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What is Yahoo hacker pine Hackerthon? Hackerthon is the hacker "Hacker" and Marathon "Marathon" combination, as the name suggests is "the marathon of the hacker"! Challenges in 24 hours from ideas to practice, and finally the day and night the essence of condensed into two minutes on the stage published results! Last weekend (11/2, 11/3) All the players gathered at Yahoo's Taipei office to challenge themselves Hack all night! Womany also competed to bring you an exclusive live-hit coverage.

"Welcome to join Yahoo! HACK TAIWAN 2013! Yaho------O! 」

With everyone's warm cheers, two consecutive days of hacker Pine Hackerthon so officially run away! Looking at the master in order to make life more convenient, better ideas and get together, let me have a common working space (coworking spaces) feeling, very fresh, also very exciting!

Organizers of this full intention, from the beginning of the report ready to each participant's intimate "preparation equipment" (is warm lazy blanket and practical full neck pillow!) ), an unlimited supply of snacks and all kinds of beverages, and well-equipped and tidy space, and even at night also prepared the extremely comfortable singer live singing, creating a great hacking environment.

As one speaker of the Morning Forum shared: "We hope this is not just a ui/ux score in the game, but a great service design experience for the whole game." "yahoo! really fully implement this spirit in this competition. (Extended reading: hackers invincible!) Taiwan University's first hacker Pine (Hackntu)

Have to praise Yahoo! really is a very know how to use space layout to create corporate image of the company!

The whole environment is called ""yahoo purple "to do the corresponding design configuration, the wall transparent cabinets are also filled with the company's peripheral souvenirs, of course, also do not forget to put a peripheral merchandise vending machine so you can buy at any time.

This design creates a kind of invisible cohesion, whether it is the staff who come to work every day, or the visitors who visit by chance, will hope and feel that they are Yahoo! a strong sense of connection. This reminds me of the movie "Uncle Internship" in the introduction of Google to the playground concept to build the company's environment, but also in such a manner, so that the company's image full of the entire working environment, to achieve a strong centripetal force to create.

The other thing that impressed me was the gift of Yahoo! almost all the activities, must be taken out by taking pictures or filling in the data, so that the whole competition is not only closed and then publicized by the media, but through the participants ' own sharing activities to achieve a greater amount of attention, information dissemination faster!

"Stay up!" said the man. Full of entrepreneurial spirit Hacking night! 」

want to be an entrepreneur must stay up late ? Of course not! But I think most entrepreneurs have a lot of traits that are perfect for the contestants: Dreamers, love whim, time limit (deadline), efficiency , teamwork, and most important----- never give up .

In this 24-hour game, we constantly exhort ourselves to do a good job of time planning and to improve the minimum feasible scheme (MVP) as the primary goal, when an efficient hacker! But finally to participate in the hacker loose competition, at the beginning of the idea, to have a good experience of the madness of the night do not sleep this matter can not be stopped! (Extended reading: Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer 7 recommendations to entrepreneurs and product managers )

Although in the end because it is really not finished and can not sleep, but the process is very enjoyable.

With music that never breaks, people from different teams are trying to do their own service, and are happy to work with other teams in the concept of service, program logic, and Billiard tables (Yahoo! There is a very good area for everyone to share and discuss, let me once feel that each project is not only the members of the team in charge, it is 200 people in the help you improve your ideas, together to find ways to make life more beautiful!

And to the last second, there is no group to announce to give up, everyone is holding a full of enthusiasm as fuel, want to焠 their services to the best .

In such a strong emotional rendering, how can not be a good investment and everyone stay up all night to spend the whole Hacking Night? It's as fascinating as the combination of alcohol and jazz!

Womany's proud works Swifty born!

Womany a bit senior engineer small Crab said: This Womany team honored in more than 700 people registration in the Sparrow screen selected! Our finished work is called Swifty ! The idea is that there are many short bits and pieces of information in life that are important, so we thought it would be cool if we could sort them out systematically. In a short 24 hours, we play the hacker spirit, overcome a level of technical challenges, and in the design of the interface is particularly dedicated to the expansion of a Google Chrome browser to see the finished product is very happy!

Womany visual design Apprentice card Meat said: "yahoo Hacker Pine hackathon is a competition is also a gentle professional view! 」
not only within the team to discuss each other, but also with the hacker pine field other groups to discuss the interaction, Yahoo has related technical and design professional consultants, can be consulted at any time. We found that light technology is not enough, light design is not enough, light creativity is not enough, can be combined with the implementation of the modern needs of the Hybrid ability! Within 24 hours, we know more about our major and the part we can work harder for in the future! (Extended reading: Six tips for making your ideas easier to implement )

Womany Intern Japie said: "Hacker Pine is to constantly challenge their own limits !" "
for me, Swifty is not just an extension of software, it implied how much detail, are true to pass through the people can experience. Once tired down to go to less than 10 minutes to continue to get up again, once card level to want to wall (then pass and partner excited to high five), once changed countless page ideas and report way, once Dizzy want to vomit plus physiological period visit, once ... And now looking back, these "once" are very precious! There are partners in the people are very reassuring, trust each other, in the cards when mutual assistance, there are different views of the rapid communication and coordination, and then when the tension to encourage each other! no one wants to give up , in the end we really did! On the stage, I was filled with confidence:"We are great!" I want to tell you how great we are! " Hacker Pine is: creativity, ideas, partners, and perseverance!" do a lot of things you haven't done, see your limits, and then want to be better . We Expect to is part of this world!

"A combination of four girls, who says girls can't be Hacker?" 」

With the concept of a "kid sneaking out to play", I didn't play with the team of Womany, but with a couple of friends who were the rookie of the Hacker class.

Although I only in Womany internship, but we think four girls Hacker team composition is completely carried out womany spirit! Even the deputy general manager of Yahoo! Asia-Pacific Design Center----Méjolin, all excited to us shouted: "You are a team of all girls!" I love you so much! "" Are all girls! I Love your team! (Recommended reading:Google wants to innovate, there is absolutely no need for this woman!) )

This game is a big challenge for me, both in psychology and in ability. In addition to not participating in this type and master gathered in the scene, I unexpectedly and back to the embrace of the program, as one of our team's program designers, but also to write some of the previous completely did not touch the part of the bottom of my heart in fact very worried will drag down to the whole group of progress. But a phrase that is often heard in Womany: " This is your best chance to challenge yourself!" "Even if you are full of worry, you have to bite the bullet to do the best!"

Fortunately, with the help of many friendly people and the cooperation of the team, we finally ran to the progress before the demo, can be successfully displayed. Special to mention is Womany engineer crab, early in the morning everyone also set up a computer, he silently said to me: "If there are any procedural problems, you can always ask me!" "No hesitation in tone, totally handsome!"

And the result is unexpectedly, we unexpectedly to "iolder" The nursing home Volunteers Demand Media platform, got the "best Design Award Award", and this award is from the Méjolin scene Extra, make us pleasantly surprised! "

Finally want to take a word, as I YAHOO HACK TAIWAN 2013 of the Feeling: " only do not do things, there is nothing to do." "As long as we are willing to make efforts, we can really do anything we want to do!" (Recommended reading:"Egg Strength" Director: I choose the life I want, I am Zhang Ben yu )

Girls, let ' s hack!

We may not be hackers, but we have the spirit of hacking
〉〉 hold on, success will come for you.
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