If we are ready to go abroad, we don't know what to wear. There is a website that tells us that fashion cities are the most dynamic colors, so that they can keep up with foreign fashions!What's going on with a French mother who's hiring a breast online?Do they know that dolphins are good friends for their entire lives?Do you want to see Wednesday's womany What interesting news is there to look at today's 1 day netting !

Google Glass Gospel to the Barrier

Google Glass 's latest technology has come under the spotlight in recent days, and the science fiction features that appear to appear in the movies have now come true.In addition to being as handsome as a movie star, the convenience of Google Glass allows the physical barrier to stop relying on others.You can use blink to complete calls, photography, photography, and so on.After two years of paralysis, google glass allowed him to hug photography again. (Extended reading: Google wants to innovate, it's definitely not a woman!))
* News source: Washington Post

The website tells you the most In color in the fashion city

This is called Color Forecast, using three cameras and program statistics to tell you what color is in the three fashion cities in Paris, Milan, and Antwerp, every second.Websites founders record the colors of pedestrians in three cities, with statistics on which color is based on which color is based on each day, followed by daily, weekly, and different colors.If you want to go to these three cities, you don't know which color to wear, then you have to go to this website.(Extended reading: "Shades of Change Hue Change", "Beautiful Colors" )
* Press source: Pimkie Color

French female breast-feeding 100 euros a day

Following the passage of the same-sex marriage bill in Paris in May, a French mother used to rent her breast on the websites of hiring, especially to feed same-sex marriages.Her conditions include: 29 years of age, healthy mother, living near Paris, 10 times of day feeding, professional care, 100 euros a day.( Extended reading: Mother-feeding, TIME magazine cover )
* News source: Business Insider

Women have different heart symptoms than men

I saw a man with a heart attack on TV, no more than his breath, his hands, his chest, and then fell down.But in reality, women are more likely to have a heart attack than men, and the symptoms are different from men.It feels like a heart attack feels a lot of pressure on the chest, but some women don't feel a little bit.Instead, they breathe, with pressure, dizziness, or even drowsiness on the chest or upper abdomen, feeling the extreme feeling of fatigue.(Sleeping is also associated with heart health: Sleep well?Careful with heart disease )
* News source: American Heart Association

Dolphins recognize old friends who haven't seen each other for 20 years

to the scientists'latest study, dolphins' social memory for 20 years is not only the longest in non-human species, but can also transcend the social memory of humans.Every dolphin's unique call is like a fingerprint of a human being, and no two are the same.The dolphins, who haven't seen each other in 20 years, are able to recognize each other's old friends by screaming at one of the corners of the sea.{\fnCronos -Dear Friends, I don't know. Friends walk together )
* news source: independent.co.uk / Photo sources:

Rebullying an online bullying one more life

The problem of online bullying should not be underestimated. A few days ago, a 14-year-old girl was also killed by an online bullying.The little girl's self-inflicted storytelling on the anonymous website ask.fm, which caused other never-ending netizens to criticize her and said it was "pathetic, just wanted to be noticed," because the young girls chose to end their young life because of the pressure of these anonymous bullying.Since last year, a series of juvenile suicide cases have been linked to the anonymous bullying of ask.fm. Now, an additional example has been added, and some people have already requested the closure of the ask.fm on the Internet. ( There is no secret to the social platform, online looking for work to forget about privacy )
* News sources: mirror.co.uk / Photo sources:

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