Women who are obsessed with the " Gender Watch " notes, with their motivational and environmental implications, will be sharing their gender-related current affairs observations from short stories. This time chat from China to the world's A4 waist challenge #A4waistchallenge! When A4 waist becomes "the stature is good" the newest pronoun, we want to ask, why put the beautiful annotation right , hand over to a A4 piece of paper? (same field Gayon: beautiful Huashan Sword: Who is the first beauty in Jin Yong's works?) )

You still vaguely remember that last May, the extremely fiery "backhand touch navel" imitation craze, we may have been unable to touch the navel of the "missing challenger."

And this year, who has the A4 waist of the hashtag #A4waistchallenge, from Beijing to the world, tease to ask, "you?" Do you have a A4 waist like mine? 」

Oh, originally this era shuisheyao or small waist not enough to see, A4 waist just red. A4 paper width 210mm, long 297mm, if the erection of A4 paper to fit their waist, that can be declared to have A4 waist.

You frowned and thought, how could it be? and A4 waist is not even "modern beauty" the only standard, perhaps also have a slender face, high nose, thigh seam, bikini bridge, chest to be able to clip mobile phones, clavicle to be able to raise fish.

Chinese feminist Zheng Chuzhan first fired, and she posted a picture of a deliberately horizontal A4 paper that said, "The body doesn't need to be stared, I love my fat waist." 」

French-medium Parisian daily Le Parisien was thrown out of the chart, France women's average waist width of 30 cm, French miss also at least 25 centimeters, A4 waist challenge, even the French "also" can not do. The "also" here I feel very subtle. )

People are busy challenging or venting dissatisfaction, I wonder why we so desperately need a piece of A4 paper to prove that we are beautiful? So A3 waist, A2 waist of the person to go where, the world has belonged to their race bureau? Why is the "different" of the body hiding so much potential anxiety? (same field recommendation: Stop putting fat girls and skinny girls on Libra: Stop using the body to reset the meaning of a person )

Potential anxiety that is never thin enough: every day has a new "a4 waist challenge.

Most people see the A4 waist challenge first reaction is too absurd, too unnatural, we do not even have to sneak to the paper to compare, we know that meet the challenge of the standard few.

A4 the absurd nature of the challenge to expose our always rely on the norms to prove the existence of the United States, the ancient vest, there are A4 waist, the United States and norms need each other, construction. (Recommended reading:"Women's Curious School" first: where is the first underwear?) )

A4 Waist Challenge seems absurd and easy to overthrow, but more often, the body of the image of the norms, we are not aware or unwilling to admit a A4 waist challenge. For example, everyone does not like the double chin, for example, most of the time black skin is not a positive adjective, for example, obese people are all day in the name of "unhealthy" warning, make fat and thin always at daggers.

When the body code is established, there is always another "better" option. We are the inevitable, day after day, to challenge, to crowd out some people, but also to be excluded from certain games. The rise of the internet community, just let the physical war come faster, spread farther, on the other side of the screen more visible, so that many people are more prone to anxiety. (same field recommendation: fat Girl to the world's confession: my "day food" husband with me is not wronged )

Framework and norms to build the body of the wrestling battlefield, we have to compare with the past, we have to fight with the world, people in addition to dazzle the rich, but also remember to dazzle the belly, modern human body "unqualified" latent anxiety more and more deep.

Qualified standards have been changing, yesterday you can touch the navel, today may not be A4 waist, you may be eliminated at any time, not lax. If the body is reduced to the battlefield of winning and losing, no one is always vested interests, you may never be "thin enough", "not Beautiful", "not enough white."

The "unqualified" body, the real life of survival

About the body, these years, my mood is complex.

I used to, the media in the overwhelming white muscle, big eyes, slim waist, thin legs, abundant buttocks easily angry, I hate them to establish a single strong beautiful dogma, I dearly have more dark body, but when I inadvertently do not mind their own waist meat, I understand the advertising regulation training more far-reaching, I understand that they are actually afraid, I understand that anger is easy, but the body is always more complex.

Those cumulative moments, let me later decided to put aside too much anger and hate, to think of the existing beautiful norms how to slowly loosen. These years, the neutral, large size, teeth, white child models began to embark on the runway, they do not want to compromise to become others, with the physical impact of the definition of beauty, and those who have not been reproduced in the media of the plural body, has been in real life, and we constantly rub past. (Recommended to you: women, you can define your own beauty )

The body is always there, regardless of whether the society admits it or not. The rules are always there, whether people believe it or not. In the social norms of us, it is time to jump off the beauty of the ugly or body and mind of the two-yuan opposition theory, look at the beautiful appearance of a very broad flow, not only dissatisfied with the rules of the appearance, also not only advocating the appearance of the rules outside, the rules inside and outside the people,

The rules exist, but the body of the day and night teaches us that there is never a single rule. we can follow the rules, we can flirt with the rules, can break the rules, we can make other rules, of course, we can choose to live without rules.

So A4 waist challenge, someone is eager to, someone jokingly said I did not A4 waist, but have A4 thigh, this OK? Someone to pick up the convenience sticker, predict next time will be "convenient paste waist"? It was a mockery of the rules again and again, the possibility of a more extensive world beyond the rules. (same field Gayon:3,000 years of beauty standard only to prove one thing: this era for women to make the decision )

Recognized by the society as "unqualified" body, with real life, you can choose not to play this game, the head does not return to live their own comfortable appearance, you can not put the right to the beautiful interpretation of the rights willingly entrusted to a piece of A4 paper.

I have always been naïve to expect that one day I can live in a world less critical of dissent, we do not necessarily have to be "homogeneous" to understand and identify with each other; I expect us to gaze with each other without a critical eye, to value each other's beauty, and to rejoice in the end that we are all ourselves, rather than a vague dogmatic example of a face.

I want to live in a world of different bodies, whether it is A4 waist, or not A4 waist.