This year, S.H.E held S.H.E 15th classic exhibition "Reunionone in one", let you also recall these years, laughing and tears to listen to the S.H.E of the day. The woman is fascinated by the mid-Autumn Festival good friend Reunion Special Enterprise , invites S.H.E as friendship Ambassador. Let's have a chance to talk to Tianfu Veltzke at close range, her songs, her friendship and her imagination about love and dreams. (You will like: there is a kind of friendship called S.H.E: we become better people together )

When Tianfu Veltzke walked into a woman's paradise, like a light came in, the whole space was sparkling. She smiled and looked into your eyes and said, "Hi! ", suddenly, lit up everyone."

It was 2:40 P.M., and she arrived 20 minutes earlier before she started the interview and made preparations beforehand. She picked up the cosmetics and jokingly said, "Sorry, let me fix it." "Expertly start powder, adjust eye makeup, and carefully examine your makeup with a mirror." Obviously makeup this thing is very common, but I tianfu Veltzke from the action, see a kind of detail of care, the work of prudence. (Extended reading: Workplace notes: You have to work very hard to look effortless )

While she makeup of the empty file, the two staff exchanged business cards, introduce their own responsible work, Tianfu Veltzke in a little distance, hand still holding a make-up mirror, waving started to say: "Hi everyone, I am hebe!" "Everybody laughs together, who will not know Hebe?" But also because she so cheerful greeting and feel happy, it is a good look into the eyes of the other moved, is a kind of human interaction with the gentle. For a time, even the upcoming photos and interviews, are less serious and add a little bit of fun.

All afternoon, we are so happy, relaxed, but without losing the gentle interaction.

Challenge the Comfort Zone! The more difficult the road, the more beautiful the scenery

By the end of July, Tianfu Veltzke had just completed his career: a musical drama "Serenade" with Shakespeare's sister's troupe. The play in the new album "Daily" in the five singles throughout, connected to the whole narrative. Tianfu Veltzke shares the experience of first-time and professional theater actors: perhaps unfamiliar form of performance, the pressure to participate in the drama is very large, so she once thought she could not do. Fortunately, after spending some time adjusting, Tianfu Veltzke finally in the performance of the process, into a fully enjoy the performance of the state.

"I think it's a big challenge to get out of the comfort zone!" Although the pressure is very big, but is worth, especially can with such good team work, will let oneself also grow a lot. Like this film "soul mate" MV, we climbed to Kagoshima Mountain, along the way good hard. 」

She paused, then looked at me with very serious eyes, said: "But the more difficult to walk the mountain, you can see the more beautiful scenery." "This is Tianfu Veltzke hard to shoot MV sentiment, but also to overcome the pressure in the music stage drama experience, but she walked all the way to face challenges and setbacks attitude." (same field Gayon: you have to endure the ordinary in the comfort circle, or like to chase )

"In fact, we just have to do our best to do a Hit single, the results will be very good." But I don't want to do that. Last album "Small" we use the audio-visual device exhibition to convey the concept of the album, this time to do something different, so try to put the stage play and songs together. To double the form of the album concept, the album is not only lyrics, music, MV, we think how to express the day-to-day, there are nights, so there is a serenade. 」

This is a cooperative music stage drama "Serenade" of the Heart, it's also her idea to make an album: The album is a whole, from visual and tactile perception, to the theme of the song, the Order of the arrangement, and then to the album Beyond the Cross-border, trans-media performance forms, there are common themes eager to convey. (Recommended reading: A piano, a cello!) Cross-border orchestra The Piano guys Six classic review )

In Tianfu Veltzke's imagination, creation is music, but not just music.

Talk about the latest album "Daily", Tianfu Veltzke's statement calm and frankly: "I think the daily is to take care of the body, cherish the soul, the life of movies, music, a book, can be a bowl of soul chicken soup, soothing your life." In fact, every day to overcome impermanence, cherish every moment to say simple, in fact, is not easy, life is composed of every day, as far as possible every day, should have a good life! What you want in life, you need to have what kind of daily. 」

Tianfu Veltzke is such a girl, cherish every work or leisurely present. Professional in the work of full marks, neutral and open their own jokes, fried hot whole atmosphere. (Recommended reading: Tianfu Veltzke love their daily: it is because of impermanence, you should cherish the daily )

We complimented her on her long legs, and she mysteriously pulled her wide trousers and said, "Of course!" Good choice of trousers. " Talking about S.H.E Reunion exhibition, she learned that 15 years ago I just graduated from primary school, immediately straighten out the chest said "in fact, I am also a child actor debut!" But as soon as the photographer lifted the camera, her eyes turned to work, and smiles was full of stories. The photographer smiled and said how to make a good shot, and we watched and applauded and marveled, more excited than we were.

From her, I realized that "cherish the daily, prevent impermanence" really is not to say.

We are not just sisters, we are heavenly bliss

S.H.E held the debut of 15 years of Reunion exhibition, so also become a woman fan of the Mid-Autumn Festival reunion special Friendship Ambassador. I asked Tianfu Veltzke how to look at the friendship between three people for 15 years, both independent and companionship.

Grateful We are a godsend! Tianfu Veltzke answered with no hesitation.

"We are three different families, personality, experience all aspects are so different, but can meet, bosom friend, mutually cherish, this is really a rare fate." "From her voice, I can hear the treasure of this friendship full." To her, friendship is nothing to talk about, is to listen and accompany, but also a more and better process.

"I think the three ways we get along with each other are to understand each other's uniqueness, to be respectful, tolerant, and even appreciated for different places," he said. I will learn their strengths, not imitation, but to understand their core spirit and values, and then make themselves better. 」

The way to make friends can be divided into many types, and Tianfu Veltzke will probably belong to the most exquisite and most of the most of the kind of digging the lungs. Tianfu Veltzke's imagination of friendship is like the song "Dear Tree Hole": as a tree hole for each other's emotions, we can freely share all the big and small things, happy, sad, angry, intimate, and believe that the other side can keep such intimate talk. (same field Gayon: can no man not without bff! Jennifer Laurence, Emmahuasen's boudoir declaration )

"I think women are the most understand women's hearts, friends are to absorb negative energy!" "This is the friendship between the three people to her warmest and vigorous backing."

From the phrase "women most understand women's hearts", I hear not only the sense of security that can share all feelings, but also the most intangible complex moods that resonate with empathy.

"Yes, I think it's important to understand." Sometimes a friend comes to tell you something, say, "What do you think, okay?" In fact, there is a big end in his heart, because he has already thought about how to do, just want you to encourage him, at this time you will help him to speak out. "Tianfu Veltzke said, one side lively in front of the body than a big period." "Sometimes, he really does not know what to do, come to you is need you to give advice, then you have to express your opinion." 」

Like talking about the friendship between the three S.H.E, she did not hesitate to say "grateful", because of gratitude so more attentively, Tianfu Veltzke delicate to care for every friendship. To be able to lay down what secrets can be said to trust, to be able to tell the other side of the statement is a period or question mark, behind the hidden is the day-to-day communication, training and real heart. A godsend is not just luck and chance, but a sincere devotion to the heart. (Would you like to: friends or old good?) Seven reasons that should be contacted with old friends )

Not like your soul, why should I condescend?

Hebe debut 15 years, in the name of Tianfu Veltzke issued album also went to the fourth, but in Hebe heart, she did not deliberately to distinguish between Hebe and Tianfu Veltzke differences.

"hebe and Tianfu Veltzke, are the same person in my life, the different person in the creation. Hebe is a part of S.H.E, the image of a little girl. At that time the group of girls was very few, we are "boyfriend's girlfriend, girlfriend's good friend" to express themselves. And Tianfu Veltzke is a comparison to the inner exploration, want to understand the direction of their own creation. But in the end the two should be more and more alike, because they are all me. 」

Whether it is Hebe or Tianfu Veltzke, have sung a lot of classic love songs, I asked Hebe imagine the love is like? (Recommended reading: worship love!) 24 Valentine's Day confessions to take you further

"Maybe it's like the song of soul mate!" That is my longing for love, not because of any external conditions, is because I recognize the shape of your soul, and then like this appearance, on the Joseph. After all, the car, the house I have, if not because I like your real soul, why should I condescend? 」

Talk about feelings, Tianfu Veltzke very honest, honest to see the love of the heart of the matter, can peel off all external camouflage. I think she sang "sister" this song "If the ring can not add to the glory of life/want to give up and fear of waste" what kind of sin/feelings who do not want to have big intelligence/sister is also an ordinary person is not "for feelings, Tianfu Veltzke a kind of elder sister self-confidence and pride, adhere to a relationship between the true distribution of the core value of glory.

"Self-confidence ah, I think self-confidence is really important ah!" I think to first let oneself well, have the opportunity all sides are good, have the ability to accept love, also have ability to love, this is the more healthy feeling. I know that I am a complete and independent individual, in love, I do not want to force themselves, do not want to force each other. If lovelorn, still will be sad, but do not feel that life lost a piece, because I was complete. "(Recommended to you: interview Tianfu Veltzke:" I want to do better myself, the pursuit of integrity and not perfect ")

"Like two circles," Tianfu Veltzke raised his hand to two circles: "The two people in love, is two full circle, less each other, I am still myself." 」

We talked about the status of Tianfu Veltzke now, she said her feeling is satisfied, complete: "Can become a singer, with sisters, companies, fans, stage, I have been complete, I want to have." "People do not necessarily need a certain relationship, or enter a certain stage of life, in order to feel at ease to believe that their level, the task of the solution has been completed." Every moment, in fact, is the most beautiful and abundant state after the diligent operation of oneself.

People do not have to have dreams, life will give you the best surprise

Now that what you want is already there, then what is the next target for Tianfu Veltzke?

"I never set limits. In fact, I am a person without a dream, I will not because I want to sing, I look forward to becoming a singer, or for their own set to do what, get what award. I am naturally forward, every step is steadfast, every step is sincere, do the best choice in the present. 」

Perhaps we all look too far, too eager to create the five years, ten years later, but forget that every future is created by the present. "What's the weather going to be like tomorrow/today's rain or to appreciate" Tianfu Veltzke's "daily" singing, life is sometimes not only bring us surprises, but also bring us panic and fright, but those not good enough, after all, will become the nourishment of our nutrition. (Extended reading: frustration is a gorgeous fall!) Life is an adventure without you.

"I am most afraid of people ask me, you have any dream." If it's not a perfunctory thing to say, the answer is usually funny. In fact, people do not have to have a dream, as long as the good management of their own every day, life will bring you the best surprise! That's how I am, I never expected to be who I am today, but this way I've got more than I can imagine. 」

"No dream, don't be afraid" Tianfu Veltzke said to me, as long as every day seriously, will encounter a lot of unexpected beautiful. It is the life experience that teaches her philosophy.

In our time, we may have been kidnapped by dreams. Want to open a coffee shop, was said to be small indeed, want to take a step by step, was said to have no foresight, want to live in the small island, also be seen as no international view of the show. Tianfu Veltzke told me frankly that she had never dreamed, had no plans, was asked to write to herself ten years later, she was always speechless. But this does not mean that she in the life of this road can be less effort, she did things, will be inferior to others.

Some people are accustomed to look forward, she is accustomed to look at the foot of that kind of person, each step is a steady, step on the peace of mind, unconsciously, each step out of the brilliant flowers. (You will like:"Cai column" would rather ordinary steadfast, do not dream of others )

Think back, can unknowingly walk to Tianfu Veltzke before, and she talked about an afternoon, not also life bring me unexpected surprise?