This is a good speech for your graduation season, Wallace says, "You have a life for yourself." James Franco says: "When you really like, you're willing to do anything." Oprah says: " Failure, just trying to turn us around. ·

I · not the first lady of Harvard, 'I'm a Harvard headmaster,' Ms. Gilpin · Forst Drew Gilpin Faust, the first woman in the history of Harvard's 380-year history, corrected herself."

She broke many people's imagination about Harvard, and she brought the historian's feelings, elegance, and faith to the good, grooming, and contemporary, as she wrote to the then US President Eisenhower when she was nine years old, pointing to America's racial misdemeanor.She said, if there is really any glass ceiling, it should be the blue sky.

She was shared at the previous graduation ceremonies, "If you don't even want to pursue what you think is most valuable, you will regret it."You can always save yourself for yourself, but don't go back in the first place.How can you be happy if you take more than half of the day of waking up to do something you don't like?"

In this year's graduation speech, she reiterates the importance of not being on the back road, and she asks one question: Who will tell you your story?It is important that your story is important because every different story expands the broad possibilities of the world and the dangers of escaping a single narrative.(Recommended reading: This is the story of "her story" blunder: "Why do we have to be perfect?"It's up to you to decide how to live )

Who will tell your story?

You may still remember that day of the new entrance to the rain, and you're listening to me and your sister in black, saying, "Connect the world, let Harvard become your story, take risks, and don't even believe anything that we're telling you."After four years, you have become a very different person, and each of you is a different person.

In the last few months, I have been fortunate enough to sit on Broadway to admire the musician Han Yaton.I think of you, I think of your fearless spirit and determination.

I look at Eliza in the middle of the dance station, singing "I'm going to put myself back to the narrative," and I asked the key question, "Who lives, who dies, who says your story?"The play has broken the record.In the classic and traditional theatrical framework, they have created new theatrical imagination, just like you. In the old environment, you have a new life.(Recommended reading: Let's go to the Donnie Award for 11 Awards!)Musical: "Hampton," " Revolutions and hip-hop, never die )

Many say Harvard is a city full of good luck and good luck, and for us who are lucky enough to be able to find this place, we are able to sit down and enjoy a long and successful narrative.But the burden is also on us, and we have to pass on that narrative with our own power.

And when I want to share with you today, I think of the question I heard in the Humpton, as a Harvard graduate, as a citizen, as a leader, and as a leader, will you constantly ask yourself, and constantly let that affect your life: Who will tell you your story?

If you know who you are, you can tell your story.

The answer is you, you tell your story.This is what I want to leave you with today.

To tell you your story, to tell a fresh story, to create endless possibilities and new orders, it's a task for every generation, and this task is right in front of you.This task, that is, the purpose of education, to tell your story, there are three levels of significance.

One, telling your story means finding out who you are, not just to live by others' expectations of you.Say your story, it means you listen to others, but you make a decision for yourself.It's always easier to tell a story that an individual wants to hear.

I just looked at Harvard's history, and one of the legendary figures of Harvard, Peter Gomes, once said, " Don't let anybody finish your sentence.He loves to be a pleasant surprise for the world, but is always faithful to his own people: he is a Republican backer of Cambridge, a gay pastor, and a black president of the Society for the pilgrimage.He would say that at times, that is interesting, and there is no need to apologize.To get away from others' expectations, he once said, "My unusual, let's start a new conversation."" (Sibling: is different from the typical pride!An Interview with the Cool Children's Film Festival: Lin Chih-jieh: Facing oneself honestly, but not just for oneself )

From what I'm going to be like, to what I can solve.

A new conversation is the second thing I would like to say about it.It's not just about your own story, it's about you, it's a conversation with other people, and it's a way to expand a wider purpose, a world that doesn't have a world, a more meta-monious way of thinking.

Your education is not a bubble, it's more like an escape pod, and let you escape from the "single narrative danger" of the Nigerian author Chimamanda Adichie.She observed, " In the face of stories, we are all easily affected.And the single story is not incorrect, but she said, "The single story is incomplete, and we shouldn't just trust a single story, and it's important that many stories exist."(Recommended reading: Nigerian writer Adicie: "I am a feminist, because we deserve a more rightist world" )

In the past four years, you heard more stories, and you understand that if these stories have not been exposed to potential risks, whether these stories are the true lives of comrades, the cries of the Black lives matter movement, or the international dialogue of sexual harassment, or the most direct, from the mouth of others, it is a precious little knowledge.(Laughter) A gender perspective: Sexual assault on me is not alcohol, but it is a letter from the victims of your history of sex abuse to society )

Only when we understand the existence of others' stories can we imagine a different future.

What would the 21st century drug look like?What about the energy issue?What about immigration?How will cities be designed?And so on and so on, we're not just going to ask what I'm going to be like, but what kind of problem can I solve?

Refine your own stories in unease and uncertainty

And when you think of what I can solve, you have to continually fix yourself, and you have to continually fix your own story.Every story is a draft, and we continue to renovate the old stories, whether it's the story of General Haneyton, the story of the American War of Independence, or the story of Harvard.

A good education makes you uncomfortable and uncertain, and it lets you repeatedly raise questions, go to self-care and refresh yourself, and rethink the world in which it is.

Steven Spielberg, who will speak on Thursday, has explained his story's foundation.He said, " Fear is my fuel, I don't know anything about myself, but it was at that time that I thought of my best idea.(Interview: Interview with Lu Guangzhong: "happiness is principle, lost duty" )

The university should be a place like this so that everyone is equal in terms of their untrue sense of uncertainty.Our best discoveries can begin with an error.As Herbie Hancock, a pianist in the United States, said that he had heard jazz legendary Miles Davis saying that there was no mistake to play a note, and that it was entirely up to you to create a surprise note, which was entirely up to your next step.

So four years, you've been learning how to restate things: find your own voice and put yourself in the narrative structure.

It's not easy to tell a story, but it requires courage and determination.It usually means that you have to leave a safe path and face the unknown.As John Lewis said, "Go and disturb the order of things." And four years after that, you learned what he said at Harvard, " Go get the trouble, get the trouble you need." (Recommended reading: Write a letter to you soon to graduate: lack of experience, the most precious gift )

The carpark theory of life: Don't be safe.

For four years, I continued to tell the students: " To find what you love, to do things that matter to you." That could be physics, it could be neuroscience, maybe it's the film industry, maybe it's financial.But never to be safe, not to be safe, not to be in the expectations of the crowd, until you try your first plan, even if it sounds so much impossible, how crazy.(Recommended to you: A 23-year-old letter: After recognizing the essence of life, you still love life )

I call this "The Doctrine of Life," meaning not to stop your car from your destination, just because you're afraid that you can't find a much closer place to stop.Don't miss your goal, don't turn your back on your expectations, go straight to where you want to go, and if you don't have parking spaces, you know that you can always go around again.

Even, don't just say your story, go live your story.Your future is not just a script, but your life is an expression of your attitude, and it's a narrative that you've never imagined, never imagined, that others have never imagined.

Congratulations, dear graduates.Don't forget where you're from, don't forget to rewrite your story, and only you can do it yourselves.

Good luck to you all.