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The first week of October has passed, time has flown and the world is changing every minute and every second, wondering what has happened internationally this week? Woman fan for you select four we have to know the size of things, from Madonna confessed that they have been sexually abused, to someone developed mobile apps to keep you away from the fear of Dark alley, until the distant Afghanistan is likely to produce the first female president? Take a quick look at these international events that cannot be missed!

Harvard Business School's first third-sex student

Harvard Business School accepted the first third-sex student last year, and she was the first woman to be admitted to a prestigious school of management and openly vocal in the third sex. At present, there are still many prejudices about the third sex, and the most serious problem is that it is difficult to enter the workplace; The average employer is unwilling to accept third sex job seekers who are visible to the naked eye, which also results in a one-sixth of the third sex earning less than 10,000 dollars per person, Such a meager salary also has to pay for expensive hormones treatment. This also led to 16% of the third sex can only engage in underground economic activities, mainly in the sex industry mainly. The marginalization that cannot be accepted by society makes more than half of the third sex try to commit suicide. The main reason for her willingness to be open to public is that she wants her peers or teachers, who may change the world, to learn more about the plight of third sex, and she hopes that by her own power, society will be able to eliminate discrimination and confusion about them.

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News Source: TheAtlantic

The first woman president in Afghanistan?

In Afghanistan, the status of men and women can be said to be 108,000 miles apart, women do not have the same rights and obligations as men. And last week a feminist activist, Foggia Couffy Fawzia Koofi, announced her candidacy for next year's Afghan presidential election. "I hope that my daughters and other Afghan women will not have to endure so much misery," she said, and that her party would focus on the protection of women's rights and the stagnant social revolution under the male-dominated society. For the past 55 years, Afghanistan has been dominated by men, often based on family politics. Faurecia that the rise of the feminist consciousness only begins with challenging the male tradition. The challenge, however, has provoked a lot of opposition from traditional sources, and she has been lucky to escape two assassination attacks after entering the political circle, and this time her presidential road seems to be fraught with thorns and obstacles.

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News Source:Independent

Madonna openly confessed to having been sexually abused

The world famous actress Madonna, who wrote a personal column for Harper Magazine, confessed that she had been invaded by humanity at the age of 20 when she first arrived in New York, "New York was not the same as I had imagined, and she did not welcome me with open arms." In addition, her residence was destroyed three times and seized the only valuable radio in her family. In this article, she mentions how to pursue a dream of practicing herself, including her being a nude model to earn the cost of learning to dance, and she does not mince the Guey Richie marriage with British director, "Although we speak English, it does not mean that we can really understand each other." Now, however, the 55-Year-old Madonna thanked the past and thanked God for giving her four children.

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News Source:Independent

Mobile apps keep you from sexual harassment.

Girls are always afraid of the night lane because of the news of sexual harassment and even sexual abuse on the road, fearing that one day we will become the victim. Now a name called "hollaback!" Non-Profit organizations that work to fight sexual harassment in the streets and launch a mobile app that, by way of maps, allows users to mark places where they have been harassed for reference by other users, so that women can avoid high-risk areas. Such a design can indeed reduce some of the risks, but ironically this approach is not a cure, and how to really eradicate street harassment may have to start with the improvement of local security.

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News Source:Atlantic

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