Work is love made visible. Women's fans have always believed that work is a manifestation of love. Let's look at our work scene. This week it is edited by editor.

Women's fans have recently opened a very interesting meeting, and this is the Phoenix General Assembly, which is starting to be reborn. For once in the first quarter, we honestly talk about failure, making a failure, and making it the wisdom of the team forever.

The culture of women's memes is also an encouragement to try, quickly fail, learn quickly, learn quickly, and burn immortal birds, that is, Phoenix.(For a failed discussion, see: [Workplace Notebooks] One person's failure, a team's intelligence )

In the face of failure, it is difficult to say that it is very hard, because it is very naked, a set of mistakes that I have been going through.I have an unexpected success in my entire project, and I can see that experience can accumulate. At the same time, I want to talk about pressure — and —. Perhaps the greatest topic of modern people is the management and learning of stress.(Recommended reading: [Workplace Notebooks] to 23-year-old obsession, growth is not learning to )

first half of the year, when I was working on a project, I had a lot of expectations about myself, I had a lot of imagination about the project, and I had a lot of responsibility for the consensus partner, and I was so stressed that I had a lot of pressure, stacked up and down,

At that time I knew that it was true that there was a real emotional abduction of this matter. Many of the time I didn't say anything about your confidence, or you could do a good job in thinking about it, and you could take care of yourself.

One of the most emotive emotions I felt at that time was, "I can't think so", "I absolutely have to perfect this project", thinking of the negative cycles of defeating, blaming, self-doubt, panic, insomnia, and I blame myself and cast doubt on my ability to lead and influence judgment, decision and execution at all levels.At that time I was a frequent insomnia. When I was at my bed in the morning, I was not trembling with autonomy, feeling that I(Recommended reading: Reconciliation with your own emotions: Six things to remind you of the weeping child )


chatted with friends around me that there are many people in the world who are troubled (many troubles are idealistic), sleepless people, and friends of several new media circles, and that they can only sleep in the night when they swallow a little insomnium.

When pressure becomes a must for modern people, such as migraine, neurodetic disorders, and so on, we have a very small talk about stress symptoms such as neurological disorders.Pressure has its dirty name, like a dirty word, and an externally-displayed, undercapacity expression. So, while everyone may be able to do so, it may not be useful to talk about it, but it is useless to be emotionally kidnapped and able to do so.(Recommended reading: Anxiety, Competition, Stress: The Taiwan's contemporary collective depression )

We are used to saying a word is "compression," and "confrontational" or "resistance". Metaphor is clear. Pressure is bad. Pressure is bad. Pressure is to be ruled out at an early stage. But I think the pressure is actually neutral, and emotions should be chosen.

At that point, I looked at McKinsey's emotional handling >, and it was interesting to say that it was a very interesting idea.

The emotional issue is not about emotions, but rather a kind of thinking technology.


The reason why positive thinking is starting to get out of control is that people are solid, they are bound to have good emotions and bad emotions, and emotional choices are to show respect for themselves and try to hand over their emotions to themselves.

Stress, don't want to resist or avoid, perhaps practice conscious minds, feel emotions, occasionally force yourself, occasionally let yourself go, occasionally allow yourself to step back, circle back and forth, and strengthen the mental quality.It turns out that once again, people have been able to gradually fall and get strong, and we will also know that as long as they are people, they should have a weak balance. Only in the future can they be able to unfold their own self-confidence, and feel comfortable.

< There is no simple job in this world > dramas

Sentimental choice and exercise is a constant exercise in the workplace, and I will do a few things when I'm under great pressure, and I think it will be helpful to provide you with reference,

  1. Thinking: Think about it from absolute thinking. Life isn't absolute, but you can always hope.This will not pose a threat to oneself and will not be a pressure maker.

  2. Thinking about the worst possible: What is the worst-case scenario in which the situation of the entire Bureau is taken care of, and what is the worst of the frustrations?Consider all the worst-case scenarios, try to accept it, and think about improvement in the worst-case scenario accepted.It will find that "everything is ruined", but it is a personal imagination.(Recommended reading: I don't want to repeat myself!"When you can accept the best and the worst, you will be particularly brave"

  3. Establishing a trusted network: To weave support and support systems for yourself, talk to your trusted partners and executives about their status, and let yourself feel comfortable and supportive in the environment first.

  4. Enhancing your body: The more stressful, the more you need to move, and you have the ability to take pressure when the strength comes.

  5. Start from a small change: Start with a small change in specificity and take yourself out of the trap, such as changing the atmosphere of the room, changing the way you talk today, and so on, letting yourself get used to driving through action. Small change can remind you to form a habit of action.

  6. Release yourself: Releasing yourself, pulling away from Facebook, stopping a message, putting yourself in a vacation, and taking a long time from deep breath and meditation, and then to yoga or a massage, or maybe a vacation, and let you reestablish the tacit agreement with your body.Many of the time, a short time away can help us clarify our thoughts.

The response to stress is never a gift, but a need for a continuous exercise of thinking skills.For a serious job, you also want to have a growth.(Recommended reading: [Workplace Notebook] do everything you can to get your young )