Women fans first in the field of Cross-border design, in the form of physical curatorial exhibition of large women's room series . Female fan designer Cinny invited the Yellow Room's common partner, Xu Jingting, to talk about his design philosophy and the moving stories behind his work. An afternoon to learn more about the internal and external challenges faced by designers and overcome the past, through the Xu Jingting, the scene of the people can see that the yellow room has a different style. (Women's Stories: good times "her story" straight-hit: Why should we be perfect? It's up to me to decide how to live .

Women are obsessed with the third time I love my festival, one of the most special activities in the series of events is that women fans are the first in the field of Cross-border design, presenting the concept of loving themselves in the form of physical curatorial.

The Grand women's room curator Cinny is a woman fan of the designer, June 4 Sunny Afternoon, Cinny invited the Yellow Room partners Xu Jingting to talk to the designers of the eyes of those daily small objects behind the brilliant story, and talk about the yellow room hope to bring you inspiration.

I walk on the road of the coming and going of Lutheran incense Causeway, see the people who come and go to these rooms are not the eyes of the attention, I think the curatorial selection in the elite of Taipei, is to start from here, let the hurried young girls, or to lead the children and women of the mother, dad or Getting them close to women's space can also be a direct step into the issue of women's rights. (same field Gayon:"I blame myself for not being able to fight for"─ Jennifer Lawrence learns to confront the clever image, stands out for the feminine rights )

Street performers on the road of the dynamic and three color of the big women's room contrast, also found to pass by the crowd also like me, want to close to it, look at the top of the words, touch its texture, delve into these rooms give women deep inside.

Women fans meet industrial designers

Into the yellow room, the bright yellow brings people is not the sun straight into the kind of dazzling luster, but let people feel warm and energetic and unrestrained color. The scene in addition to Cinny and Xu Jingting, but also invited a number of senior women fascinated readers, so this afternoon to talk about more people into the exchange of hearts.

When I first saw Xu Jingting, found that he is not like my impression of many designers, with Avantgarde wear, a dark blue even under the skirt of black trousers, exudes unadorned and close temperament, people do not want to come forward to talk to him, listen to it on the things around the special observation. Cinny opening then please Xu Jingting with three key words to introduce herself to everyone, he posed a little head, very cute, without hesitation, said: Donghai Hospital, butterflies and local materials.

Familiar with Xu Jingting, you must know what the East China Sea hospital means to him. Donghai Hospital, where he was born, is home, is the root, is the origin of creation and inspiration, whether it is in the past hospital in every medical equipment or a day when a large number of family relatives sitting around the dinner scene, all this defines now he, now Xu Jingting, this is impossible to separate.

Speaking of butterflies, Xu Jingting mouth, not necessarily is the beautiful worm flying, butterfly this word and his daughter's name Homophonic relationship, husband surnamed Hu, daughter's name has a butterfly word, so the daughter's nickname is called "Butterfly".

Just like the mother of the world, Xu Jingting in his daughter to see themselves, but also from the daughter of the body to get a lot of inspiration, the daughter fell when they continue to insist on their own climb is to have lost Xu Jingting great courage, so he thought, daughter must also define their own part. (same field Gayon:"Zhou" I'm not a social baby girl )

Maybe no one else can understand the meaning of local materials more than Xu Jingting, childhood in the grandfather, father's operating room, those who are cold equipment for ordinary people can not be in the Xu Jingting, that is his daily creative source, family clustered dining scene, also often faint appear in the image of Xu Jingting creation.

In the course of organising this curatorial exhibition, Cinny, who had entered Xu Jingting's studio, felt that the studio in Xu Jingting had not been able to bring cold and distance to medical appliances, but Cinny felt a full temperature in the studio and the idea of a designer's heart from the site's emission targets. (Recommended reading:"strategic thinking" is actually "design thinking")

Love oneself Originally, love oneself as original

Xu Jingting's yellow room echoes the core value of the creation of local materials. He rose from his seat and picked up a piece of each picture attached to his room, hung it, and counted the pictures with his own relationship and story.

One of the pictures is a medical device built out of the scene, a little table-like state. Xu Jingting Analysis This is a microcosm of his past experience, which contains the most common medical devices and family dinners in his childhood, and he finds it difficult to leave this work. At the same time, I also share my experience of studying in Holland, in the Dutch art creation Center, all the designers are living together, there is only one important criterion, everyone must get together to have dinner together every night. (Recommended reading: the importance of eating with the whole family )

He found himself halfway around the world, and the view was not the same as the hour's family time. In fact, all the design is a designer in the story of their own, and the story of people, without exception, design is to echo the human life, human experience, whether past or present. Xu Jingting said all this as his yellow room to watch the people of the thick story, but also echoed the woman fan each activity, the words behind the heart read. (same field Gayon: say influence: Use story to say influence )

Big woman's yellow room miserable

"A man's wings are taking off, and a group of people is changing the direction of the world." "Grand Women's Room" Introduction to the Yellow Room

Behind the yellow room with such a word of encouragement, the design will eventually return to the face of human problems, women fans ask readers you love yourself? It's hard and hard to love yourself. Cinny asked Xu Jingting what it means to him to love himself.

The love you see in Xu Jingting's eyes is the thought of experiencing what you are now thinking. Xu Jingting as a child did not love to study, but luckily met Enlightened mother, encouraged him to attend painting-related schools, but also because of the environment and common interest, let him find a lot of like-minded. Xu Jingting smiled and said: "The lovers are very important, because they can give each other support and encouragement." 」

Grow up, out of society for a while, affected by the environment, there was a strong hesitation to go abroad to study and study, until the courage to see from their daughter, decided to go abroad to see the world. Only after returning home also faced with a lot of suspicion of the noise, others often wonder whether the country can really become real value?

Xu Jingting think the high salary is not the most important, it is important to give the time of their own account, the people who have done things are themselves, experience is also their own. When you do, you don't think about it any more.

Letting yourself experience what you think is the way you love yourself. Xu Jingting was so convinced.

The man who has the courage to pursue the dream may not be a designer, but a true self.

Experience many twists and turns in life, Xu Jingting still to pursue the dream full of courage, Cinny also curious to ask Xu Jingting, how can have the courage to practice the dream?

For Xu Jingting, when he was in the East China Sea Hospital, it was based on an intuition or impulse, also said not clear what they want to do, then the creation may not mature, but that is what he wanted to do at that time. (Recommended reading: Let your intuition take you further: "You do not need to see the whole staircase, as long as the first step")

"In my view, Taiwan and foreign designers are really similar, do not deny that there are many outside the level of designers, but in the Netherlands as an example: The local designers have not the advantages of Taiwanese designers, is optimistic." They will also encounter bad customers, unreasonable requirements, but they can always be optimistic about. Speaking of their own creative ideas, foreign designers are always rich self-confidence, enthusiasm and vision, this is very worthy of our study. "Talk to the design dream, the Chinese people always compare with foreign designers, often found this matter Xu Jingting also earnest to remind everyone not to underestimate themselves."

Designers need to see the picture before they can see the inspiration.

Whether personal experience can provide inspiration for designer creations is also a question that people often have about designers or creative workers. Cinny also as a designer, asked Xu Jingting, how to capture the inspiration of life to help create their own?

It took me 10 seconds to get my inspiration, but I've been preparing for it for 20 years.

Xu Jingting heard the question of the present, lightly uttered this sentence, seems to be very skilled to face the problem, or often ask himself. Want to get inspiration must first long-term investment in a field, rather than indecisiveness, each field is accumulated for many years of results, only to create today's style, designers can do, only to constantly pay attention to their own field of the latest changes in the long run can be trained near the creative skills. (same field Gayon:Jump from Paper Eight creative secrets of the designer )

Xu Jingting also share his life habits, for books, music, these ordinary people's life and entertainment, Xu Jingting is to accept, meat and vegetables, receive different stimuli and ideas can increase the creative inspiration and vision, before meeting the inspiration, we can only wait, reading may shorten these waiting time.

Inspiration is the picture in your head.

In addition to the identity of the designer, Xu Jingting is also professor design lecturer, he also often asked students to do not rush to create, before the creation of the first close their eyes to think, see the creation of finished products appear in your brain, the work of the use of the scene, is consistent? is the picture in the brain clear?

"With the picture in mind, the inspiration seems to emerge." "Xu Jingting said. The former National High School training, those training is to hone the creative skills and familiar with the media, let their hands grow, which of course for a designer is a must go through the process, even if there is inspiration, you do not have the technology to practice it, but also a pity.

Continue to design your own story, no matter the work, or the life

Xu Jingting share the passing of life, these words warm, deeply rooted, everyone in the scene by their sense, also have to say their own experience, ideas to join the discussion. Recognize your career, work and reality can be seen as the first step to love yourself. To love oneself is to know oneself, to know oneself, to recognize oneself begin. (same field Gayon: a letter to 23 years old: After recognizing the nature of life, still love life )

I spent an afternoon seeing the designers ' talk, have a thick person's interest, the original design back after all, the people, People's original intention, people's story, like Xu Jingting has always thought of the young family dinner, the side table deeply engraved in his mind, his works. Also like Xu Jingting constant dialogue with students, dialogue with users, and different designers dialogue, only to find those who live in the story, deeply afraid of their careless neglect, missed.

Shinhishang Causeway Avenue of the big women's room will be open to this year June 10, whether this time is short or long, the room behind the design philosophy of loyalty to smell, must let the people into the room left a deep impression, as I see the story of others, think of their own story.