Today, it's the first game of a woman's history. 525 I love my press conference. last year , we practiced at W Hotel because we were proud to be ourselves; this year, we look to the outside world, hoping to deliver the energy of love to everyone. Through the founder of Wei Xuan 's propaganda, the Taipei City information director's inspiration and the artist Lara's appearance confession , we take you to hit today's press conference most has the love three time. (Practice before class: 525 I love me, write to women love their own five small tasks )

Last year, the first 525 I love my free Festival, women fans in the W Hotel thousands of people gathered to celebrate the "become themselves" at ease. Today, the fifth year of women fans, we start the second 525, from their own look at others, society, the world, not only to make themselves comfortable, but also hope that everyone can live in the good times of Freedom. (same field Gayon: Golden Horse 52 Female Force manifesto!) Karena Lam: "Except thanks or thanks")

Today is a woman obsessed with the history of the first 525 press conference, starting 1:30 activities, the scene has been crowded with graphic and electronic media reporters. Host Liu Xiuping with a sweet and lively voice opening, from the back of the board composed of 525 heart-shaped, she revealed that the left 5 through 2 (Love) after the big! "The concept, and this is also a woman fan I love my Festival with" Love "as the leading central theme.

Love, is never a vague word, a woman's love for herself and others into the power of action, so there are 525 I love my day of the heartbeat.

Next, let us take you live direct hit, a glimpse of the 525 women 's Day most love three moments, that is the founder of Wei Xuan Propaganda, Taipei City information director's inspiration and artist Lara's appearance confession.

Zhang Wei Xuan: female + son = good, all people do not divide the sex together is the real great times

525 Women's time activities of the hands, women fans co-founder and CEO Zhang Wei Xuan, in the moderator's introduction of the first stage.

Wei Xuan told us that this is a "women's time", we saw Emma Watson launched the "she for She" activities, see Aung San Suu Kyi led the NLD to take power, see Tsai election and will take the presidency, so many people think this is a woman can have the best times. In fact, the road to gender equality still has a long way to go.

"Many people think that women's rights are high and we don't need to call for gender equality," said Wei Xuan, "but from the 3,000 sex questionnaires we've done, there are more people who have been in trouble because of sex than we thought." "Even as the most beautiful woman in Taiwan, Lin Chi-ling, in the interview with women fans can not help but confide" is not married is considered incomplete "pressure. (same field Gayon: only This "happy" woman: Lin Chi-ling does not get married, what is the society? )

Whether it is the woman who is in the front, or the woman who stumbles in her life, there are more things we can do for them in this time, so that they may live more freely and confidently. Women fans have always believed that a person can walk fast, a group of people can go far, and not lonely.

The age of the big women is not only women to become full of women, conscious, action of the big woman, more important is: "Female + son"= good, all without gender work together, is our great age! " (same field Gayon: Hollywood's male star Force is very Emmahuasen!) #HeForShe let men be the gentle support behind women )

The first play of women's big girl activities is 5/21-22 's sex hacker pine, which will also be the first in the entire Chinese community to start with the sex of the hacker pine. The so-called hacker pine, is the "marathon" technology version. Let everyone 24 hours non-stop, brainstorming, through the power of network technology, together to solve the problem.

This time, the female fan, in conjunction with the Taipei Municipal Government Information Bureau, will discuss the topic of "gender" and hope to improve the gender issue through the power of technology. All sexual harassment, gender ceilings, these life pain, are the topic of gender hacker loose. (Extended reading: US Silicon Valley technology companies interview: Technology industry, need more female sales )

Perhaps, after 24 hours of effort, participants will set up websites to advocate for gender inequality, or to do an app check on which sexual harassment rates are high. Technology has always come from the human nature, through the attention of the sexes, the suffering of the love of the other, the hacker pine appears to be exceptionally temperature.

Taipei City Information director Liwa Ibin: Female fans of the professional, so that the sex hacker loose become possible

Sex Hacker Pine is a woman fan and the Taipei City Information Bureau cooperation activity, the Information Bureau Liwa Ibin Director also in person press conference, expressed his to the big woman time and the hacker pine support and affirmation.

"Respect is easy, understanding is difficult," director Lee on the stage for his views on the issue of gender equality under a footnote. Secretary Lee thinks that our culture does have an unequal place, but this is something he would not have noticed in the past. Even if he is willing to respect people of different genders, it is still not easy to put yourself in the shoes of their plight.

"So we need to be professional," said director Li: "I have always reacted Shing chatting." The secretary has been playful enough to make several jaw-dropping gestures, fully showing the impact of sex on his education. Because understanding is difficult, it is necessary to begin by listening to different voices in order to make your own cognitive diversity and empathy.

"We have done several hackers loose, but we have not had sex as the theme, until we talked to Wei Xuan to know the importance of gender issues," said director Li. We have to come up with a more pluralistic idea of how different people are when they know what the original gender is, so that your respect makes sense. "(Recommended to you: Gender watch: For divorce Selina, no need to apologize for the" virtuous Wife "post )

"However, gender issues need to be background, the information bureau has technology, but no gender-related knowledge, only our words do not know how to do." "director Lee is so willing to recognize the importance of female fans:" There are women fans of the professional, sex hacker pine is possible. 」

Director Lee for his speech made a rather "big woman" Conclusion: today we want to do the first sex hacker pine , I hope that there will be the second, the third session, has been done. Let the inequality in our culture fade away!

5/28, Ambassador Lara & Esther of the Great Women's times: A better relationship with the body

Sex hacker Pine A week later, is the big women's times the finale drama: 5/28 Big Women's time activity. It is expected that thousands of people gathered in the front square of the Taipei municipal government, if you have expectations of life and gender equality, how can you miss?

On the day of the event, women fans set up a large art device and six big events, the theme and participants across the performing arts, arts, and education, I hope that everyone will join us and invite your relatives, friends, after this day to become love their own big woman, together to create our good times. Fortunately, the Taipei municipal Government's Tourism bureau strongly supported the event and made the promotion of the women's times smoother and richer. 525 constantly innovate, more diverse and grand, perhaps one day, can also become an important landscape of overseas sightseeing!

Lara & Esther, the recommended ambassador for the event, also attended today's press conference. Lara & Esther founded the "Sister doll Multimedia", hoping to promote a more creative, more courageous image of women. They share more interesting, diverse, more authentic, and more natural self on websites and YouTube. As ambassadors, they are, in their own right, powerful women's representatives! (You will like: The victory of women's elegant manifesto: to be a strong and gentle woman )

In sharing their own observations on gender equality, Lara and Esther their views on the theme of "body". Esther The example of his own thyroid disease, why we always say "women love themselves."

Esther said: "Women's pressure is very large, to family, career, appearance, children, often on their own very high demand, busy to take care of everyone, will not take care of their bodies, all the blame on their own body." Your body will resist and get sick. 」

So, Esther that no matter what age the girl, is now in what role, trying to accomplish what kind of things, have a common lesson: "and the body to cultivate a better relationship." Esther we often say "love ourselves" in a very practical and very important aspect. The host said that when she heard Esther say this sentence, feel shocked and inspired, the whole body has goose bumps. Believe that you are reading this article, after listening to the Esther of the journey, should be like me, for this sentence of the weight and tenderness more experience. (same field Gayon: neglected female medicine!) New proposal for healthy living )

Big woman's body confession: The body is flowing, everyone has the right to love their own body

Then Esther to the "body" of the expression, Lara to her 15-year-old into the entertainment so far experience, tell us in the relationship between people and the body, we must constantly "cultivate", just as an entertainer of her, the challenge is more severe.

Lara told us that as a female artist, especially a female artist in Asia, the standard of appearance was clear, and she doubted herself and disliked herself. Lara said: "Asian showbiz hope that girls white, thin, beautiful, it will make me feel that my career is not successful because I do not meet the standards." But I now hope that we can all put aside these frameworks, because this is unhealthy. 」

Lara, with a microphone in his eyes, said with a light glow: "I'm starting to like myself." Perfect, not necessarily suitable for their own, to accept their own appearance, will have a healthy heart and healthy life. "(You'll like it: Finnish girls are so athletic!) Not to be thin, but to live.

In order for us to realize how much pressure we have given to our bodies, Lara told a little story: "Everyone knows that if your feet are going to wear number 38th shoes, you will never buy number 36th." But why do you think I should try harder to squeeze in number 24th when you're only wearing a number 27th pants? "Originally, our imagination to the body unconsciously become a single, so we refused to let go of themselves, so that their body should be what it should be."

"Everyone has a right to love their body",lara so knot. "

own body, perhaps has the butterfly sleeve, perhaps has the O leg, perhaps alvine bulge, so what? Perhaps it is not beautiful, but it is the only body that belongs to me, because I, it is unique. Moreover, the beautiful standard, who should define? by Esther and Lara gently elaborated, we experienced the strength of self-confidence.

From mainstream showbiz's popular singer, walks to the sister Doll's founder, Lara also experienced many struggles, the adjustment and the self-doubt. Lara shared her "half a sandwich" story in an interview with a print media post. Originally, in order to maintain the good posture in front of the screen, only ate half of the sandwich Lara was told: "You are full." "Even hunger is a must for others, not to mention beauty."

Lara told us: "My biggest fear is that when I look in the mirror, I can't tell whether I'm fat or thin or beautiful or not." Because only people tell me: you are thin and beautiful enough, I think that evaluation is true. "Listening to such stories, in shock and heartache at the same time, perhaps we should also reflect on how long we have not looked at ourselves, but only by the weight of the number and the comments of others to know themselves?

For each girl more or less fat thin pressure, Esther for us to provide a way to the ego: "The body will change, perhaps the weather is hot you sweat thin, perhaps the weather is cold you eat more points on the fat." Maybe you've been so tired lately that you can't take care of your body, so what? The body is flowing, fat on the fat, thin on thin, accept this state, is to release themselves. (Recommended reading: goodbye to the "Never Thin" self: English girls taught me not perfect much valuable )

Looking at Lara and Esther talking about these issues relaxed and resolute demeanor, it is a kind of finally willing to take their eyes from the outside to withdraw from the certainty and gentleness. If you are like me, love such energetic and intelligent Esther and Lara, Mother's Day, they have a small concert in Huashan, to listen to their songs!

From Wei Xuan "female, son together, is a good times" call, to director Lee "really understand, respect only meaningful" declaration, and then to Esther and Lara implementation in their own body, for the physical love and cherish, this press conference three full of love, we see the "Big Woman Era" concept is: to their own , to others, and to the world, like a 525 of the pattern on the back of the board, with no reservation to offer a hot heart.

Hey, you and you, would you like to live with us from now on and shout Me Love me with action?