Woman fan Interview May Tianma, this time he is not the May day bass hand, but music sacrifice "super sharp lie 7" curator! " To be a musician, Martha not only plays music, but also changes Taiwan's literary creation environment. Who says Wenqing is a sentimental word? love to listen to music you, together in this interview, demolition of all times to your label, back to the most pure moved . (Recommended reading: May days from the underground orchestra to rock Mass, a name that is remembered by generations )

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Women are fascinated by this and the May Pegasus interview, from different aspects and identity to know Martha, he is a music creator, is also a concert curator, is a mentor to the younger generation of the orchestra, but when he heard the melody to attract him, immediately shake the body into excited fans fan. As the May day continues to glow on the international stage, blooming people can not ignore the light, become the first Chinese on the global singer's palace "New York Madison Garden Square", he is for Taiwan's music to inject innovation, vitality and inheritance of one of the important hands. (same field Gayon: Everyone has a May day in their hearts: Women Herstory sing Our Story )

Women fans will be three days this summer "super sharp lie 7" music offerings as the starting point, and Martha boarded the magic blanket across the border, wandering between different identities, talk about music, talk about attitude, talk about enthusiasm, talk about the times, talk about what is the most real and moving value.

Super sharp lie: Return to the local music festival

"Super sharp" is about to enter the seventh session, from 2010 an unintentional Liu Liu into a branch of the million people drag small giant egg concert, to the next few years derived from the sharp what small lie, sharp lightning lying and sharp lying outside the lie ... And so on a novel theme of the performance form, every year there are stunning program design. This year, "super sharp lying 7" has been transformed into a high standard and level of performance activities, the international "music offering" in the form of the audience.

Local Uranus, European and American top singers and groups, Taiwan's new generation of underground bands, and fans of different nationalities will gather at the Nangang exhibition Hall to agitate the dazzling spark of the summer music festival. More music offerings and add Taiwanese flavor, is to let Taiwan and the international famous Tide brand stationed in the "sharp tide" and Tainan Tainan Food "beautiful full island" two major zones.

Although in the past seven years, the annual super Sharp lie from the venue front and program planning are very different. But the most original intention, the most firmly believe that the idea has always been the same, "said Martha:" The name of the Super sharp lie in English character Slipper. In the first year of the concert, we encourage fans to wear the word drag to listen to the concert, want to convey the concept is, listen to music, is a natural, easy, simple things, and listen to concerts with the melody unconsciously with the swing, is the most not artificial, the most original feelings. Our philosophy is to appreciate music, play music, feel the enjoyment of music into life and the air of every molecule. 」

To make music is to promote culture.

In the whole interview, I feel that we are already a member of the International class, Martha, it was easy to sit and enjoy their fame, but the fact that he was in the music business showed that his focus was not just on his popularity, the volume of each album or the income of each concert. In contrast, Martha and the May-day step one footprint is doing, is slowly in the cultivation, promotion and promotion of Taiwan's overall music environment and culture.

In the conversation with Martha, it is obvious that Martha is sincere and persistent in promoting the music culture, but while focusing on the actual execution, it can also be from the more he talks more vigorously, and when his role is transformed into a fan, the excitement of the talk of music, see his childish side.

From Martha's idea of a heap of musical culture, can know his deep and solid skill is how with his passion and vision of the combination: "As long as with the promotion of" culture "and" attitude "related to, there is no crash course, can not copy shortcuts, can only be imperceptible to the public to experience, to appreciate, And then into their own body of the cell and ideological temperament, the last breath out of the atmosphere, there are also that and ambience. 」

With this super sharp 7 music offerings For example, a total of three stage super Stage, Star Stage, Summer Stage at the same time singing, performance singers including May days, Jolin Tsai, super strong live performances of the British rock stereo band Stereophonics, The brainwashing of the Divine Comedy Little diva Carly Carly Rae Jepsen, leading the European and American 90 's oriental meditation trend of the Kula Shaker, party king Redufo Redfoo, debut full 16 years of Japanese gas double group erotic graffiti and Thai days Regiment Slot Machine ... Wait

Asked if Martha had feast the best route plan for different types of music lovers in the music festival, he replied: "be open-mined."
A few short words, but powerful and meaningful way to say Martha's understanding and contact with music, but also he wants to pass to the public "attitude", a "culture."

Open your heart and know the new self

Open-minded refers to the openness of the mind, the acceptance of the unknown, and the elasticity of thought. Why is it the best attitude to enjoy the music festival? Martha believed that the only way to put aside the existing preferences and dislike was to be ready to accept another possibility, to discover another surprise, to unearth another taste, and finally to create the most valuable fruit-to know the other. "Super sharp lie 7" invite different countries, the performers of different music genres and different tunes are hoping to build a diverse, trans-boundary communication platform that allows fans to have access to different singers and orchestras when they walk on three different stages, discovering music they never thought they would like before. Can also bring another shock and moved. (same field Gayon: drink a sip of beer!) A musical sacrifice for life: Seven love Songs for a hero's daughter in Dagang

In addition to interacting with performers and music, Martha also immediately converted the role of identity, in the past to participate in the national music offerings of their own experience, to share a concert or music offering another fun, but also with other fans of the exchange, especially in this kind of music offerings of multiple music, more out of the original comfort Cognitive circle, To be startled by other fans! Imagine what spark the two fans are capable of stirring up? The Divine meditation and the fascinating of Oriental India, and the Redufo fans who are always loaded and ready to rave about the party, what kind of utopia will be pieced together in the same concert?

No label, moved more pure

When chatting about different types of music and various styles of fans, Martha put forward a common phenomenon in another modern society: "With the rise of the social network, the" Subject label "(hashtag) and the" label Effect "(labeling) * became a must, Among other things in the large data era each archives in electronic

Storage, it forces us to label a lot of labels to define everything, the benefit is to speed up our search, but it may be that our own preferences and identity are also framed by these definitions and labels, and are then led by these "labels". Like, let the online music listener guide, identify, recommend our favorite songs, and then prepare my playlist, tell me what is "my favorite." Or, when people call you Wenqing, are you also likely to be unconsciously moving toward Wenqing in words, in dress, or in temperament? and lost another possibility, another hobby? 」

Martha began to recall the period when there were not so many "labels", enjoy the fun of music: "I very much miss the previous experience of the record shop, the past years for the type of music does not have so many clear classification or vocabulary to define, it is possible to be a record or CD album cover to attract, just pick up and try to listen to, Always find another performer who resonates with you without too much anticipation or opinion. 」

"Super Sharp 7" music sacrifice is a very important spirit, is the hope to hold a full of curiosity fans, a variety of surprises and satisfaction, "as Steve Jobs in Stanford graduation speech said:"stay hungry, Stay foolish"." With curiosity and continuous exploration, we will always be able to lead our way forward and lead another pleasure in life.

Rock and Tainan Delicious snacks

"Super sharp lie 7" bring to everyone's another unique, is to Tainan Tainan and other southern characteristics snacks authentic moved to Taipei! " As soon as he spoke of the Tainan snack, Martha's eyes were instantly glowing with excitement, can not wait to share his personal favorite: "I love the" repair on the shoulder pole bean curd, the taste of a tight-knit, full of solid beans fragrant, what material need not add, as long as the rain boiled brown sugar boil into the sugar, is a bowl of the ancient early taste of the Hong Kong tofu! "Doga Crispy pepper" is a kind of snack snacks in recent years, pepper stuffed with a full of sesame, super flavoursome! What's more special is the salty crispy pepper ice cream! "Tainan Yue" is the basic need to eat the necessary. "We have brought so many Taiwanese good flavor to the" super Sharp 7 ", is to create a memorable and all-round music festival fans experience. While watching the splendid performance, and other fans around the food, from other countries fans, can also learn from Taiwan's internationally renowned gourmet snacks. 」

From a young man from a practice group to the big screen of "Times Square" in New York, USA, 30 seconds of advertising every day to play 300 times, and now is the international level "super sharp lying 7" music festival curator, Martha this way, what let him adhere to this, not hesitate to practice their enthusiasm, the dream into reality? " The answer is: "The combination of Reason and sensibility." "Rationality is concentration, sensibility is passion, he always knows how much he loves music and believes in the power of music."

The faster The times, don't let yourself become consumer goods

But at the same time, all the results are full of painstaking effort and experience. Especially for the performing arts workers, is truly the stage three minutes, the next ten years of work. Martha encouraged the younger generation: "In this era of novelty and quick, people easily lost their perseverance, patience and perseverance, hoping to see immediate results and returns." However, the rapid and immediate products, often reduced to "consumer goods", lack of quality and texture, not to mention the lasting new value, this life cycle of a short product, usually quickly forgotten, not to mention for this era left even the most subtle traces. 」

Martha used today's increasingly pervasive phenomenon as an example: "In the case of album propaganda, the promotional period has been reduced to just a few months from the last six months of the year." However, a quality album, should be from the various aspects of the report, from the album Spindle, central idea, song hair, background stories, to the use of musical instruments ... And so on in-depth analysis, so that fans carefully, slowly and completely read the album to tell the story, want to confide in the feelings. (same field Gayon: listen to a rock, sing a generation: The music memory of Taipei Live House)

In the mass media world, also as early as many years ago, "slow news" (slow journalism) of the rise and the backlash, means that rather than the news of the fragmentation fast, media workers emphasize the quality of the news, depth and accuracy, that is, do not focus on the rapid online, but it is to allow reporters time to in-depth research, Read and digest the data and present the event in front of the audience and make a reasonable and appropriate analysis. "In the enthusiasm of their own, do not ask for a few minutes, a little bit of focus and practice." Although it may sound like a bit of an old terrier, the only thing that can be done is to see the person who comes to that day and all the power around you to help you reach your goal. "This is the conviction that with Martha's deep and solid steps to achieve no dream."

With Martha's interview process, deeply felt his dedication to the music, momentum, faith and perseverance, let us together in the "super sharp lying 7", open minded, remove stereotypes to experience and feel this Midsummer music festival feast. "

* Subject label (hashtag) refers to a word with a well number , words, or no spaces. Titles are commonly used in microblogging and community sites like Twitter,Instagram,Facebook,Google Plus, Plurk... And so on, used to concatenate each individual piece of text together. In this way users can be linked to a variety of captions to the same platform marked with the same subject text.

The label effect is a noun of sociology , Educational psychology and political science . The label effect is the effect of a natural person , an organization , a region after the labeling of others, including strengthening , self-identification , stereotypes . From Wikipedia

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