Woman fan Interview Shei, she is " anesthesia Storm " in Shen-sheng full of explosive Song, she is "single flower married" forthright introverted elder sister, everyone called her theater goddess. The goddess, Shei said thanks, but ask for approval , she still want to go back to view themselves. How many goddesses? Listen to Shei said, she thanked the letter, also declined volume label . (same field Gayon: Theater Female Force Yau Kunjun: Gentle love oneself, is Rao that cannot "perfect" your person )

How many goddesses? I'm Shei.

"Anesthesia Storm" in her voice: "Classmate, this is not your fault." "If the air but untie the number of people every night the hoarse." "Hate married family" in her heels stumbling, hysterical small body distributed to the world strong hate, but so let people love dearly. "To serve the demon" in a suit for the man's own meticulous put on lipstick, a turn left dream of the raving, what the letter, left the audience.

Shei is an actor with a scent of his own, and every time she smells different, she has to blow up a climate. Wearing a wedding gown through a suit, from the theater goddess to the theater of the male God, everyone said Shei is the first place, because she plays what, is what. The pattern of an actor, even a chair, a lamp, is the stage. Where Shei is, the play is there.

"The theater is a simple magical space. It is very poor ah, but it is the most beautiful, the more open, can create magic power greater. "Shei about the theater. A good actor, let you remember the script, you still miss her say a certain line of eyes. Shei always trick drag into life, interview, body suit, she tie shoelaces, or walk, there are boys heroic spirit, then Shei still waiting on the "to serve the demon of the last field." I think it's interesting to talk to her about the goddess of the theater at this time, she said: "I'm going to face the Shei, how many goddesses?" I'm Shei. 」。

I'm not a star, I'm a performer.

"When you make the first line for the character, we are not stars, we are performers." 」

Shei from the dance class to the drama department, the performance is the first time she found herself able to get along with other people's language: "I used to be the kind of class full of autistic students, I first found the language to get along with others, is a performance." I imitated the school teacher in front of my classmates and they smiled. 」

Shei is undoubtedly theater old buttocks, but always keep alienated, the actors in the backstage play frolic, she sits in the corner of the quiet that, that is the ceremony for Shei, she said the performance has upper body and back driving, each different. She does not run on social intercourse, do not have to do things with the next play, watching movies or reading, learning new activities, are the role of copying.

She said I was bored, I thought: "Good performance to enrich your life." "Shei back:" said is also, otherwise I will really boring. "She also frenzy the performance of the water, because the performance is from the inner stillness, back to the Pentium world, I asked the performance to you, what is it?"

Quiet for a long time, this period of quiet time and space, she is particularly good-looking, she gazed at a place I do not know the distance. Shei said: "The most important thing for me is to open my broader tolerance." The performance forced me to see the world with more angles, different people, let me have the desire to understand people. 」

No matter what you do, you must first believe: "The performance will create a lot of impossible space, we in the theater as long as there is a chair, anything can play." What you say is what it is, the important thing is that you really believe. Identify the space and understand the role. For an actor, even if you can't identify with the character, you have to believe that he is a person. You must have empathy, you are tolerant of him and love, can deduce him. "(same field Gayon: pursuing b612! Interview with Hong Kong theatre director Lin Yihua: "My ideal is to be a good person")

I think the performers in the mouth of Shei are humble, they shine on the stage, not for the exclusive attention, but to the applause of the story. But the actors need applause, I asked.

"Applause will fall, your back to the stage, and yourself." --Shei

It's easier to remember than to be perfect.

Before Shei see the performance is not like this, just stepped into the theater of her, the performance is to criticize their own perfect, if there is a little imperfect, very frustrated, now show become comfortable: "More relaxed to see the shortcomings, it is easier to remember than the perfect." 」

Be a theater actor, the drama is often more than 10 20 run, inevitably will have the wrong flaw, Shei said the tour best play is the evolution: "This is the theater's most powerful place." Traveling is the process of evolution, and you are understanding the audience's reactions and feelings and helping the role to become more inward. Usually twenty or thirty games are more and more mature. 」

30 teenage Shei, looking at 20-Year-old himself very different, she said that the original growth is accepted. "Take the demon of the Kam" after Shei will soon be "I remember ..." the youthful posture and the audience to meet. "I remember ..." is the growth, she plays a successful female anchor, female anchors sophisticated, very understanding of human feelings, you can not imagine this is a social transport, the resistance system of the girl long. "It was a woman who yearned for freedom and eventually entered the system." The scene recalls his original intention, after more than 40 years old, discovered that he has been changed by the system. 」

In the play, she has a real understanding of the truth: "The true self, is to accept, to see their own inner." I think ah, we can not live unchanged, I am acceptable to change the people, as well as accept a certain game, the important thing is, how do you hold the essence of yourself? 」

"We do not need to rely on others in the eyes of you, to become the eyes of you." Life is in the past. --Shei

To do wrong is to grow the best gift for you

I asked Shei, what do you think of "youth" and "growth"? She said: "When I was a child, I am not self-willed, the older, the more want to do something willful." If you can talk to the youth of their own, I hope you make a little more mistakes. Every wrong thing, you get a gift. (Recommended reading:"Uncomfortable, it is the beginning of growth" to write a letter to the work of your hesitation )

"Growth for me, is the youth fell out." In my growing up, I've always felt like a freak. I realized that I was different from others because I was so thin that I cared about my voice very badly. Then I accepted my essence and accepted that I had different images at each time. Like this time I like to wear a suit, honest to face the present self. 」

Because of drama, let Shei find different viewpoints to see oneself, to know the world. If you grow up with a lesson that lasts to learn, that's who you are.

A good actor can only speak a line: internal, introspective, and deductive

"Oneself" This matter, is the actor inevitable homework, Shei said when the actor, found that many people say the actor best is can experience other people's life. But for her it is not so AH: "I can never experience other people's life, you still use" oneself "in the figure. How do we understand a strange character? or return to yourself, to find a sense of common feeling, the final return to the inner view. It is not the act of others, but the introspection. 」

From the inside view to the interpretation, when you stand in the theater, you can really feel the whole audience with you breathing. Shei said the very Xuan, she said that the next time you go to the theatre, forget to cough, forget the buttocks sit very painful, some moment you flash to see yourself here, you and the audience together breathing.

Shei Cherish acting as her actress identity, she said the most happy is the process of solving the problem: "I like to read the script several times, find the problem, seek answers." Until the last day of the show, I was still looking for the answer. When you know the character, you know yourself at some point. 」

What a good play can do is to ask questions in a play. You don't need to give answers, we're too easy to get answers, and the process of accepting the questions and finding the answers is what we need to experience. The process of transformation is thinking. --Shei

She crosses the TV movie theater, Everybody sees Shei, wants to shout her elder sister, I am curious this experienced the rich actor profession, which moment is her magic moment, she said: "My achievement feeling, is good to say a line to finish." This is the most basic, but also the most difficult actor to do. 」

To be a good actress is not to rely on the most gorgeous stage, the best director, the most precise script, but just the right line. We all think the problem is complicated, Shei talk about introspection is very, performance and life, are internal introspection. (Extended reading: four exercises to make the inner child free: your good, no one else to tell you )

Woman, you don't have time to waste.

Although people call Shei goddess, but she has not been stereotyped. Petite body to carry the weight of hundred variable role. Shei talked about acting, and she wanted to do something for our lives: "My actor status is passive, the actors have been looked for, and usually there is no room to decide what to speak." But I hope that I can be an active actor, I can more actively talk about the things I care about, I believe the value. 」

Like "Take the demon of the Jian" is also the epitome of Shei's view of the world. She invited screenwriter Jianliying to create a text of her interest, she always wanted to play boys, she said, like Simompova said that women are generated, men are also, she still does not understand why we have to live in such a repressive framework of the scope. "The first time I realized the gender issue was when I was about to become a teenager, and I found that I was being offended by the way my uncle looked at me in strange eyes." "I do not know where the malice of the world comes from, Shei said that our society is always to make up a woman's instinct:" Girls are learning how to survive from childhood, the sense of the story. I was very fond of observing men since I was young, and the men I observed were almost not what they believed. 」

If her actress status can bet on something, Shei wants to change or remind: "Respect, from each girl awakening, aware of their start." I want to do it now, because I have no time to waste. 」

I asked Shei to share a word with women, she said I had seen a woman: "I once saw a more than 60-year-old woman abroad, when he came out, there is an absolute gas field." Dark green flannel long skirt, retro shoulder line, big earrings, and knee peng Peng skirt, pedal a pair of high heels. I still can't forget the picture that I forgot. "(same field Gayon: The gas field is super strong!" The world's most senior 83-Year-old model Carmen Dell ' Orefice

"I've never seen a woman with confidence," she said. I'm still looking for the answer to my life, I can't give any advice, but if you ask me what it is, it's this picture, "

"If you lose yourself, you are nothing." "Shei said the interview was very interesting, she found how to answer, will be around her body." I want to be what kind of person, that is the most important.

Shut up when you're not acting.

She was married to her own bride in one of the 7 things that single taught me--single flower marriage. is the "Richard Iii." in both Yin and yang of the Treasure tomb, is "I remember" the able sleek also naïve host, is "The affair, meet the Sheep" sharp crazy wife, I asked Shei played so many texts , Which woman is the most deeply loved by you?

She said: "As a person, I like myself most." 」

"I don't like the characters I play best, I like the people who change the flow, I always want to move forward," he said. It's not about altitude, it's about distance, I thought it was a setback and a failure, and now I'm enjoying the process. "Where the Shei is, the play is." The stage of the theatre was followed by a chair. The stage of life is to follow the footsteps. Finally, I was curious as to what Shei thought of her most important actor's schoolwork.

"Shut up when you're not acting." 」

"There are too many platforms to comment on now. Everyone in this age is eager to express, you are anxious to say, you forget to listen. In such an atmosphere of the times, it is more difficult to listen. When I have a want to say, in preparation for typing dynamic, slow down, remember to slow down. "(Extended reading: your dreams, do not need the people of the world to identify )

Remember to slow down and slow down. Shei like a spell, let the air molecules are condensed: "Why anxious to be seen by others?" You still want to see yourself in the eyes of others. 」

Often after a few seconds to slow down, many want to say that the desire to export out, spend more time Shen Dian, that is my actor's homework, Shei said.

Shei saw a woman, more than 60 years old, stepping on high heels, like rolling up the stars to make people notice. I have seen a woman, dressed in a suit qiyu aircondition extraordinary, Shen live more than want to say words, laugh day to stretch.

"How many goddesses?" I'm Shei. "She's a woman who's obsessed with the epoch-making, I want to remember."