If you were frustrated by the inability to satisfy others' expectations for you?If you're tired of people always pointing to you, what do you do, don't do it?If you think that society should have put aside the idea of "success", then listen to the best actress for Oscar to fight back on the established framework of our society. If you talk about choosing , she is very arrogable, and as long as it's something you care about, it's not "small".(Recommended to you: Ten years wait until a woman director!Oskar is too "yang" controversy: getting more women into filmmaking circles

You will remember Lupita N' yongo as a female slave in the "Heart of Freedom". She was carrying the suffering of the slaves, and she was a stare. She cried and cried, and she won the 86th Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in her own performance. (empathy: Lupita Nyong'o, Oscars, confess: don't let the skin decide what you're worth )

And she turned around, and she didn't perform much of the way you expected, and she was quiet for some time, and we saw her this time, and she appeared in Broadway in Eclipsed.Eclipsed is a script written by the black actress Danai Gurira, capturing the image of women in the Liberian Civil War and portrayaning how this group of women can recognize themselves and establish friendship in the harsh living environment.

When a reporter interviewed Lupita N' yongo, it was rather untrue to ask: "Why should a big star like you be so small?""Lupita N' yongo beautiful," says "actors, don't you want to be in a challenging role?"Why do you decide to work for me?"

She wrote down on Lenny Letters as an actor's history and reflection, and she asked questions about the world, why is it that black women cannot wait for more than a rich narrative?She also reminds society that people should stop telling people what they call a success or what value is.Here is the full translation of her:

In the last two months, I was performing a drama called Eclipsed in Broadway.The drama took place in the Liberian Civil War, which was a story of five women imprisoned by rebel leaders.I enjoyed playing the role of a play, and every night, I was like a marathon of emotional pull.On this day, a reporter asked me, "Why do you have a big star like you? Why do you have to take such a small show?""

Eclipsed plays

Why is a big star willing to take on a film so small?This should not be a problem for me.I mean, I'm an actor, why do I reject a script that's rich and hard to depicy the complex choices women face during the war?And then I thought about that, the problem that comes out of this question comes from how our society can imagine value, we're rushing to define ourselves, and we define what "success" is.(Recommended to you: Choice is more important than talent!)TEDTalk: "You don't have to have a real talent"

This reporter is also innocent. He simply asks for questions in place of society.I know that people may be looking forward to me, but I should be able to choose for myself, and this play is very important to me.

As a woman, you are a black woman and you often hear people tell me what you need to do.People tell me how I need to be elected, how I need to wear it, and if it is appropriate and appropriate, there are not many. Cultural politics tells us that there is a "best choice of life".I tell myself that the most important question is not what other people think about me, but I ask myself, "What do I want," "What do I want to be like?""

As an actor, I have always wanted to be connected to a complex and real role, not the main character, the budget, the potential media benefits and the heat of the crowd, which is not so important to me.I'm an African woman, and I really know the danger of a single story, and I decided early, and if the character doesn't make me feel connected, I can't get excited, or I feel challenged, that role may not be mine.And when I'm confused, I'll look at the female performers who I admire, their career choices, like Tilda Swinton, Cate Blanchett, or Viola Davis.(Sibling: Dancing with the soul of the character!The 88th Academy Award for Best Actress: Brierasen, Kettblanche, Jennifer Lawrence

They are as fearless actors, taking time and role modeling, regardless of whether she plays the main character or just a flicker of the screen.They were all devoted to it, and we all saw it.If I had chosen to be an actor, I could be as unworthy as they were, and that was exciting.

After winning the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress, I was invited to appear in Eclipsed.As a playwright, Danai Gurira was a playwright who envisioned a woman's script that would allow the audience to enter their way of life, and the whole audience felt that the male threats to the men were all over the place.What I want to say is that people are very narrow, very flat, and we often are good friends, best friends, loyal servants, or clowns.We are restricted to a simple, symbolic, marginal role that has never been deeply discussed at the growth and emotional level of these characters.


Of course, I do not resist playing the main role.I wanted to be cautious, and I wanted to risk my own adventure, and I wanted to try those stories that I had never seen before.Part of the reason is the desire to resume dialogue with the Hollywood industry on women, culture, and ethnic stereotypes, and I have decided to devote more time to development roles, and I have met a lot of projects that excite me.

When I'm on the stage today, with the other four actors, we're going to talk about a group of women who have never taken it seriously.And I looked at the play, and it was the first Broadway play to activate the actress, the female playwright, the director, and we were all African women making it even more difficult, and I was really grateful for being able to take part in this dramatic drama.(Recommended reading: Amelia, Juliamore, Kylie Mexican!Four Girls' Sex counterattack against Hollywood

I am proud of my decision, and I choose to practice what I believe in, rather than chasing others' expectations.

I look at my list of actors in the same performance, and they are Pascale Armand, Zainab Jah, Saycon Sengbloh, and Akosua Busia, and we want all of our stories to be a complete success story, and thus form a strong relationship.I look at the audience, and they come from everywhere, and they sit here and watch the show, and I'm proud to be involved in this moment.Finally, I was finally able to wait for a life full of life to give the black woman a complete right to tell stories. I was one of them, and I was lucky.

When I picked up the script, when I stood on the stage, all of this was never "small" for me.

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