Women's fans [ gender perspective ] notebooks are motivated to inspire themselves, influence the environment, and share with you a gender perspective on current affairs.The new mayor Rome, Raggi, is the first woman mayor of Rome, and the youngest mayor of all time.And when the media called her a beautiful lawyer and mayor, we wanted to talk about her story, and she wanted to ask why women were called "siblings" before they were exposed to the value of the media.(Sibling: Beautiful faces on all sides?In fact, the imbalance is the same )

The city has a history of nearly 2,800 years and is the first woman to be mayor of the city in 6/20.She's a 37-year-old woman lawyer, from a 5 star movement, her name is Virginia Raggi.

Raji won a landslide victory by winning 67.2 % of the vote and winning the ruling Democratic Party.Ragi was Rome's first woman mayor and the youngest mayor. She was the mother of a seven-year-old boy, Matteo. She was also the experience of a three-year-old city council member who would challenge the Roman city that was to be held in the next stop.

She vowed to overhaul Rome, build infrastructure, eliminate corrupt practices, rebuild transportation systems, increase bike lanes, change the city of Rome, and create cities that can operate and become more environmentally conscious, by changing the name of the city's "city of the mob" and the city's chaotic markets.

" Such a beautiful mayor, we want to hide the hidden narrative

election, Raji wrote down on the Five Star Movement's blog, "The first thing I'd like to say was that Rome finally had the first woman mayor."We must recognize that in Rome, equal opportunity remains a distant dream.She said she was running for a very simple reason, as a mother, and she wanted to change this year's dilapused city for her children.

In Taiwan, many media reported on the first time that she was the first woman mayor of Rome, describing her deep and dark compliche and her long hair, and that the people in the country had a message of "really good beauty", "so America's mayor we wanted to."(Sibling: Sister marketing, is it good or bad for politics?)

I can't help but think, when do we get used to the media value that women have to be, necessarily, if they are being sisters, necessarily having to reveal milk, and inevitably have a scandal?The world's pursuit and worship of female faces and bodies is not an imbalance in the way she does it. Who exactly is she?

Beautiful to lose persuasion?The world needs more and more women's stories.

I thought about two years ago, when George Cloney announced the engagement, the almost invisible Elmer · Amal Alamuddin.Most people don't care who she is, except for "Mrs. George Clooney."But she has a name. She is not just a beautiful human rights lawyer. She is not only the wife of her, she is Aram · Amal Alamuddin.(Recommended to you: Not only Giorgio's fiancee, let's give the name back to us: Elmer · Alamudin )

I remember when Sally Sailon was interviewed, it was said that she was found to be a beautiful woman who often had difficulty getting a depth role, and people would think she was "pretty, very unconvincing."As a result, when she appeared in the "Women's Ruins", she was deliberately gaining weight and pretending to be hideous. People no longer recognize that she was a beautiful Sally Sailor, who won the acrobatic acclaim and won the Oscar for the Academy Award.

What is the meaning of the word " feminina" when it is offensive to women?Perhaps after being labeled as the "Beautiful" label, all of this is attributed to the "because you are a beautiful woman". You have to prove that you have more and more of yourself than you have.

most common thing about women's imagination is that they are the most common. You look through newspapers and magazines, and you see a very thin female role, and beautiful women, wives, mothers, and even those who are different in the profession are often highly praised by the "Positive Sisters" who commented on their careers.

As a result, they became a flat, positive and female entrepreneurs, female illustrators, chefs, chicks, and mayors, suggesting that their outlooks were more important than social value.She was first recognized as a positive sister, and then she came to talk about her actions as mayor.(Sibling: Three thousand years of beautiful women's standards only proves one thing: the time for women to become the master )

Farewell to dubiing dubien trap

If we take a closer look, we will find that the more we try to deny the beauty of the beauty, the more serious the importance of the inner beauty, the more it will make the "external beauty" and "inner beauty" appear to be the "heart" of the symbol, once again over the iterative cycle of the - "- negative" body ". This is also a longstanding trap of patriarchal social and dualistic antagonism, so that our attacks and reflections have always deviated from the focus, so that women can only choose between themselves and the hearts of the people, and consolidate their respective camps.

So when we are tired of the continuing beauty tags, we don't want to talk about "more important to our inner beauty", what else can we do?

What we can do is to say more often, more Yuan says, more self-alert, that people are always richer, not just a few simple labels.Until one day, women's more beautiful appearance can be clearly seen, both beauty and beauty. (Sibling: The Atlas Of Beauty photo set in 37 countries: the beauty of the beauty of the beauty )