The US presidential election will be held on November 8 (Tuesday), one month in a countdown to the second presidential debate that has just ended, with Trump's avaricious comments on the table, Michelle Obama a response, and a man with integrity does not need to prove himself by demeaning women.(Recommended reading: A gender perspective: When Trump says "Grab her private part, you will be able to do it" )

In the last month of the U.S. presidential election, Trump's film, which was accidentally flowing out, became the focus of recent attention, with Trump talking about his sexual appetite, and he said, "Grab them by the pushsy, you can do anything."

Trump argued afterwards that it was only an unhurt old film, but a "dressing room joke". How familiar is it that many girls and women think of themselves, how they are treated by this society, and how they have been taken over by the words "are too much of your reaction", and have #notokay movement , women talk about their stories: our bodies, why are you the only plaything you take for granted?(Recommended reading: From a shoulder with a boy to acquiescence to rape: my body, not your game )

a speech in New Hampshire yesterday, Michelle · also protested against Trump's comments, saying that "a man of integrity will not prove himself by demeaning women" and that he was the best counterattack.

Barack Obama's speech · anger and does not represent vulnerability.The reason why we should not tolerate any further disrespect for granted is because we have worked so hard for so long and we should not go back to the road.

How we treat women and girls demonstrates our belief

When Michelle Obama spoke from the International Girl Day, we've worked so hard to make the world's girls believe that they should tell their stories, their destiny is theirs."I believe we all agree that this is a particularly hard week in this difficult election."This week is even worse for me personally."

" On Tuesday, we celebrate International Day at the White House, and I meet a lot of passionate young girls, and we talk about ambition, talk about hope, and talk about dreams.As girls are not easy, there are a lot of difficulties we have never thought of: many girls are still unable to attend school, and many girls are at risk from birth, and many girls' freedom is in the hands of her family." (Recommended for you: World Girl Day!)Emma Watson is anti-child marriage: the country needs to make progress, it must invest in girls

" I want to remind these girls that they are so valuable.I hope that they will understand that the treatment of women and girls by a society is a manifestation of the true conviction of society.I told them that they deserve to be treated well and deserve to be respected; I tell them that the disrespect and demeaning of the narrator of the theory is that they should let their voices be heard.That was the day of the International Day of Girl, which moved me."

" And now, I stand here, and in this election, we have been hearing loss of women and disgust of women.I feel very painful, not only as a woman, but also as a parent who strongly hopes that the child will respect it, and as a citizen who believes that the country's leader should have the most basic integrity."

" In this election, we have a presidential candidate who is committed to the use of all his avaricious acts in his life.Last week, we saw how the candidate boasted himself to be a sexual harassment woman.I simply cannot believe that we are talking about a presidential candidate.(sibling: The culture of sexual harassment everywhere!)When a man harassed my 13-year-old daughter in )

Just because you are a woman, can you be so interested in what you want?

Then she talked about why we should not laugh at such events, because when we ignored such remarks, it was making women's daily lives more difficult, as women, she said she felt hurt, and decided to look squarely at it.

" I can't pretend that this doesn't exist, and I can't talk without it, I can't pretend that we're just having a nightmare.The impact of this matter has far exceeded what I had expected."

"His remarks should not be a matter of neglect and neglect."Because this is not a disgrunal stream, it is not a chatroom chatter; it is a person who has the ability to talk freely about his own sexual assault purpose, including a strong kiss and a strong grip."

"Even worse, this is not an isolated incident, but this is only one example of how Trump treats women.""

" When I heard his remarks, I felt empathy.I'm sure many of you here, especially women.Such an arbitrary assessment of your body, disrespect for your ideals and abilities, and his conviction that you are a woman, he may be interested in you."

" I think it's brutal.And the truth is, I have to admit, this is getting hurt.It reminds people of all the injustices that you feel in your daily life.Maybe you're on the way, and the others have chanted you a few words; perhaps the gaze of coworkers has been on your body for too long."

"A lot of women feel the fear, somebody grab yourself and take him in the body, and no matter how you refuse, he doesn't listen to a story like —, in school and in women's lives.""

Harassment history that has not been far removed: no woman should be treated like this

Michelle Obama said, "I think of what I heard from my mother and great-grandmother. During their time, the boss could open up a yellow cavity or go to his hands, so long as he was happy."And no matter what the efforts of these female staff, many of them are willing to challenge themselves, none of them are willing to see their abilities.We also use it as a history, right?" (Recommended reading: What do you do with sexual harassment at ?

" These years, we're trying to end this type of gender violence and disrespect, and in 2016, we heard exactly the same ideology in the presidential election."

" I feel like I'm stuck in a deep, desperate sea, and we're working hard to breathe, face it, maybe even pretend that it's no longer bothering us, just because we're worried that admitting it makes us feel vulnerable." (Recommended reading: It's not shameful to express fragility!Dismissal of the General Newtime Women's Editor s))

" Maybe we're afraid that we look like a vulnerable victim, and maybe we grew up in the process that we were used to this kind of rhetoric, because we knew that the other side was not listening.Perhaps we don't want to believe that there are still people in the world who regard women as grass.Many people have decided to sit idle, but I must say that this should not be our daily life, nor should it be our politics."

" We should not tolerate this kind of thing, and this is a party with you, you are a Republican, you are the Democratic Party, and you have nothing to do with it.None of the women should be treated like this, and no one should have put up with such violence."

" I'm not talking about politics. I'm talking about the basic integrity, the most fundamental right and the wrong of a person."

" When you hear this kind of speech, how do little girls think of themselves?How would they imagine their value, their own expectations?How can such remarks affect the boys and men of the country?"(sibling: Gender:" Bao Size "and" Bao Pack "," You have ever been sexually harassed " )

A man of integrity who does not need to prove himself by demeaning women

" I can tell you very seriously that I've never been a man who never talks about a woman like that.And Trump cunning says it's just a "dressing gossip" that insults all men in the country."

" The man you I know, never treated a woman like this.Let me make it clear that a man of integrity does not need to prove that he is strong by demeaning women.The real strength is to be willing to give the power and support others."

" This country needs a force that brings people together, needs a person who can heal our wounds, and needs a person who really cares about the child and needs a man who has both the strength and the empathy, and is determined to lead the country forward."

"How can we continue to uphold freedom and justice in the event that we elect a president that continues to depress women and constantly boast of women's experience in sexual harassment as a country?""

"I am the same thing, and when someone is corrupt, we can choose to stick to our beliefs.""

Women are obsessed with gender, and believe actions can change the world!As long as you stand up, you can let more people live in a free and reassuring world.