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We are not fetish, we just pay more attention to small details. Once a week, the "Sex and City Fashion column", Womany will be your exclusive guide to the classic fashion of the Desire City . Do you remember the touching scene where the big guy knelt on Kelly's knee? Big Hand blue high-heeled shoes Manolo Blahnik But a lot of background, together to see Manolo Blahnik behind the story. (same field Gayon:11 shoes brand name for female designer )

The Sex and the City , the longevity album, is believed to be a fashion guide for many people, and a love puzzle for many women. From the story of these four women, we saw the prosperity and magnificence of New York, and saw the importance of fashion to women. Especially the soul characters in the play Carrie Bradshaw, lead us time and time again to experience the beauty of fashion, as well as the pursuit of good things, is a woman's mission. (Photo album recommended: from the album to see Life, the hunt for the lover Mistresses)

And in this album, in fact, once again the red many fashion brands, let their worth rise up to let every woman want to start owning, the most famous is the play in Kelly's Love Shoes brand "Manolo Blahnik", in each season can see the shoe brand figure, and Kelly's on the Hundred pairs of shoes , can say that there are 80% from the Manolo Blahnik, said that the placement of marketing can not be too much, but do not deny the Manolo Blahnik this extremely elegant and gorgeous in one of the high heels, indeed give women a more sexy posture. (Love Heels: The common point between men and shoes )

Believe you like me, to this scene still vividly, in the sex and the city film version of the first episode, The big Man with a pair of Manolo Blahnik Hangisi jeweled Satin one knee to the marriage proposal once again won Kelly's heart, and Kelly finally wore a simple dress, catch Manolo Blahnik of this pair of classic shoes and big man notarized marriage, and this pair of shoes because of this scene let it from the original 525 U.S. dollars to increase the price to 965 dollars. (same field Gayon: long station also ok! bride Wedding Shoes Comfort Wear method )

Perhaps this is also in all, the diamond is not necessarily a good friend of women, but high heels will definitely accompany women through love, into love, the perfect companion. Perhaps you can understand the allure of high heels, but can not understand, Manolo Blahnik charm in the end, how can so many palace nobility, well-known models, even days after Madonna Madonna will Manolo Blahnik Compared to a better and longer lasting (better than sex "and added that," What's more, they last longer) Let's take a look at the fascinating secrets behind Manolo Blahnik!

Manolo Blahnik

Spanish and Czech hybrids, the father of the Czech , the mother is Spanish , from a young mother to fashion enthusiasm, in the hour Vogue, Glamour and other fashion magazines are his childhood reading, in the background, Fashion and shoes became the deepest memory in his mind. 1968 came to London, finished school and wanted to be a stage designer; in the 1970, the design of the shoes designed for the stage performers to the then United States edition of VOGUE's editor-in-chief Diana Vreeland accidentally saw, Diana Vreeland entirely because of Manolo Blahnik for the shoes of the design of the sketch stunning, then suggested Manolo Blahnik can go to the design direction of women's shoes. (same field Gayon: a character hidden on a woman's feet )

Legendary VOGUE editor-in-chief Diana Vreeland really is the eye knowledge hero, Manolo Blahnik back to London to continue to study for women's shoes and began to design a series of women for the crazy shoes. And in 1971 opened the first store in London, in 1979 opened stores in New York.

In this short 40 years of footwear career Manolo Blahnik more known as the world's greatest shoemaker, in 2012 won the British Fashion Awards (British Fashion Awards) Outstanding Achievement Award, in addition, in 1990, respectively, In 1999 and 2003, a total of three awards (accessory Designer of the year) were awarded to the British Fashion Awards (British Fashion Award). 2007, Manolo Blahnik also won the British Empire Fashion Commander "Commander of the British Empire" honorary title.

Shoes Let women bloom Shoes help transform a women.

This is Manolo Blahnik own famous sayings, and he does this, because his shoes let the woman take a start to swaying posture, in addition to add their own self-confidence, but also know to let their feet enjoy the best treatment and the most gorgeous decoration. (Choose a pair of good shoes, accompany the woman to go farther road )

Woman, blooming beautiful posture
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