Have you ever heard of a bread tree ? The highly popular illustrator of the bread-tree, from FB fan group started, a short period of less than a year, has accumulated nearly 130,000 deeply moved fans, a deep sense of fairy tales, simple and touching the hearts of the small language, the bread tree so that everyone will think of their own innocence, yes, we have to ask ourselves: " Why not look at the world with a more pure eye? "Bread tree, but also the small red box of creative designers, the healing of the bread tree style, hit the main hot woman's warm little red box , what sparks will collide?" Let us know more about the fairy tale World of the bread tree first.

Contains powerful energy Santhio

The bread tree is a temperament and lovely girl, very young, but the work is very brave. Between the words, the bread tree is always a little shy, sometimes shy to show the little tiger gently smiled, but when it comes to the origin of their own painting, but when it comes to illustration work, her eyes and occasionally out of enthusiasm for work sparks. Bread Tree said that from a very young time they found the interest in painting, but also early in the country, when the second contact with computer graphics. At that time, she used the simplest software step-by-step cultivation of their own painting skills, but also groping to make the MSN animation pictures, and even to design the style version of the blog, can be said that the various design areas are catch. In the face of unfamiliar areas, the bread tree is not afraid, but more force to break, she believed that "as long as Ken study, groping for a long time will understand." (Remember to broaden your horizons while you are young )

People in the face of unfamiliar things, often feel particularly afraid, but not afraid of the crash of the bread tree, the way to use the " Santhio defying the tiger " attitude of the design road, bravely with their warm strength, as far as possible to extend the branch branches, to expand the world, from MSN animation, nameless CSS, other communications software mapping, Taichung in the physical device to Womany small red box design, all the way, she endured the hard behind, pulling their own to go farther place. When the Baker talked about himself, it said:

"I am very fond of the taste of the people, but also like to constantly challenge themselves." I never set limits on myself, may be a bit rash, but I think of what I want to go to try the people. 」

modesty says oneself likes the delicacy, but we think this kind of bread tree, is to each thing more than others a enthusiasm, other people's taste may be tasted, the bread tree hopes oneself can learn thoroughly, because does not want to miss any one to let oneself better opportunity. (And what about you?) are you really growing up? 15 events in the society after the age of 20

Constantly to their own body to grow on the weight, will be very tired very hard? The bread tree says, although the illustration of life almost takes up most of the leisure time outside the class, do not want to shout tired, want to pause, but the thought of a lot of people because of their own painting, and changed the face of life, there are many people and their own like to dream and work hard, their paintings can inspire a lot of people's bad mood , I have the power to take the pen again to draw down!

"Even if the mid-term exam tomorrow, I will tell myself to continue to paint." 」

Step by step slowly, meet the better Self

"Hope to be like fresh baked bread aroma, bring everyone happy feeling." 」

This is the central idea of the bread tree, hoping to be like freshly baked bread, for everyone to hold in the palm of the warm feeling, but also like a tree, with many different branches, as far as possible to stretch branches branches to challenge themselves, but eventually return to bring everyone warm intention, this is the bread tree for their own expectations, It's also our feeling after talking to the bread tree: She has a warm and growing power. (same field Gayon: a red rose, awaken the Frozen Heart warm )

Uphold the concept of " continuous growth ", the bread tree from the sophomore began to practice, in the course of the internship, the bread tree saw its small and powerful, forcing themselves to face the design on the road may meet the difficulties, and the previous exploration of the design experience cross cooperation, So you can look at your own illustration dream in a broader perspective. for lack, the bread tree bravely faces , manages to enrich oneself. She said: "I am not a student in the design department, I feel that I will inevitably lack some practical experience, in order to make up for the deficiencies of these starting points, I must work hard to learn from the experience of the predecessors." "Such a bread tree, so that people can not help but look forward to her future growth explosive!"

"Everyone has their own way to fly, do not care too much about how others look, the dream is not right and wrong, and do not need to ask for the consent of others, ask yourself good." "Step by step of their own dream of the road, the bread tree also want to tell all the people in the heart dream, as long as obedient to their wishes to start, bread one day can grow into a big tree!"

The bread tree smiled and said that he would occasionally lose direction, or even doubt their own, but as long as the departure of their own wishes, so slowly painting, slowly revise and try again, style more and more shape, for their dreams also see more and more clear. If you have a dream in your heart, why don't you go now? Sometimes the hardest thing in the pursuit of a dream is the courage to go for it. "Yes, we're not exactly ready, but we just want to go and get on the road!" "It is the kind of obsession to practice dreams, and the purest love of painting, to come so far with the bread tree." (rest assured, not to go the wrong way of life )

What is a dream? Just obey your inner voice, let it gently tell you: "This thing not to do No." "Then even if you fall, even if you have more difficulties to overcome, you can see your direction."

Paintings, more powerful than words.

"Believe it?" A paintbrush can also have a warm heart of power. 」

The bread tree looks at the world with the most tender eyes, interprets life in the sweetest way, touches it with the most exquisite nib, and in her warm painting with a lovely fairy tale, we see the power of a paintbrush with a warm heart.

The bread tree is a very bad talker, and painting is a more intuitive and easier way for her to speak than words. Whenever you see fans in their own graphics and text to leave the bottom of the words, "to refuel Oh!" "Good love your work, good healing, looking at the mood seems to suddenly good up!" "The bread Tree heart is very moved, to reply the text content is always undermining, she smiles to say:" I am very easy to be embarrassed, thought if can draw a picture directly to reply is good. "Although not good at words, but from the bread tree behind the painting, there is more than the power of words." ( fascinating weekly: A woman's unique gentle power )

The habit of each illustrator is different, the bread tree said that they like to paint while thinking copy, so that the text creation to give their own words inspiration. For the bread tree, painting is not only the most intuitive way of expression, but also the process of self healing and self-awareness. Because not a person can express themselves easily, so use the process of painting, and his comfortable communication, but also communicate with others. It seems that every painting is finished, she will know more about herself, those who can't say, the bread tree draws them all out. More so unexpectedly found their own inner contradictions, obstacles in life, the pursuit of the test of the dream, in fact, is also the heart of all the hesitation, the bread tree side of the inspiration of their own, side also inspired all the future uneasy soul. her hope that the bread tree as a positive and warm platform, let people know frustrated, sad, injured, here someone can understand you. (same field Gayon: Taiwanese, why are you so afraid )

Small red box design concept: Happiness Express in!

Christmas Limited edition warm Little red box and bread tree, the bread tree saw small red box of finished good moved

Speaking of this small red box cooperation, bread tree eyes again appeared incomparable excitement of brilliance, she first a bit anxious to cross-examine this small red box sales situation, and then speak out in fact this and small red box of cooperation she was both nervous and happy. She said that the small red box is their favorite products, received such cooperation, happier than anyone, but also decided to use the most prudent mood for small red box idea of Christmas new clothes!

Lovely fairy characters, is for you express happiness!

"In this cold season, the warmth of this love, express to the dearest you!" 」

Christmas is coming , and happiness is our common imagination for Christmas. We are wondering if there is a possibility that we may be able to receive happiness in our hands at Christmas. The bread tree and small red box together to complete this dream, so that girls and women can smile at Christmas, know that happiness is also from Afar Express come, sent to send, than Santa climbed the chimney faster! (also want to express the happiness of the people, small red box on this side)

To want for all women girls "express Happiness" angle as the starting point, the bread tree for small red box to create a new Christmas limited edition clothes! The bread tree shyly pointed to the small red box, carefully explained to us slowly, the lovely elk pulled the sled, carrying elephants, chickens, penguins, bear and rabbit and other line of people from the castle, Avatar Animal version of Santa Claus, is running to want Express happiness to alone in the forest of Little Red Riding Hood, like a woman fan we hope that by small red box, will warm and intimate express to every one to open the Little red box girl. Christmas is a very happy holiday, in such a cold winter, we hope that little red box can bring you the warmest comfort!

In fact, when the physiological period comes, the mood is a bit stuffy, belly a bit bloated, sometimes will not cause to cry , emotional control, most of the time, we will feel like this day, it seems to be a person to insist on their own, heart than anyone wronged. The bread tree and the small red box all want to tell us: "You are never alone, we all understand, we all accompany you , and hope you are happier than anyone else." "(It turns out that we've always been loved )

It is often said that "on the stage 10 minutes, 10 years of work in Taiwan", in fact, every seemingly casual design choice behind, from the background to the characters, the bread trees are used beyond the imagination of the heart to look at, and each sent a small red box, Womany also with more than the imagination of the intimate treatment, personally chose our favorite physiological period products, a one with the most caring mood to hand-wrapped, Write the cards in person, only hope that each of you open the Little red box, you can feel that we really want to accompany you through the most difficult days. (Secretly said: As long as the purchase of small red box , there will be a chance to get the bread tree Signature Small Kari!) Absolute limit, random shipments! )

To every one of you who has love in your heart

humbly say that they are not good words, so the bread tree to use their most famous expression: painting, give Womany also give each heart have love you, let good warm Little Red Box accompany us, through the one months the most difficult days, bitter days into a good day, together to have a warm heart of the winter bar.

We love Womany, you too?

"Womany x bread tree Fan Exclusive intimate activities"

Small red box behind the warmth of strength, together to see the small red Box designer bread tree design concept, we want to express happiness to you.

Express Happiness 1. Just buy small red box , there is a chance to get the bread tree random shipment of the signature small card
Happiness Express 2. Share this article and leave what you want to say to the Little red box and the bread tree, and there's a chance to get a super cure. 1 pieces of bread tree puzzle cups!

Message Example: Bread tree healing, small red box is very intimate, I love such a combination oh ~ ~

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Author: womany Editorial office/Audrey Ko