2017 Pantone led the color of the oven, and Niagara sent us a cold. 2017 Pantone Spring and summer color, full of the call from the natural, on the road to 2017, invite you to choose the most similar color combination with you, listen to the color of your secret, also let color guide you, more love to their own. (Recommended reading: your heart is FREE!) Pantone Color divination Quiz You 2016 Good Life )

2015, Marsala wine red with feelings of texture, uncover a year full of imagination; 2016, rose quartz powder and quiet powder blue sprinkled with us a charming soft; 2017, the Niagara Blue with a cold and low color temperament, telling the tender day.

Pantone official website released the top ten colors of the spring and summer of 2017, the Nepal-Rafah blue-collar army, cherry grass yellow, lapis blue, red flame, green grass, with flowers aroma and the image of the tree on the list, like people on the long-term nostalgia for nature. (Recommended reading:Pantone color ticket, which color are you?) )

Pantone Color School Director Leatrice Eiseman said: ""2017 this group of colors will arouse different emotions and feelings, feeling by the warm sun primrose Yellow, the intention to make people escape the island paradise Blue, called the rebirth of kale green cabbage. " "Jump off the current situation, escape from the center of the world and return to yourself."

Walk on the road to meet 2017, choose a group and your most similar color combination bar, listen to Pantone color say you as a person's texture, the world too noisy, let us concentrate on being a willing person.

Niagara Blue (Niagara 17-4123)

Niagara Blue, is to let people from the bottom of my heart want to rely on the color, low color, approximate light tannins, response to our desire for relaxation and freedom, is this year's trend of color.

The choice of the Nile blue you, is a wild and gentle people, with a comfortable posture and distance, soft friends and their own, and you wasted time is always happy, and you are always satisfied with a long swing, you also have the nostalgic and the pursuit of freedom of the characteristics.

Cherry Grass Yellow (primrose yellow 13-0755)

Cherry grass yellow, warm blooming temperature and vitality, this is a smile to invite the happy color, like sunny day to summon your heart of enthusiasm and joy. If not happy, put on a cherry grass yellow bar!

Choose cherry grass Yellow you, grow up most have a child's temperament, all the difficult also not to lose their own. In fact, you know, always happy is difficult, but you just think life is too long, spend time sad more not worth, so you do that spread happy people, how willing to be around people like you so happy.

Lapis lazuli Blue (lapis blue 19-4045)

Lapis blue, symbolizing the color of self-confidence, full and powerful, very infectious, Lapis blue is also the accumulation of years of color, energy, warm warm light, just right publicity.

Choose Lapis Blue you, believe in absolute and justice, do not like ambiguous state, want to, do not let it. You are also a hands-on pie, the future to earn for themselves, the best days have to use time exchange, so all waiting for you are not a pity.

Flame Red (Flame 17-1462)

Flame red, red as the base of the raging flames, into the lively orange, dazzling and not forget to link with people, indulge in the enjoyment of happiness with people.

Choose the flame red you, you are not the sun, you are never extinguished the fire, no one more warm and heat than you. You have a natural leadership charm, the crowd needs you, friends rely on you, so unconsciously, you choose to others than to yourself better, so resist loneliness.

Island Paradise Blue (Island Paradise 14-4620)

Island Paradise Blue, imagine being surrounded by sea-sea, with a tropical flavor, as you send out the invitation letter, may wish to draw away from the daily escape trip bar.

Choose the Island Heaven Blue You, has the free mind, has the wandering soul, has the boldness which embarks at any time. You like to change, like not according to the cards, like the world outside the plan, the same life is probably too boring, you are reluctant to their own perfunctory life.

Light Dogwood powder (Pale dogwood 13-1404)

The Light dogwood powder, the calm mood, the pink halo, has its pure goodness essence. Do not deliberately provoke attention, light hanging people heart.

Choose the light dogwood powder you, call people thinking, like the moonlight on the night, scratching people's heart. You are not particularly dazzling that one, but always let people in the heart, you expect to do a person as always gentle, waves not surprised, silently pay, the world again bad you can have their own pace.

Vegetation Green (greenery 15-0343)

Vegetation green, explore, experiment, recreate the color, strong yellow-green interwoven, like stepping on the full lawn, let a person feel reborn from head to toe.

Choose the grass green you, have the artist's sway potential, knock down the training is what, every moment is a new possibility AH. You often make people feel crazy, perhaps the world, too lack of such a collision with the rules of people like you, with you, always let people feel crazy how beautiful.

Yarrow Grass Pink (Pink Yarrow 17-2034)

Yarrow Grass Pink, charm of color, bold, crisp, unpredictable, like a grand festival, boost morale also awaken your Pentium blood.

Choose Yarrow Grass Pink You, is a group of people to solve the mystery. Everyone can be close to you, but no one is sure to really understand you. You hold the initiative, take the initiative to calculate what, elder sister's life, and you look forward to in the boundless crowd, find the same Pentium soul, you will send him a generous kiss.

Kale Green (Kale 18-0107)

Kale Green, is the call of the Earth, outdoor health breath call you, remind you of the ancient links with nature, willing to do a good background, incubate all life.

Choose the kale green cabbage you, know that life has its rhythm, you struggle to work also don't forget to enjoy Me time, something for nothing. You do not like the strong, you are willing to build stage people, do let people glow behind the hand, for you, the most beautiful moment of life, is that all of them Enron become their own.

Fruit Browning (Hazelnut 14-1315)

Hazel Fruit brown, from the gentle color of spring, has a heartfelt warmth, the nature of the plain people feel its real, this is the tone of color, the root of color.

Choose Hazel Fruit brown you, sweet and warm, like a pot of afternoon tea, moistening the heart of the spleen. You do not try, just want to make a group of really understand your friends, just want to share your warmth to the worthy crowd, your time together soft years, even if nothing said nothing to do, also take the hint.

From 2017 years of color blessing, wish you to love, left to yourself.