Womany Perfect jewelry to make the mood shine the press: I believe that will let women crazy in addition to sexy heels and elegant brand-name bags , the most attractive to women's eyes must be dazzling jewelry ! The woman confuses small weave today secretly selfishness introduces three favorites classic brand! If you want to go back to the perfect age in your mind like the Woody Allen movie "Midnight Paris" this fall, let's look at the retro fashion items that make your heart beat faster across all ages.

CHANEL Chanel: The Forever elegant Brand

1980 's.

With 18K Gold outline streamline lines and the perfect 10 translucent pearls , put on it must shake the body into the most temperament of Audrey. Audrey Hepburn .

Think of Chanel must think of Coco Chanel neck pendant A lot of classic photos of pearl necklace, so retro Chanel pearl necklace is also one of the classics to see Oh!

1980 's.

Rare CHANEL long pearl necklace, a pearl length of about 9 ~ 10 cm, with wine red glass buckle ring is perfect embellishment.

You must not have thought of that . Hip Hop diva Rihanna loves Chanel's vintage jewelry, too!

Hermès Hermès: A luxury brand that loves color and complex details

1950 's.

The very rare Hermes carved bracelet. Completely made of 18K gold, the most special is in the Jin Yu into H's strap, has found?

1990 's.

Also is made of 18K gold ring, hold up to Sugarloaf Cross-wise Green tourmaline , this is the most elegant love Ma Shi ring masterpiece One Oh.

Victoria Beckham, who has his own fashion empire, once wore the retro hand of Hermes! (You are recommended to read the muse of Hermès Berkin package )

Dior Dior: A French brand with a noble and feminine flavour


A total of 12 perfectly cut diamonds, 18K gold rings, covered with pale pink coral , and a more gorgeous ring?

1900 's.

18K Golden flowers with diamonds and Emeralds , blooming in that era of luxury.

Grace of Natalie. Portman also wore vintage Dior diamond jewelry at the Oscars in 2012! (See what the 2013 Oscar actress wears!) )

Looking at these vintage jewels, do you want to take out your most treasured jewels and wear them? Believe in the jewels you own, there must be some stories that make you smile . May be the husband sent the first ring , may be the mother, the most treasured earrings , may be the first salary to buy the necklace. In fact, cherish their own, is also a way to dote on their own . So get them out of the jewelry box and rub them shiny, maybe today you can have a different night .

Such a night, also good for "Love Yourself"〉〉 girl's selfish manifesto go "

Catch the time machine, back to the good times

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