Maybe now, your close friends have already entered the auditorium one at a a year; The red bombs you received in each of the years began to pile up. Your mood from the other side excited, instead of anxious for their own, you are a little irritable, but also can not help but start to worry: " where is my true destiny ?" "You are also beginning to worry about whether to 30 years old, when everyone is holding a child to attend the sister party, will not only own or Ku?" You even start to worry about 30 years old, you will not meet better him? And what would a 30-year-old date look like? (Extended reading: women 30, happiness?) )

Honey Don't worry, listen to the Foreign Public forum Reddit on how generous they say it! "In fact, we all enjoy the 30-year-old date, the 30-year-old is better and more mature, more able to find a soul fit partner." " take a look at five reasons why a 30-year-old date is better than a 20-year-old!" (Extended reading: First date ten safe speaking code )

1. Understanding sex is not a sprint, it's about feeling each other.

When we were 20 years old, we were still trying to try out all kinds of poses , bursting, tender, novelty, a little shy ... Wait, we are not afraid to try, but always feel bad. But the 30-year-old is not the same, to the 30-year-old most people are enough to understand their body, but also understand the body of another sex. We have experienced the most comfortable feeling, and also understand that sex should not be just "sprint", but more deeply feel each other. sex is no longer just "the means of Love" or "The Accessory of Love", but can be more generous not to talk about the feelings of sex.

The man is honest: "30 years old sex is much better, because men know what they are doing, women know what they want." And both sides are not too shy to really enjoy it. 」

2. Understanding the degree of fit is the most important thing in the relationship.

To be honest, being physically confused at the age of more than 20 is probably what we've all been through. But when you were more than 20 years old, who wasn't?

"He was very bad-tempered, but he was very handsome and very diligent." Yes, all right! "That he is very bad to me, but my dish ..." Yes, all right! "," he ate , but I did not intend to be long, and he is so handsome ... Yes, all right! "Do you think these conversations look similar?" he asked.

By the age of 30, we care more about whether we have an approximate interest or a goal of life than appearances. What we want is a partner for life, not a fleeting relationship. We hope that love is no longer just a moment of burning each other, covet a momentary heat of light, and hope to be able to walk together, go farther. (Extended reading: Imperfect 100-cent man )

The man said frankly: "Now I hope that my other companion and I have the same enthusiasm for learning, serious work, willing to take risks ; the former I as long as the other side is hot enough, good enough." Under the current standards, maybe it seems that the people who are right for me have become less, but what I have found are the ones that can really last. 」

3. Stop playing guessing games

At the age of more than 20, about every relationship has the so-called "love rules"! Like not to make more than three phone calls a day, lest he be bored, or not always ask: "Do you miss me?" "These" Rules of love "wait until the age of 30 to look back, it seems very unnecessary. Why does love have rules?

By the age of more than 30, most people no longer want to play guessing games, because they already know what they really need and want, and there is no such thing as a "love Rule", only the most authentic mode of getting along.

The man is honest: "At the age of more than 30, we are really tired of guessing the heart." (Wipe the sweat) "(Extended reading: men really speak, say to women to listen )

4. Know more quickly if each relationship is suitable for you

After groping, stumbling more than 20-year-old , more than 30-year-old you more mature than before. you have accumulated a lot of life experience and you know what you are doing and what you are aiming for . Apply in the emotional is the same, you come all the way, more and more know how to enjoy a person's time, understand that two people together is not to divert loneliness, not better than the lack of, but in the vast sea of humanity to find and their own fit the other half. You also know not to fall in love with, you should lose yourself , no matter how deep love, you can find your place in the close relationship between two people.

The man is honest: "30-year-old women understand what they really want, they have their own circle of life, friends and hobbies." A more than 20-year-old woman will probably try to find meaning in you as if it were a pair of conjoined twins. "(Extended reading: before love, please get used to being alone )

5. Communication is more effective

We all learn from our mistakes, the 20-year-old noisy frame, so that we know how to communicate most effectively by the age of 30. Young, may be tempted to throw emotional garbage to each other, or the cold treatment of silence, and later found that it is the most hurtful way of feeling, the feelings of each other in the hissing or cold to the right after, also dissipated a dry two net. 30 years old will know how to use a more rational way to talk to each other "what they want", " Why Angry ", "what dissatisfaction" because of the experience of communication failure to tell us that a little help is not to make a fuss, but frankly, is the most effective way to communicate. (Extended reading: 20 Marital secrets that I want to know before a divorce: relationships are mutual )

The man was honest: "I finally found that cold treatment is not the way to treat the person you like, and now we are willing to sit and listen to what we say." 」

Because we have talked about 20-year-old date, has been injured at the same time also hurt people , the pain of crying after the rebirth, and then unbridled love. In every relationship, we have learned to grow a lot, all this is not long way, through the more than 20-Year-old road, more than 30 years old will be more understand, a real relationship should be what it looks like. And what is the best relationship for you, and leave it to you to define. To every one of you who has love in your heart.


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