the 50th session of the TV Admiralty Award ceremony will be held at 9 /26 debut, women fans for your inventory. " 16 Summers", "Anesthesia Storm" actor Xu Xian Ning, " 16 Summer days "producer and heroine Lin Cenru," Sister "the story of the writer Xu Xian court. (Extended reading: live to make a movie!) Three international female directors who set a film milestone

The 50th Annual Television Admiralty Award shortlist was announced in 8/26, the Drama Program Award section, from "Hakka Theatre-New Ding Flower" finalists 8 winners, followed by "16 Summers" and "Exit Office" each shortlisted for 7, followed by the "C.S.I.C Hero" finalists 6, "" Sister "shortlisted 4.

and the mini series/TV Movie Awards section, to the public as the most large Shong life, "Angel Radio" finalists 9, "Home on the Road" finalists 5, "Children," The Prodigal Son was shortlisted for 4, while the medical professional drama by the popular "Anesthesia Storm" also shortlisted for 7 awards. Here are a few of the three women's highlights of the Admiralty Award, a good story to support Taiwan.

Xu Yu Ning:"16 Summers", "Anesthesia Storm"

A model of Xu Yu Ning , recently, the focus of the performing arts to play development, first in 2014, the film "Love Seven Kinds of design", won the Golden Horse Award 51 Best New Actor nomination, this time in the 50th annual Admiralty Award to "16 Summer" finalists drama category Best Supporting Actress, another bear outline Donna " Anesthesia Storm in the Admiralty award also has a number of nominations, so that the Xu Shanning to be recognized in the interview has been sensitive to say: "that the feeling of affirmation, is a very happy thing." 」

Xu Yu had been experimenting with drama since 2005, but the flamboyant exterior and model of the half-breed play her to be confined to her daughter's role, unwilling to seek other types of roles, and began to try to make herself less than herself, but without effect. This way to three years ago, when the Xu Yu ning into the cause of the low tide, let her once in Life lost the guide, do not know where to go. Until Lin Heart such as invited her starred in "16 Summers", then found that single-minded toward acting, also just want to act Xu Yu ning. (same field Gayon: listen to celebrity chat "16 summers" regret Confession: Goodbye, also another spring )

"In fact, I was a little in love with her when I was reading it!" "Looking back on the 16 summer" starting point, Xu Yu rather thank Lin Heart such as the production of a play so attentively, so that everyone can have no scruples to play, "Lin Xin is my participation in the Admiralty, the best lucky thing!" 」

Xu Yu also described her moment in a woman's fan interview: "This is a two-year life I feel pretty good, I have been living to fill the past did not do things, do not dare to do things have to complete the life, regardless of the process of tired, the results are good, have stepped out that step. When you think about it, it will be wonderful and enjoyable, you will have many stories to say. 」

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Lin Xin: "16 Summers"

"also bead Princess" gentle crape myrtle,"The Deer Ding Kee" tricky Jianning Princess, "Three Kingdoms" Resolute Sun Xiaomei, "beauty scheming" age span 50 years old 窦漪 room, "My mother" in the rare disease child's mother, 17-year-old model of the Lin heart if always unwilling to be determined only in a role.

More than 60 theatrical works, from Taiwan Red to mainland China, as a first-line actress in the Chinese region, but for Lin Xin, she still does not meet such achievements. 2009 she set up the heart of the forest like a studio, more than the identity of the producer, only because they want to achieve a more different self:"Filming for many years, always feel that when the actor is passive, because always waiting for someone to give you the script, and sometimes come to 10 of a few scripts, they do not like." 」

In the 2011, Lin Xin starred in his own production of the "Imperial Concubine", in addition to the stunning ratings, selling more than 20 countries copyright, more in the mainland won the two annual Best Producer Award. But in the mainland to reach the new high point of the Lin heart, but choose at this time to return to the film and television industry sharply atrophy of Taiwan, "Taiwan is a lot of talent, I hope not all the loss of talent, only to self-pity," why we start earlier than others, but run slower than others. Even if the mainland's salaries are several times that of Taiwan, Lin Xin would like to return to his hometown and put the ideal practice on the growing land.

Lin Xin returned to Taiwan to make the first television film "Forgetting" results are equally excellent, shortlisted for the 47th annual Admiralty Award mini drama category Best Director, lighting and actor three awards, but in that year, but unfortunately did not win. After two years of "my mother" in the Admiralty mini series has become a bead of regret. Until this year, Lin heart such as "16 summers", once again to challenge the Admiralty Award , male, actress Yang Yi exhibition, Lin heart such as, male, supporting actress She Jia See, Xu Shanning Breath All finalists, a total of 7 finalists are very beautiful scenery. (Extended reading:"16 Summers", Miss is not a pity, goodbye does not represent the edge )

"16 Summers" to talk about "missing", "regret" and "good-bye" in a way that is not abusive, is described as "both commercial and artistic values". Lin Xin received the shortlisted News and tears, happy to say: 「 shortlisted for me is affirmation. "16 Summers" is a play that every staff member has paid very attentively, just like our children. 」

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Xu Xian:"Sister"

Xu Xian Court in 15, this is the seventh-degree finalists Admiralty Award, had "I may not love you" won the Golden Bell Award for the best drama writer Affirmation. In 2011, the success of the idol drama "I may not love you", she led the "Big Brother" warm man myth. Before this, Xu Xian Court has written such as "The Story of Time", "feasting", "Big Hospital small Doctor", "God of War", "Affectionate password" and many other plays, in the script creation, but also published her first original novel "Chicks!" 》。 (Extended reading:"I may not love you" writer Xu Xian Court: Collar 22K Okay, tomorrow to have the ability to double )

Xu Xian 's writing theme has always been a delicate exploration of love, she is very humble in front of "love". Young time to talk about feelings, with the feeling, the battle is a righteous, "I have scolded my boyfriend, too annoying him, in my creation when walking around, affecting my thoughts." "The Xu Xian court now treasures the possibility of writing, because she thinks the writer has a long life," some human spermatogonial never write a good piece of work, because I don't know when the heavens will take your pen back . "

This shortlisted writer's work "The younger sister", by Lan Zhengrong, relieved Asia, Mo Yunwen, Anne Zhe starring. In the end of the play, Dayao in order to carry his father 9 million debt, hard-hearted to Zhou Jiwei said: "If I because with you, become very unhappy, you will leave me?" Zhou Jiwei The painful answer: "I will choose to leave you hard," the two ended up with a breakup, so many die-hard fans are difficult to accept.

At that time, Xu Xian the face book that the writer is some form of God, and God is not good. She confessed to cutting the last episode of "Sister" before the broadcast, "Every minute of impulse, to the editing room to modify the outcome." "Xu Xian to the audience, and finally did not put into action, because as long as Zhou Jiwei still, Dayao Still," this story, will not end, they are on the road to change the outcome.

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The full shortlisted list is as follows: 50th Annual Admiralty Award website