The dragon soars in the sky, and the harbor ships vary into exotic flavors. The Queen Daenerys drives the fire-breathing dragon, suppresses the capitalist who refuses to liberate her slave policy, and seizes the throne again. In the northern part of the world, snow beads fall on clothes and cheeks, as if they were weeping. After a long absence, and finally meet, but in the moment of meeting with the enemy sword grief, Jon Snow launched a crusade against traitors, recapture the family territory of the deadly war. This is the sixth season of the Song of Ice and Fire.

The quarter of the end of the season, as Caesar general under the betrayal by the chaos of the knife killed Jon Snow, this season in witch Melisandre witchcraft, covered with the knife knife gradually healed, stare big eyes exhaled a long long gas, resurrected! He rejoin the war of struggle between countries, but also let him displaced among the countries of the younger siblings, regain the hope of home. (Recommended to you: The world's Common pain: war is not the death of people, but love )

On the Iron Islands, the princes were gathered together to select the new king because of the accidental death of the island Lord. In the face of shouting "women can not lead us" generals, the island of the main female Yarra Rao is the martial arts strategy is superior also can't help words poor. At this time her brother, in the first two seasons trapped in the hands of the enemy, suffering from physical and psychological destruction of Theon, for his sister to stand up, standing in the crowd, proudly declared:

She is your rightful ruler, and you have sailed out at his command, and many of you know what she is capable of. She's a predator, she's a fighter, and there's no better leader than she is! This is our Queen! (Extended reading:"The Crisis Queen" film review: About the campaign, we are all prejudiced puppets )

The song of Ice and Fire aired the last episode of the sixth season in Tuesday, with a record of 8.9 million people watching the episode, which was the highest in HBO's history. Such a red-and-watched, influential TV series creates many memorable and interesting female characters, and the storyline has many key moments driven by women. In the sixth season, there are three women who marvel at women's growth, metamorphosis and resilience, and deserve our attention. (You will love: may the female force be with you!) Count STAR Wars: The Awakening of the Force five highlights of the female force show

The song of Ice and Fire depicts a political struggle story of an elevated age, the world view of which is divided into the west of Westeros and the eastern continent. Westeros originally by the Targaryen family, the family to be able to control the dragon's ability to dominate the mainland. But because the last monarch has been perverse, and has caused the vassal mutiny. "The Song of Ice and Fire," the story began, sitting on the throne of the king is already the Beira Theon family, under the guardian of the north of the Stark family, the northeast Erlend family, the western Lannister family, southwest of the Tillier family, such as a total of seven kingdoms.

And in the north of the Great Wall, there are legends such as peer corpse of the big enemy of the ghost, will be in the winter when the south invaded, but in this season is particularly long, has been blossoming too long in the kingdom, the struggle against the resisting foreign aggression seems more attractive than the resistance.

The beauty that is coveted can also become a kind of capital--Daenerys Targaryen

Fans nickname for the Dragon after the Daenerys Targaryen, is the Targaryen family of the Little princess, is also the last heir. At birth, the father had been expelled from the throne of her, on the eastern continent displaced.

An accident that Daenerys lost her husband and children, but also let her into the flames of despair, awakening the Targaryen family unique control of the Dragon and fire special ability. So she led three dragons and hordes of nomads, from Queen to Queen, towards her entire family's dream of a restoration of the nation's Westeros. (Recommended reading: born Queen, please look for worthy of your king!) )

Unlike the continent of Westeros, where the families are at war with each other, the whole story line of the eastern continent is entirely driven by Daenerys alone. From childhood with the elder brother displaced, married nomadic leaders, the biggest dream is only to borrow her husband's strength to recover the throne, Daenerys but in the fate of the push and their tenacity, become independently queen. (Extended reading: The responsibility comes, take it!) Hong Xuoju uncompromising female force will be after direct hit )

The Queen was not a born politician, and she had been revolted by the capitalists for being too eager to reform the slavery of the eastern continent, and she had suffered casualties and unrest because she could not control the Dragons that had occasionally been bred. The Queen must learn to compromise, she joined the language of the tribe, from learning languages, trying to please her husband, and finally rely on breeding royal descendants, slowly in the alien firm footing. Alone in the commander-in-chief, but also to obtain the recognition of the nobility to choose the marriage object.

As a queen, Daenerys's path to growth is more difficult than that of men, but she is good at enduring, adapting and changing, whether it is amazing beauty, graceful body, man's covet and contempt for her, can become her stand higher, win more beautiful capital.

In the story of the author and the writer's death, she was favored to be one of the final candidates for the throne. At the end of the sixth season, she finally integrated all the troops and resources, and the army was marching toward the fathers continent that had betrayed her. What kind of surprise will the Queen Daenerys grow up to bring to the audience in the seventh quarter? What an expectation! (Extended reading:"1000 Times Goodnight": Defending the female Heroes of Justice )

Good people want to live in the troubled times, need to pay a greater price-Sansha Stark

At the beginning of the story, Sansha Stark is still a puzzled, innocent friend Miss. The biggest trouble in life is the sewing homework assigned by the teacher, and whether the prince from the south will marry her. She from the cold north with her father to the capital, the father died, himself under house arrest, from the throne of the successor's fiancee, the Queen's hands to become a pawn. (You will like:"The Maiden Revolution": For girls who are not remembered for their history, write a revolutionary history of revolution )

In the isolated capital of King's Landing city, she began to learn to yield, learning patience, learning communication and scheming, the most sad time can also laugh out, the most afraid when not resist not screaming. She learned to listen to the words of provocation and intimidation, and to escape from the clutches of the enemy and stand on the towering walls, she jumped. She dared to watch the enemy was torn by the hounds, only to give a calm smile.

The debut of the Sansa is how annoying ah, with the Big Lady's shelf, daily care only romantic, a little alert heart and political sensitivity are not. In the face of perplexing political crisis, she can do nothing but drift.

When she changed into a dark robe, the face of the frightened expression was replaced by calm, we found that hate her, because she is ordinary how like us. In such a person has two faces of the era, Machiavellian, political intelligence, military talent, martial arts forces must have a gift to be able to foothold, alone Sansa in such a chaotic era, in addition to cavity silly goodness, Bielo. (same field Gayon: the 2015 movie of the Commemoration life: we desire to do ordinary people, live a simple Life )

At the end of the sixth season, she was finally brave enough to face the enemy who brought her great humiliation and fear. In the face of the other brother's life requirements, she calmly judged the younger brother not to come back, in the face of the difficult to meet the difficulties of the elder brother, she was not as weak as before, but the private risk to also the accomplice of the enemy and friends to seek help, won a battle will lose. Even in the face of the war did not flinch, she made her decision. After six seasons, she finally became an independent person, in the seventh season, how will she participate in the Battle of the throne?

Crazy desperate, in exchange for the right to be friendless and to the highest power-Cersei Lannister

The Queen of the Seven Kingdoms, the consistent villain of the six season. Because of the political marriage, she married the heart of the first lover of the king. On the wedding night, the husband in the wedding bed shouting is someone else's name, after ten years of bedfellows, like the ice, the husband outside the head and drink, born next to another bastard.

Cersei is complicated, she is a loving mother, and she cares for three of her own children. She is the sister of incest, and her biological brother from childhood entanglement between love and desire, extramarital birth of children. But do not think that she is the love of the first innocent woman, she can also for political and sexual needs, the young handsome Maishou. She is also a vicious politician who does whatever it takes to gain power. (Recommended to you: feminist Bad Religion: The third wave of feminist lust writing )

She is not the smartest one, far less than the father of the scheming, wily; she is not the most adept at the one, her daughter-in-law simple 32 words can provoke the son with her centrifugal. She is not the most Wu Yong one, under the power and the vicious is just a defenseless ordinary woman.

So, her splendor was far from hers: one after another, her children died of political strife, she did not intellectually clash with the church, was forced to parade naked to punish, and was cut out a beautiful blonde hair. Everyone thought she was finished, and her political life was over, and she couldn't turn back. But after a whole season of humiliation and repression, she frantically fought back at no cost in the last episode, burned all her opponents with a fire, and crowned the Queen successfully.

Cersei is a favorite character, she is selfish, crazy, cruel, in addition to face the death of children, the whole play little tenderness soft moment. Neither the writer nor the writer has any intention of making her wash white with love, no matter what a man's feelings, can not prevent her to pursue the concentration of power and lust of satisfaction. (Extended reading: VCDs The feminine lust in the days of the day : The emotional export of a man's wife cheating )

However, she lived so flesh and blood, so real. She did not have the lineage and the gift of Daenerys, but she became the Queen of the West for the time being. In the capital city, where his enemies are around, her selfishness, madness and cruelty, and the lack of any trait, will not let her live to this day. (same field Gayon: Sally Cylon female Force erupts!) "Crazy Max: Rage Road" Urbanite's 4DX Experience )

At the end of the sixth season, she ascended to the throne, but her sons and daughters were bereaved, and she was Baying and Minsen under her reign. Finally the return of the brother lover, because she lit wildfire injury and innocent behavior and questioned her madness. Will she be able to get out of her queen's path next season?

Daenerys, Sansa and Cersei moment of female force

Talking about history, we may think of men in the battlefield of blood and sweat, is the plot and calculation of the position. Especially in troubled times, women want to live in a steady life, all become a kind of extravagant hope, not to mention with their own talents luminous fever. However, "The Song of Ice and Fire" in the portrayal of cruel and ruthless war, but also paved a woman into the history of the road, so that his story has a wider imagination.

Daenerys, Sansa and Cersei each had their own growth and metamorphosis in the sixth quarter, and most surprisingly, they were all important figures in their respective territories. Daenerys finally set foot on the road of vengeance and Rehabilitation, Sansa bravely make his own choice, Cersei on the throne, holding the power firmly in the palm. (You would like to: Turn your husband from president to First gentleman!) Argentina's first elected female President Christina )

"The Song of Ice and Fire" from the first season, the stunning male role in the endless, but after six of years of political struggle, military confrontation, men have withered, women are one from the abyss of pain climbed out.

The sixth season Finally, "The Song of Ice and Fire" let us see the northern Sansa, Daenerys East, Western Cersei proudly and firmly stand in their place. They have their own problems to solve, perhaps they can not maintain this advantage until the end, but at this moment, the bottom of the sixth quarter, 8.9 million people together witnessed that women do not have to rely on men, and the possibility of independently. (Recommended to you:"I have no parents, no husband, no children, to make the country better is my most persistent dream" South Korea's first female president Park )

Daenerys, Sansa and Cersei lets us see how women's traditional images are turned upside down, and the tenacity and boldness of female leadership. In recent years, film research has pointed out that most of the female characters in Hollywood films are subordinate positions, and the wives, colleagues and daughters who play the leading roles are also in the private sphere, with less touching on issues related to the public. Perhaps there is still a long way to go in shaping the role of the film, but at least the six-season arrangement of the Song of Ice and Fire has allowed us to see the possibility of a more profound female role. (Extended reading: What men take more?) Bladley Coupery, Jennifer's sex manifesto.

Originally, the so-called female force, not necessarily strong and not bend the brazen and powerful, it can not be a smooth sailing. In many situations, female force more embodies the perseverance and dormancy, is the face of both reality and the situation of calm, is clear control of their advantages and disadvantages after calmly. (You would like: from the world to see Merkel's female leadership style )

So, the sixth season of the Song of Ice and Fire brings us three amazing women to attack, and Daenerys and Sansa and Cersei also use their life stories to teach us more about women's power. (same field Gayon: let Aunt Mei stand and applaud the winning speech!) Patrick Sia Aquit: "Woman, it is time for their own struggle!" ")

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