There are a number of actresses in Hollywood, and not only do they have a deep acting skill, but they don't even lose their way to the actor; however, even if it is so open, there seems to be a secret: "The patriarchs of the world"!(Extended reading: 700 years later, Hollywood will be gender equality ) At a time when actresses have a role to play, or to be highly respected by the film industry, they are still far less than the weight of the actor's role.In a film released in 2012, the percentage of films that allowed actresses to play an important role in the film industry accounted for less than 30 %!To return to the air for the women's board, we specifically identified those eight classic movie roles that were originally set for men and were eventually made up of female performers.Don't look like a woman to be a man, a character, just a piece of cake!

Classic Women 1. "Jodie Foster

FBI agent of" The Silence of the Lambs "and" Panic Room "of the film The Silence of the Lambs", has been

the role of an actress who hesitated and hesitated to play the role of actress, the actress of the film's "The Silence of the Lambs" ·And the role she creates every time she revolutionize the revolution, and it makes it possible for more people to be able to see the unwillingness of women and full of willpower to be able to do so.In the movie "Flightplan", the original script was set up as a father to find the daughter who disappeared on the plane.During the audition process, the actor's performance was unable to make the director feel the right way.In the end, the director decided to replace her father with his mother, so that the tension and concentration of the affinity would be higher, while the character's name kept the original male name Kyule.Judy · precision acting not only had a perfect rein in the atmosphere of the film, but also the complex mood of a mother , and was even more of a stymie of her deponittling.(Extended Read: as a mother should know: learn to wait and lose )

Classic Women's Corner 2. Angelina Jolie

As long as you've seen this movie, it's hard not to be so uncool and cold, wild and intriguely confused!In the film, she is not only in good hands, but also the skin of her eyes and the skin of the chicken.In fact, the original name of the "secret agent" was originally given the title of Edwin Salt, which was originally intended to be a role for Tom · and his own body.But the star decided to give up the show, and the chance of the show was sent to Jolie.Because of this turn, the writer changed his name from Edwin to Evelyn, and she became the only female Russian spy in the entire film.But even if she had deliberately concealed her face, Jolie would still be able to keep handsome and in this neutral role. But who could have been more suited to the role of a woman who was so much more suitable for the eye, such as the one that she had?However, Jolie's woman's flavor is more than that: Angelina Jolie's Bravely Breast Cancer Declaration )

Classic Women's Corner 3. Jane Lynch ( Lynch)

American comedian

portrayed in “ television program 10 trifles with girls' fun )

Classic Women's Corner 4. Liu Yuling, who shows the film's film, Lucy Alexis Liu

Beauty Trip Yang's Unwilling to Abandon < Green Footprint >

Classic Women's Corner 5.

of the most influential people in the film " The Help ’, portrays a female teacher who does not give up on any child , and she is the 84-year Oscar winner, Vera ·She has a warm, tough, and bright image of the sun. She has always been able to make a screen of silk and tears, regardless of character. But can she only interpret such a selfless and inclusive role?At the end of the year, the film "Ender ’ s Game of the best-selling science-fiction game," Ender " s Game, will challenge Vera · novel as a strongwoman warrior of Major Anderson who was originally a fictional veteran of the novel.Let us look forward to the way that Vera Davis · interpret such a large role!Before the film was shown, let's take a look at her classic work: Not being fooled by the time blind spot .

Classic Women's Corner 6. Grace Jones

, · Jones of the '

by the supername of the famous "Androgius look" in the 1970s.Her classic work in 1984: Conan the Destroyer, and the sequel of Arnold Schwarzenegger's sequel, Conan the Barbarian, was a warrior of the warrior prince of the warrior who fought for freedom in the original novel.In the end, the production team decided to replace the prince with a female soldier who had a very strong character. And the most suitable candidate for this role was, of course, the character Grace · the body, which was also a bodybuilding.Her performance was also admired by her performance. The next year she took off the role of Bond Black, which was set in the 14th episode of Bond, and she couldn't help but overshadow the heroine of the leading actress of the blond hair.But the neutral charm of a man should not be limited to women and men, and it should also be appreciated.(Extended Read: Neutral, Overleaptic beauty )

Classic Women's Corner 7. "Dina Meyer"


in the movie "Star Trooperations", is a young man who has been set up to defend the safety of human beings, Dizzy Flores, and in its original setting, is actually a man!But in the original novel, the character was killed early before the end of the first chapter; in order to make the whole film more bullish, the film producer decided to strike a balance between yin and yang, and also to add some passion to the film.So the original male soldiers were female soldiers, and the film company decided to ask her to take the role of this handsome aviator when she looked at the character of Diane · ability to be sexually active and released.In particular, there was a scene in the film, the shocking images of both Diana and · men in the military. At that time, there was a lot of questions about equality between men and women. It was not only entertainment special effects, visual shock, but also the "science-fiction" film "Wake".Respect for women is the most basic thing to do, so that women can all show their beauty.(Extended Read: Dresses are short, no one should be violated )

Classic Women's Corner 8. Sigourney Weaver

If you can only pick one place, the legendary actress who has successfully converted from the male angle to a woman's corner, then the queen, and the snow song Nei · is definitely a real name."In the "Alien" series in 1979, Ellen ·, a female hero, was the corner of Ellen Ripley, · she had only just 30 or so when he was filming.The film director, Ridley ·, was originally written on the character of the hero of the film, Ridley Scott. But after audition, the astonishing performance of Soni · Snowy Vav made the film "absolutely", and decided to change the script so that she would pick out the sorghum.And this decision also broke the masculinable femto-action framework, which is a rare science fictional film that is threatened and defeated by women heroes and heroicats.Especially in the second episode, Saina · "Vignon" has been particularly eloquent, and the academic community has thus produced a number of studies that are based on the themes of "Alien" and "Feminism".Whether she or she is a movie, it is even a classic that even a giant wheel of time is not erased!What kind of hero does she have when it begins to wonder?(Extended reading: Quizzes your mother to be a superhero!)

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