Single diary--a tribute to the single women in the movie drama. She ancient Ling Strange, she lonely old, she arrogant uninhibited, she eagerly, thousand odd hundred form single state: Woman head up, woman someone ever to cry. Tanabata season (8/9), they accompany you to remember the time of the dead water. The second volume of a single woman walks into Emily's vision world. (same field Gayon:"single Woman First volume" Palace two: rather than do a short beauty, as the hero of their own life )

It is dull and empty to live in the world without eccentricity.

Emily had several, and in the past few years Japan had been so popular that she had practiced in France in 2002. Emily was fond of the newspaper's little sidebar, the spoon tapping the caramel pudding and secretly observing what the city's pedestrians were doing when they were skipping.

Emily was born a solitary archetype, she had a neurotic mother, an unruly father, and never grew up in school, and she grew up alone, the grass clouds, the little worms that flew, all of Emily's friends. Emily alone from the "home" of the image of escape, her single suddenly became lively, because the world is very noisy, the two mills have the desire to free the smoke, the apartment corner of the manager of the husband back, snapshots stop there are like to collect torn photos of the boy.

A personal story broke into Emily's life, never mind a person's her, suddenly like to bring others secretly happy. A trick and a lie to make the Parisian blues a little more pleasant.

Anyway, the good is fictional, anyway, the good is futile, so Emily is more focused on the fleeting pleasures, those happy so small and determined. She made a world out of a small apartment on the five floor of Montmartre, and Emily's singleness was fantastic and she talked about a platonic relationship long before she met Nino. single or not both embrace a different thinking, others failed to the photos, became her new space to create the elements, the daily repetition of the action, she also made Jinjin taste. (same field Gayon: 10 tips for Emily's Vision World )

The second volume of single women: don't give up on your paranoia, it means you still have the freedom to choose and love.

Your quirks and anomalies illustrate your freedom. Maybe you are lonely, maybe you are out of tune, that is because you are a square.

"My dear Little Love, Emily, you're not a glass doll. You can hug life hard, If you let the chance pass, gradually your heart will become dry and brittle, just like my bones, go ahead. Go ahead and be bold. "

" Emily 's vision of the world" after the popular, it is the era of pop blogs, many people's version of the "xxx of the world", a person, a world, such a flood is optimistic about its formation. "