11/20 Saturday, from the afternoon to the evening, two of the gender Science and Technology Focus Forum, is the Gender violence prevention hacker loose start activity; With this one-day marathon, hope to be able to talk through the depth of gender and technology, see the pain in the gender spectrum, and use technology to think of more gender issues. This path is unprecedented, challenging, and brings you back to the wonderful scene of the day, and we can look forward to a better future. ( Dialogue is the intelligence of the masses: creating action with dialogue )

Gender Science and Technology Focus Forum in the first round, "She, I can: Ubiquitous network gender violence" as the main axis, invited to the modern Women's Fund deputy CEO Yiu Shuwen for the moderator, as well as the liberation of Sister 2.0 founder Fan, Women's Rescue Association Zhang Kaijiang as and talk about people.

Especially like the Yiu Shuwen opening sentence:

"In the age of pluralism, no matter who you are, you need to be more sensitive to gender." 」

Hey, you may not be very aware of the differences between different groups of women and gender groups, but it is particularly felt that the whole world is concerned about whether Taiwan can become the "first legitimate country in Asia to recognize gay marriage". (I need you to be gay!) See the love and life of a comrade

The influence of gender is the pain of life without You and me.

While gender issues are being seen and discussed by more people, people shout "gender equality", while others argue that gender movements are the voices of women shouting attention. "Why a physical male, to do sex exercise?" "In the face of other people's doubts even do not understand, as a physiological male Fan and Zhang Kaijiang, the reasons for the answer may be different, but the only same, they are very clear:

Gender is the daily life that must be faced every day.

In a society that was less concerned about gender issues 16 years ago, the story of a rose teenager Ye Yongji not only in "that Ye Yongji", but in the real picture that Fan daily experience. Because of the negative temperament of the bullying Kai Strong, in the desired advertising career still see models are sexually harassed but no one can turn to help the status quo, and then realize the need for gender scars and action. (Extended reading: The rose Boy Ye Yongji dead, but the world has more Ye Yongji )

Digital data from Yiu Shuwen to the Modern Women's foundation: More than 130,000 reported cases of domestic violence in a year, coupled with women fans this year's "gender-Violent Life survey": There is a gender violence every 3.5 minutes, which shows why it is important to discuss gender-based violence, and why dialogue on the issue is essential. (Don't let the Unknown become fear: you don't know about sexual violence everyday )

Everyone has a special piece, those who look feminine sometimes, masculine sometimes, but are complete "we". Not the same as good, unique how good, show the true self, should not be the cause of oppression.

True and virtual two lines, constituting omnipresent sexual oppression

Fan brought up the film "melting Pot" example: the Korean special Education campus of the collective sexual assault, in Taiwan's Kai-Cong school has similar situation. The spread of science and technology, so that we do not need to be on the scene, but also to see the ubiquity of gender-based violence, further, in the virtual world of science and technology under the protection of gender violence into a network of forms, cross-impact real life. (The story of the Furnace): We fight not to change the world, but to keep the world from changing US .

Yiu Shuwen, who went into the education scene personally, throws out the current situation in school counseling: When children are confronted with intimate violence, can we be aware of more in a traumatic environment? Think much more at any time in your heart? Zhang Kaijiang particularly felt the phenomenon of the Internet, in the high school version of the dcard"meteor", almost every day can see the different gender violence: from the use of line tracking positioning of men and women friends, to a variety of action control.

The oppression of gender violence is sometimes concealed in life, it needs to be understood, discovered, and further addressed.

The gender problems encountered in real life not only spread to the scientific and technological life, but also because of the changing times, in various forms. For example, the threat of Mao's children, financial ability or authority, coupled with network factors, becomes more complicated.

Caring about the gender situation is what every one of us can do. The most frustrating part of the ongoing Fan of gender movement is not who who can't understand the importance of discussing gender, but seeing people who are finally willing to stand up and show solidarity on the Web, to return to real life, but to take on more risk of not being understood. People around them even use unequal power relations to put pressure on them.

However, share a 11/28 jiaoan Pu (Zhang Hang) appeared in the second public hearing on legalizing same-sex marriage, said:

What makes you miserable now is the condition of being human and living that must be valued. Because we complete this process, we will be proud of such a chaotic era, because we can withstand such confusion. (You will want to hear more dangling speeches: I don't come for myself today, for all the people who live in my life )

See all the possibilities: sexual violence or victim-like appearance

We must realize that the social view is to everyone, you, me, everyone's ideas, will shape the pattern of society. Using the Internet to disseminate private photos (also known as "revenge pornography") for example, the unauthorized dissemination of private photos, combined with discriminatory statements of two injuries, not only to the parties, for the whole society, is also a copy of the patriarchal pain:

"Baba Change Bag", "and love to clap again afraid to be seen is guilty of cheap", "She, I can" ... Zhang Kaijiang Dissect "She, I can" this sentence, may be inadvertently, but it does deprive the female body, "she" as a party without the will. What we want to see is not just the words "she, I can", but the whole process of growing up, it means "this society is looking at this." (We all know: It's not your fault, no one needs to bear it alone )

Fan, for example, has a physical male perspective, for instance, the community does not agree or do not think that men will encounter sexual harassment, the victims can only be a "forget/should be counted I earned it" on their own. Who can really care about the gender situation of these people? Society has a "typical image" of the victim, and it takes "you to act like a victim" to be able to get judicial sympathy. Stop and think, is there really a "right victim image"?

This is why dialogue is important, vocal is important, "gender violence" without templates and typical, the victim's appearance so many, each person chooses to deal with the way, even if different, can not deny the existence of experience.

We want to create a net, try to catch each difference

On the day of 11/20, the women's paradise took place the gender science and Technology Focus Forum, which is full of dialogue and communication, is also the annual international trans-gender Day. In the female fan survey results, the "transgender" by the proportion of gender-based violence, more than the physiological male and female physiological. (Do more for transgender people: light a candle, we're all in the dark )

Here, we see the status quo, hear stories and pain, too much. So, want to invite you to try to change with the action, let the better world come true. The future we hope for is no longer just seeing your gender, but the story of your life, the core value of your own independence, and questioning your true face.

This weekend 12/3-12/4, women fans will be with more than hundreds of gender followers, with the power of science and technology to solve problems, in the form of hacker loose to develop more likely! Want to hear your voice: " the men and women of the toilet?" The question of sex-friendly toilets "," Same-sex marriage Act: Set up a law or a civil law? "or as a direct contributor to a woman-obsessed observer , tell us what you think; let us all be the net, catch those who fall, and catch those who are not protected by the social framework.