The week is coming to an end, and what new and interesting things have happened around the world this week? This week's spotlight is not on Apple's new iphone ! Have you noticed that Yahoo has quietly put on a new logo? New York Fashion Week, a group of meat girls confidently embark on the runway , showing us another beautiful face ! And you know that in the future as long as the machine to take a deep breath, you can detect whether there are cancer cells in the body? I'm going to see the whole world big and small with women fans!

The fat girls are writing history on the runway.

In the global spotlight of New York Fashion Week's runway, this year's eye-lighting is the first appearance of the fashion brand Cabiria. The chief designer, Eden Miller, used bold color blocks to piece together the model's beautiful body, creating a bright spot on the runway! Miller excitedly said: "This is a beautiful big size woman is undoubtedly the best clothing, for me is also an exciting start!" ( extended reading: who has made women thinner?) )

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The first Miss America contestant to show the tattoo

Theresa Vail, a Miss American contestant from Kansas state, surprised the entire audience! In the past, there are many contestants who have tattoos in their bodies, but they will be cleverly covered with cosmetics, Theresa but not with a little modification brave expression of their own. "As a lady representing the Americans, my job is to motivate women, to overcome stereotypes and to grow," she said. If I cover my tattoos, how dare I tell the nation's women to be brave? "( extended reading:Tattoos of women in the 1930 's )

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The toys are finally no longer the same!

Toy-making company giant "Toy Fight City" has been launched by a group of parents of consumers, "let toys just toys," anti-sex discrimination campaign lambasting, that toys should not use sex and specific color as marketing tactics, the children's toys to choose the right. After several meetings, Roger McLaughlan, the toy company's production line manager, said that they would ensure that boys and girls would be shown to play the same toys, including Lego, toy guns and kitchen emulation games, in the future when designing ads for toys; so that children are no longer restricted to "play" A kind of toy or game. And this movement is more than 7,500 people to respond together, it seems that we do not want to endure the toys are deliberately affixed to the sex label of the helpless!
( extended reading: pants, dress, and sex school education )

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Do not violence, return to the goddess of the beautiful dignity

Recently, a series of images of Hindu goddess of worship have been circulated on the Internet, which not only arouse the high attention of the domestic and foreign media, but also arouse the discussion of many gender issues. These goddesses are not as gracious and noble as we have seen in weekdays, with 0 of flaws in the distance, the images of them, the face is still beautiful, but many more bruises, stab wounds, even the corners of the mouth also bleeding. This is not a parody, but a new concept ad launched by India's anti-domestic violence (anti-doemetic Violence campaign), which aims to make the public aware that over 68% of Indian women live in the shadow of domestic violence for a long time. Hope to be able to rely on this force to influence the government, so that these victims of women are seen, be looked at, give them beautiful dignity, but also protect their lives.
( extended reading: Partnership testing: Are you in danger of violence?) )

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As long as you take a deep breath, the cancer immediately!

Do you know that the alcohol tester, in addition to measuring the alcohol value, may be a good tool to detect cancer cells in the future? Dr Raed Dweik of the University of Latvia (University of Latvia) and his team found that breathing can be a medium for detecting viruses, using electronic noses to start a series of experiments to measure the specific markings of lung cancer cells. Because each breath will have hundreds of billions of cell compounds into the bloodstream, and then taken into the lungs, if you can invent a breath-oriented test and analyze it to find out which cells are normal and which are abnormal, you can quickly find a way to treat them. Because of the limited sensitivity of the human nose, the researchers decided to use the dog's nose as a template, allowing trained dogs to sniff out viruses such as c.difficile that cause lung cancer and colorectal cancers. When this technique is proven to be reliable and accurate, breathing tests will be a major breakthrough in diagnosing cancer tools, and all you have to do is take a deep breath.
( extended reading:"Warm living" helps the abdomen to relax the warm breathing method )

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Iphone5s/5c appeared

The attention of the iphone5s and 5c finally appeared this week, in the appearance, two newly released mobile phones are different from the previous simple Black-and-white color, especially the 5C series is a colorful color debut, 5S appears gray hue and rose gold hue of the new choice. As for functionality, 5S has a fingerprint identification feature that keeps your phone privacy from being easily stolen by others. This time, Apple's new products have also attracted various media to report. More interestingly, Taiwan's well-known media news animation has become a foreign media Huffington Post attention to the object, can be seen as long as the idea is worth seeing!
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Yahoo new logo Did you find it?

If your browser homepage set to Yahoo, it should be easy to the top left corner of the logo has changed a little? The wave of Yahoo's signature modification was announced last week by Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer to launch the new logo. Compared to the previous, small knitting feel that the current logo lines more concise and elegant, but also less a previous dynamic sense. So which logo do you think is more beautiful? (Extended reading:Yahoo Female President Marissa Mayer 10 Secrets )

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