only a kind of illusory atmosphere, so long, people will wait for me?" Waiting for such a thing, even between the lovers are very difficult, let alone is such a illusory thing. "During the preparatory process, the ball was also a few times worried and the broker said they wanted to cancel the anxiety until she saw a familiar face in the field.

"I'm thankful for all the people who are willing to buy tickets and watch my show, it's not just a ticket, or an income, for me, the meaning behind that is a support." She said that Taiwan is small and the music market is small, but she is really happy when she finds that she has the means to concentrate and make music comfortably. (recommend you see: interview Frandé Flange dai: "If one thing is done well, it is destiny!" ")

Am I not good enough?

Small ball after leaving Cotton candy in the name of the individual out of three EP, style and cotton candy often give people youth, brilliant feeling is not the same, I asked the ball, feel that their creations and in the cotton candy period what is different?

"At the time of making cotton candy, still very young, filled with a lot of anger, feel that they must change the world." But now, I am a person's creation, I feel more deep, I return to myself, sing my heart really want to sing. " return to yourself, is the answer she gives." ' It's scary when everyone's talking about their own happiness in Facebook, ' she says, because everyone has negative emotions, and if they pretend to be invisible, the emotions grow into monsters.

"I don't know why we all have to be optimistic, great and brave, but I like the way I feel sad, because I will be sad and I can cry," he said. 」

This is a small ball in the launch of the "is not I am not good enough" this song written down, for her now, the most want to do is to invite you to do the "true self", she said, everyone should accept their own predicament, because every road has a good and bad face, but the society is too much pursuit of happiness and perfection. We always have moments when we silently ask ourselves, "Am I not good enough?" "But in fact, the best of us is to have both good and bad." (Extended reading: from girls to women, to fall in love with their own six kinds of imperfect)

"I hope that through their own music to tell you that I also have a predicament, but I am willing to face the truth, now everyone is too fast, born in the past era, perhaps there will be no dirty oil exists." People go too fast, want to get more, think more will be happy. 」

At the moment, I asked the ball to think of her "real" what it looks like? She mentioned the pen in writing full notes on the visit to change, I found that this is her in serious thinking of the consistent action, we silent for a while without dialogue, she said, "I am an imperfect, but honest to face their own people."

The dream of picking up the microphone

Small Ball said that they are not perfect, often looking at the life of others envy, she is easy to criticize amplification, praise narrowing, is a sentimental Pisces Pisces. She said she did not like reading, love singing, "When I was a child, the exam was bad, but once the geography class, the teacher told us to choose a geography-related songs to sing, the test I sang Zhang Xiuqing's" station ", get good scores, I just pick up the microphone, change a person. 」

She said that she had never taken the first place in the singing competition, but only second, but the result was good for her, because when too much anticipation was placed on her, she was always easy to perform, "No special expectations, I can be free to be myself."

I imagined the small ball, in front of the television on time to watch the "21st Century New singing list", listen to Fanshungi sing "feet beard whiskers"; In my father's car listen to 〈take me home, Country roads〉, and brother laughing in the lyrics of the "mountain mama"(note) in class, listening to MP3, favorite Sherry song. Such a girl, if not let her speak loudly singing, it is too cruel.

From 20 to 30: life is not a balance, but a trade-off.

From the age of 20 years old, singing all the way to the present 30-year-old, small Ball said when young himself, but may feel more mature, "more than 20 years old, will want to cater to others, showing a mature appearance, often misunderstood as my brother's sister." But at 30 years old, I know how to be true to myself, but at this age, I have more things to think about. "The small ball said that these years, because the father is not good, she began to realize the responsibility of her body," the original many times, life is not a balance, but a choice. 」。

Small ball in the voice of the father when the tone is gentle, her father has a large period of time, for the ball to choose to sing this road can not understand. "I was admitted to the street in college, began to sing, and then determined to music development, dad very angry, I do not have to go home, also do not give me money, he said" college is not graduating what? "But the ball is also from that moment, the body recognizes that once decided to do things for themselves, you have to be responsible for themselves." (Share with you: a high degree of education can not accompany you to go a lifetime: put down the persistence and posture is also a learning )

Small ball and Dad's awkward, until the 2012 Cotton Candy Station TICC opened a concert only to have an end, "At that time, Dad came to see us perform, after he only asked me a" Ah you this game how much? "And then I took the money." "She said that in recent years, as Dad learned to computer, will be online to see their interaction with fans, and gradually found that their daughter is able to bring others power, the original music can get feedback, is not a single money to measure."

After finishing the TICC, Cotton candy officially in the coming year to dismantle regiment, soon after the father was diagnosed with cancer, these things for the small ball is all life homework, she said, she says she is pessimistic, I was in her pessimism to see because of honesty to bring forward energy, maybe she is also learning, But he was willing to share her life selflessly with all of us. So, if you like, remember to Legacy to her birthday party , because she has so many things to say on the stage.

Let's go together!

"You say this society is too miscellaneous/You say the family is too difficult/You say the feeling is disappointing very / the world it has no hope / I say the flowers how beautiful / I said the sea how Blue / I said the bird how free fly / Let's go together.

at the end of the interview, the ball is recommended to everyone , let's go! The song, she says, is simple in lyrics and melodies, and she wants to say that even people like her who are often sad can have their own rhythm, as long as they feel the things they need to accomplish at this stage, Is enough.

same field Gayon: encouragement from the ball

Small ball always said that they stand on the stage not only want to sing, more want to talk, she wants to her life and feel the value of life and everyone to share, if you/you at this time also to life a bit confused, I would like to here, the small ball said a few words to you.

If you feel that "why hasn't it come to me", besides maybe not enough effort, maybe it's just not time yet.

People need to have all the emotional synthesis to complete and complete.

We will always have the right to choose, not to choose is also a choice.

The best thing about being in the body is that people can feel and express their own different emotions.

Be honest with yourself and be proud of who you really are.