woman fans of the fourth salon: the use of gadgets, improve the efficiency of a smooth ending, the day poured into a lot of want to understand the cloud tools of you and you, in the cram school coffee we spent a very happy afternoon. I really learned a lot of practical tools that day! Fear that the day we listen to too fascinated, not good to take all the gadgets to the notes down, or you are not involved in this woman fan salon, it doesn't matter! Womany The gadgets are all sorted out well, let's take a look at it quickly! (also to see "Woman Fan Salon," the selfless hiding scene direct hit )

"Team-managed little Helper."

Asana use interface for large public

Asana is a task management tool for teamwork, designed to reduce time in meetings, emails, communications, and daily chores. You can set up tasks and write the details and assign them to your team members to share all the information about the job.

Womany Love to use : We are also using Asana common work, feel that this can make all the details at a glance, the team's work communication is more smooth!

This is the present Womany The internship stars are being warmly used to facilitate the concept design of the task management tool. A project is a Board, you can set a number of list below to show the different stages of the project, and then create a card in the list of the work items assigned to everyone, as convenient and simple as a convenience sticker.

Womany Secret Teaching : You can also use "people" as a unit to set the List, so you can immediately know what each person's current work items have, to facilitate the distribution of tasks Yo!

"The Elf of auxiliary work"

Google Cloud Integration

except the day of the lecture the webmaster of the computer plaything-esor mention of lazy people to organize photos of the good Helper, Google Cloud album, in fact, Google provides a full range of cloud integration services, including: To provide the cloud storage of Google Drive, provide real-time communications hangouts, provide online file editing Google Document and so on, you can say, almost on the computer needs of the work can be completed on the network and share to everyone!

Use Google Cloud to integrate the things at hand, conditioning clear and at a glance

Womany : We are very accustomed to sending information to each other on the Google cloud, plus many other auxiliary systems and project management tools to make our work real-time and efficient!

This is an automated tool that links many common network services. IFTTT currently supports a number of online free services, such as Dropbox , Facebook , Twitter , Gmail, evernote< /c35> and so on, let users set their own dedicated automation tasks!

womany : You can put the letter in Gmail as important, you will be transferred to the Evernote to save.

Although doing a lot of work at the same time looks like it's efficient . , but if you can't properly control the pace and pace of each job, it seems like you're stuck in a "meaningless busyness".

30/30 is a very good work rhythm timer, it takes the form of "task" to let you set the time and order of each work, and to a small table-type alarm clock as intimate reminder you.

Tomato clock method, improve efficiency become easy!

Womany in Love : We also highly recommend Tomato Bell Method to help us get the job done more efficiently in 30 minutes!

This is an automated magazine, content can be adjusted to your liking at any time, you can evaluate each article he recommended to you to meet your needs, let it become a special inspiration for you to create a package! Let the inspiration come to report at any time!

Half the work, often want to open Facebook or a favorite Web page a little browsing, and sometimes one or two hours of carelessness, feel distressed, but do not want to miss the information you want to know.

At this time Pocket is a handy little helper! It provides a "read later" service concept where you can store the articles and videos you want to read, and then enjoy the fun of reading when you are free, without interrupting the progress of your work.

"There is no paper or pen to communicate with."

Sometimes want to write notes but found that beside the action device, a piece of paper or a pen is not, too maddening! What should we do then? if the action device next to you is the IPad, Upad                                                                                  is a simple handwritten note good helper, not only can the sensitive handwriting, also did not omit the typing function to provide, both convenient and practical.

This is another handy little piece of software that replaces paper and pen on the IPad, and provides a simple drawing function that allows you to paint your thoughts as you please!

This is a free screenshot and video tools, and can be a simple image processing. Unlike other screenshot software, you can get 2GB of free space and monthly 2GB upload traffic !

"Change the atmosphere, and you work good mood"

This is a foreign free music radio service, the biggest feature is: Only play let you in the work "to enhance the focus on" the productivity of dedicated music! If you are a work can not without music , but also need to focus on the current work, try Focus@Will it!

Womany : If you just need a little background sound to inspire, do not try rainy Cafe! (Extended reading: The secret of work: make good use of sound and work with us well )

In addition, illuk! Graphic co-founder-olive , provided by the offline also can use some of the travel helper, such as: everclip , organidoc , Citymaps2go and so on are also very practical tools!

Hope that the introduction of these gadgets, so that everyone in the work to improve efficiency, and life to achieve a wonderful balance !

Improve your efficiency, you can do it!
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