Written in Mississippi State through the Freedom of Religion Act, a religious rejection of a gay ethnic group after Allen Dichennie response, this is not just about politics, more about human rights, no one is qualified to criticize your choice of love.

You won't forget that day.

June 26, 2015, the United States Supreme Court passed the verdict, with 5:4 of the vote, declaring same-sex couples marriage is constitutionally guaranteed. U.S. justice Anthony Kennedy wrote this sentence, "before the law, everyone has equal dignity, and the Constitution, it is agreed that everyone has the right to marriage." (Recommended reading: The deepest Love Manifesto: Why did the US chancellor decide to legalize gay marriage?) )

Heard the news is in the middle of the night, we in the distant Taiwan, red a pair of news to see the United States, and then put on a rainbow stickers, but also look at Taiwan Congress, secretly hope that one day, we can celebrate Taiwan's victory.

But gay marriage is not an end in constitutional protection, and gay rights in the United States are still challenged. Within a year, the United States repeatedly came out with the clever smuggling of anti-laws.

The Georgia House of Representatives passed the "Freedom of Religion" Act on March 16, allowing Christian organizations to refuse to marry or provide medical services to same-sex couples based on marriage-related religious beliefs, and Mississippi State to follow up on April 5, allowing religious and civic groups to " Religious belief ", refused to serve same-sex marriage partners, in the workplace, also enjoy the refusal to hire and refuse to sell, rental products to gays and lesbians freedom. (same field Gayon: teach children to respect gay love from childhood )

Governor Brian even said during the visit that "the Religious Freedom Act was signed to protect individuals and organizations with pious religious beliefs and moral convictions." 」

When we celebrated the "constitutional protection", it was only the lowest threshold. Same-sex couples feel all kinds of malice and discrimination, often in life. The so-called Religious Freedom Act, in the name of religion, acts of discrimination and profoundly suppresses the freedom of another group of people.

I always want to ask, why do people have to live so hard because of sexual orientation? We live in which era, when we love a person, we must ask the whole world to agree with things?

Alan Dizeni: No one is qualified to criticize your choice of love

Since the public out of the ark, and the dismissal of the Alan Dizeni also on the Allen to express their views, she does not change the usual humorous tone, while calling on everyone to face the hidden discrimination of the Religious Freedom Act.

"I want to talk about the bill passed this week," Mississippi State said. Previously on the outline, Mississippi State, who signed the Religious Freedom Act this week, sounds like a good bill because "freedom" is two words, but it actually means this: under the law, you can reject same-sex marriage, deny same-sex couples the right to adopt and care, refuse to hire homosexuals, Refuse to sell goods or rent goods to them.

"Well, I'm not a political fanatic, I'm really not, but this issue is not just about politics, it's about interfering with human rights." I'm disappointed with this issue, 1th, Mississippi is the only state I know how to spell, and the second is the obvious discrimination. The Supreme Court has ruled that all people have freedom of marriage, and one should stop arguing and talking to each other, while Mississippi State says, "I don't feel, I don't join."

"If you live in Mississippi State, you feel sad because someone else is judging you because of the person you love, and don't lose hope." I've been out of the closet in 1997 for three years without a job, I've lost everything I ever had, I know how it feels, but look at me now, I can even buy the governor's mansion and make another 7 million dollars. "(same field Gayon: Ellen DeGeneres, Oscar host: To be free in one's own )

"There has been enough injustice in the world, the disregard of women's rights, the unequal wages of men and women, and racial discrimination, and I think we must recognize that our similarities are too different and how much we want to be similar, love, accept and respect." (By the same, I want the new Tesla sports car) So, I want to support a world that has less hatred, more love, less tearing more respect. Let's Get Up and dance, Love is free. 」

It took us a long time to cheer others up or to be angry. Cheering for the United States with the Constitution of marriage, for Jason and boyfriend in Mexico after the wedding moved, I want to look back at us, I would like to think back to my comrades around me, I would like to go back to monitor Taiwan's Parliament, I would like to know the distance we cheer for ourselves, how far to go? (Recommended reading: anti-gay couples to the scene of the Rainbow siege: we want to understand the son's "Love")

"The same game" Congress salon in Taiwan: marriage equality Big Reunion

On the evening of April 11, 18:30-21:00 Usson, a parliamentary salon sponsored by the KMT legislator Xu Tianjin, in the spirit of "civic class for The Open Society", with the "Marriage Equality Act" as its title, invited the DPP legislators to discuss the Taiwan gay marriage bill process together with the representatives of the gay movement. At present, Taiwan's marriage bill is still stuck in Congress, after the first reading of the Court, to the Judicial and Legal Committee, has not been placed in the agenda review process. (Recommended reading: The United States Constitution guarantees that after marriage, Taiwan is not the 51st state: Our battlefield in Congress )

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