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Honey, is Barbie your playmate as a child? You once also envy Barbie's stature, even secretly make a wish in the heart, hope later can become Barbie? Take a look at this letter from Barbie to the world, she wants to introduce you to a new self, she likes a new self, you? (same field Gayon: when the princess is not bad, but to have the ability to cover the castle belonging to their own )

Dear You,

I'm Barbie, yes, the Barbie you know, the barbie that you spent your childhood with, and today I want to introduce you to the new me.

I thought, what would I be like if I wasn't "Barbie"? If I were an ordinary 19-year-old girl, would I really be like this now? I want to say, if I can decide my appearance, I don't want to be so unreal.

Because I knew how much I was going to have to do with the kids I spent my childhood with. Children are like sponges, and their imaginations and definitions of "body image" and "beauty" often come from the world in which they are drawn. The aesthetic pattern is so imperceptible that they do not even realize that the time they spend with me will have a significant and distorted impact on their imagination of beauty.

As a Barbie, although I always have a lot of different shapes, but the same is what I was defined as "perfect body", my breast, slender waist, beautiful legs. (But in fact, the size of the United States more than one )

I know of course how many kids want to be like me in the future: they want a tall, skinny body, a ankle designed to step on high heels, a slender, slim waist, a small hip, and a long leg. I am more worried that they want to become so "unreal" me, and desperately strive to starve themselves, only to achieve a not necessarily and not exist "beauty". (According to the study, I'm not free to move at all in my size, and my overly slender neck doesn't support my head weight, do you know Barbie's doll's measurements ?) )

The Russian girl who turned herself into Barbie.

"I want to be Barbie in the future!" "I'm really sadder than anyone when they make such a wish in a small heart."

So I'm hoping that when designers help me build new clothes and design new homes, there are people who want me to be more realistic. (I also recommend: the most authentic window model )

Last year, Nicolay Lamm, an art designer from Pittsburg, heard my wish. Based on the size of a real 19-year-old girl, he designed a series of "Real Barbie" to create a new look for me. A bit disturbed, he made his design public, and unexpectedly, my new look has been a lot of media attention, they like the new me, think I looked healthier than before, and help children embrace the "real beauty."

Many parents and children called him anxiously and asked, "When can we see the beautiful Barbie you designed in the store?" We want to take her home. 」

Take a look at the new me! My ankle is free to bend, my legs are no longer as thin as 10 percent, my face has a reasonable makeup, my body is very healthy and beautiful, just as I spent the childhood with you. (also look at the different I: cool!) The world's first tattoo Barbie doll )

Photo via: lammily

Look at me now, no longer a stiff and lifeless doll, I like a puppet to achieve the same wish, became a can move freely girl. My new look has given me birth. I don't want to be the girl's wrong idol, I'd rather be their friend.

I like my new look very much, I can't wait to hug this myself, what about you?

I really like my Barbie.

Note: At present, designer Nicolay Lamm is raising capital on the U.S. fundraising platform , hoping to start with the production of 5,000 "real Barbie" and prove to the world with Action: " The beauty is not only one way ", Barbie should also reflect more different body shape and race, Barbie should be healthy. Originally he expected to raise funds to $95000, in just a few days from all walks of life from the influx of money, so that the amount of fund-raising rushed to the $193,000, it seems we can quickly look forward to the new Barbie soon come out!

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