Women are obsessed with " Gender watch " notes, and we explore the more macroscopic values from the things around us. Last week, 12 Taiwanese college students who practiced the feminist curriculum, in the name of " Women's hairless Imagination ", held a photographic exhibition of "Mao-love-Self" at the event Center. By photographing the body hair, it presents the pressure that women must remove hair in society, and communicates that everyone has the right to decide their body posture freely. Because the work includes revealing pubic hair photos, so that passing the masses to the Activity Center to report, further triggering "pubic hair is necessarily equivalent to pornography?" "The discussion. Women are obsessed with gender observation to ask further: even if I have the freedom not to shave, I still want to remove hair, can it? (Same field Gayon: "ad pickets" Women do not shave the hair is a man?) Why shouldn't the hair advertisement be so

This summer, we try to "feather up" and love ourselves.

5/30-6/5"to women's hairless imagination" in Taiwan's Big Activity Center held "hair up love themselves" photography exhibition. The exhibition, in the form of photographic photographs, allows women to freely display hair in various parts of the body, such as armpit hair, legs, and even pubic hair. On the fan page, they explain their ideas:

Using the record of images to broaden the definition of beauty, to break the rules of women's bodies, to highlight the society's regulation of women's bodies, and to make the diversity of the body become the norm. Through photography, girls do not have to shave the body's "considered" unsightly hair for social stress, and naturally grown hair is as laudable as smooth fur, and everyone should have the freedom to choose how to look at and deal with his or her body.

Photo Credit:River.ts @ to women's hairless imagination

Such a clear idea of action, at the beginning of the first day of the exhibition suffered a rebound. Activity Center Management Contact the exhibition leader, because someone to prosecute the display of pubic hair photos, the management department hope that the exhibition will be able to cooperate with the removal of the relevant works. (Recommended to you: Why I can not show two points?) Written after #freethenipple was "given death" by his Facebook book.

The reason for the prosecution is that "student activity center" has children and parents will go through the "", people can not help but associate with the discussion of Multiple Families Act, sex education into teaching materials and other related issues, the community has a voice to question "How we teach children." In the face of pubic hair photos embarrassed, unable to accept the textbook on the introduction of sexual knowledge, the community more yuan family composition is difficult to explain, is the adults or children?

In the face of the activity Center management's withdrawal works "look forward", the organizers put forward two points of response, first, the work of the photographic exhibition has academic and educational significance, "because there are children and parents through, these socially regarded as vague, hiding, need to remove hair to be seen more, be understood "; Secondly, the exhibition does not violate the management's borrowing method, because in the proposal submitted to the management for prior examination, it is mentioned that the display of derogatory hair includes pubic hair, and that there is no violation of local laws on indecent works. Therefore, the organizers refused to withdraw the work, this statement also received the response of netizens.

On the third day of the exhibition, I went to see it specially. Standing in front of a frame of a picture, the lens replaces our eyes, focusing on the armpits, legs, and pubic hairs that we often avoid. I felt, as a woman, how I had rejected a part of myself. When I looked at it bravely, these pictures told me that hair was not dirty, messy, and of course not ugly. (You will like: Your beauty is the Boss!) Hands up, woman's armpit photo set )

No More hair removal: My armpits are so cute

Every girl should have had this experience, before swimming class to shave the armpit hair, put on a bikini before the pubic hairs trimmed neatly. Every summer, but also a big fight in addition to Mao, want to enjoy sleeveless tops and shorts refreshing, leg hair, hand Mauco can not stay. The newly grown hairs were stabbed to the ground, every time the new armpit hair thorn pain, can't help bouncing arm, really envy the male side of the man can "shaking a grass, indulgent moss", hairy men, even can be regarded as a symbol of character.

Why do girls always struggle with their hair? Unconsciously, we have been accustomed to the resistance to hair, so do not need to remind others, we will see their own armpit is not pleasing to the eye, and even see other girls exposed armpit, also will feel dazzling, uncomfortable. (same field Gayon: Brazilian women become teachers through "virginity testing"?) To see the potential control of patriarchal society over female bodies )

"Mao Love Yourself" exhibition, using the image of the way we are accustomed to not see, contact, and even hate hair, directly in front of you. Looking at the picture of the women at ease to stretch their limbs, we will find frankly naked armpit hair, hands, legs hair, pubic hair, just as beautiful as our long hair. Long hair is a symbol of femininity, other parts of the hair is slovenly, untidy representatives, such a discipline has come to the need to break the time!

Photo credit: river.ts @ The hairless imagination of women

And when we have the courage to face the natural stretch of the arm, frankly exposed body parts, this is only to realize that we are not only timid to let the hair naturally grow, even stretching the freedom of the limbs are unconsciously limited by themselves. (Extended reading: The bra that can't be removed, the shoes that can't be removed: Gao Yanyi "foot binding" and #freethenipple)

"A woman's hairless imagination" not only runs a photographic exhibition in the event Center, on the fan page also welcomes the free submission of photos and tips from participants, we found that there are so many girls in the growth process feel the body is determined anger, because they do not shave and feel inferior, and even someone reminded: " Hair is the mechanism of body self-protection! 」

From these various voices, we find that, after breaking through the limitations of the established impression, the body's armpit hair and legs can not only show their original posture and beauty, but also restore their mission of protecting the body and reducing friction at the beginning of their growth.

Pubic hair is not obscene work, that sex organ?

In the face of the prosecution and the management of the exhortation, the organizers have a reasonable rebuttal, the courage to face the opposition and communication, is a welcome phenomenon. But further to discuss is that the statement stressed that there were no obscene works in violation of the law, "and the related works show that two women exposed some of the pubic hair, pubic hair is obviously not related to sex and pornography, the picture is not sexual organs of the show (such as the concept part), it is difficult to think that the works will" Make the common people feel overwhelmed or unable to tolerate and reject "".

Although sex and sexual organs have nothing to do with the theme of "Mao-love-Self", there is no need for this photographic exhibition to deal with this issue. But the organizers ' statement still makes it clear that when a groundbreaking action requires justification, it is often necessary to reluctantly reject a more stigmatized object, such as sex. If photographs of hair are linked to sex, the situation may be more complicated, and it may be harder to refuse to take photos, and therefore have to label themselves with sex and sexual organs. (Recommended to you: the stage back to the people alive!) HUSH is forbidden to broadcast MV: Every existence should be justly

However, when we strive to show the community hair does not need to obscure, hide, remove, in fact, sexual and sexual organs are also part of life or body, also do not need to obscure, hiding, out of our lives.

It is hoped that our society can one day go to a more pluralistic stage of openness, whether it be hair, sex or sexual organs, and it can be seen as a daily life that does not require special nudity, but does not require efforts to conceal it. (same field Gayon:"#womanynude" coexist with the body!) Write not perfect, become the best of yourself )

Or do you want to shave your armpit hair?

Through the discussion of the photographic exhibition of "Mao-love-Self", what I want to explore further is that, as a contemporary woman, there is sometimes a difficulty: when there are voices reminding me that I do not necessarily have to shave my armpit hair or wear high heels, I still can't help frowning at the black hairs on my armpits, When wearing a sleeveless blouse, still subconsciously avoid lifting the arm. Wearing high heels self-confidence and style, even if you want to take the pain of two feet to exchange, still beautiful to make people hard to resist.

Such me, is wrong? (Recommended to you: Iranian women's confession: to wear a turban, we choose )

Girl, what I want to say is that everyone has the right to decide what their body looks like. Our body has been defined by society for too long, in the acceptance of the Do not want to shave their armpits at the same time, I hope everyone can also accept that want to shave armpit hair, want to wear high heels, want to wear magic bra, think ... of himself.

Maybe today you suddenly want to trim the pubic hair, perhaps after a while you want to let it disorderly long, so what? If we stipulate that we must not be removed from the hair, then it does not fall into another kind of physical discipline? Only the authority of the discipline from must shave armpit hair replaced you can not shave armpit hair.

"Hair Up Love Yourself" The significance of the photographic exhibition is to liberate our imagination about the female body must be hairless, clean and safe to be admitted. And the significance of such emancipation, more important and more enjoyable, is that I can decide what beauty is, and the decision is not universal and certainly not immutable. Women have the freedom not to remove hair, but even if you have the freedom of "skinflint", you still have the right to "clean and slip". (You will like:"Jurassic World" in the first war high heels: run, in the way you like )

So, girl, don't let your armpit hair be your hindrance, and of course, it will not be evidence of your progress and sense of equality. As long as I am willing, every moment, every state of me, are beautiful, to their satisfaction, it should be a very comfortable and relaxed moment Ah!