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This month our theme is to open a new page to greet new students . The source of new life is to say goodbye to the old self. To bid farewell to the old self, one must face the fear of the heart. This month we're going to prepare you for the "Women's Horror" featurette, we've all had these fears, but after we've crossed our fears, we'll be new and more powerful ourselves. Listen to this woman, take off the heels of the story. (same field Gayon: as a woman, we don't need to prove anything to the world )

The following words, addressed to all the women.

We all love high heels, but do you wear high heels or high heels to manipulate you?

As a woman, for high heels, I have always been hard to quit the attachment.

When I was in college, I was a typical "stiletto girl". I enjoy stepping on high heels, listening to my footsteps echoing in the hallway, and looking at my reflection in front of my mirror, thin and long with high heels.

Get up early every day, I will follow the selected "Today's high heels" to do the whole body collocation, then I will temporarily condescend to wear flat shoes to go out, considering the road pit Baba and commuting to the distant road, high-heeled shoes will not be a good choice, I will let my feet rest, for the next day to prepare. When I got to school, I would sneak into the toilet and put on high heels, hide the flat shoes, pretend it never existed, then take a full confidence, foot 12 centimeters tall and walked into the classroom.

In the heels of my heel, the two of us put together to complement each other. I'm a dancer and I know how to step on top and move gracefully. And behind all the reasons I like heels, there's one reason that's especially important: without heels, I'm just a 150cm average girl. With high heels, I think I can be equal to everyone, I can be seen in the crowd, I can have enough self-confidence. Admittedly, 150 centimeters and 160 centimeters of life are really very different. Why should I be treated as a dwarf if I can look like a pair of long legs?

So in the past few years, high-heeled shoes have always been my good friend. I have too many high heels, various forms, all kinds of materials, all kinds of colors, coarse and fine with the weapon type. High heels are the most indispensable object in my wardrobe. For high heels, I was almost to the point of being obsessed.

I can't go out without high heels and high heels.

I also realized that I was too dependent on high heels, I wanted to change, I wanted to take off the heels that made my ankle swell, and put my foot on the comfortable flat shoes, and the flat shoes had many beautiful styles. But the hardest thing, I was hard to face off the heels of their own, I can not admit my true height, I can't accept I in front of others to look so "short".

As a woman, our pursuit of perfect endless, often let us unconsciously, become their biggest source of pressure.

To be honest, we've always known what's wrong with "the perfect quest for stature," we ask ourselves, and we know what we can do for ourselves, but it's hard to convince ourselves to do it, just as we are in a relationship that is unhappy but not going out.

We know it's better not to wear makeup every day, but just do not like the Sohe of their own, so we do not factor Yan out of the door in any case, we know that every day to go out on high heels will not be comfortable, but just can not accept the dwarf a section of their own, so we continue to ignore the swelling of the foot of the blisters and trample on Continue to go out on a war shoe. (Recommended reading: Do you think I'm a beauty? The model tells you the truth about Vegetarian Yan.

In order to achieve perfection, have you ever thought of how much we have sacrificed?

Now I, formal and that "the pursuit of perfection, but hurt themselves" I broke up, although the way to spend a lot of my time and "take off high heels," the fear of struggle. I used to be so afraid, but now I am so free.

Let me make up my mind to change the night, I remember very clearly. I was just about to go to a party that day. The venue of the party to climb a short and not gentle mountain to arrive, knowing so, the same day I still tread on the most proud ultra-high heels set out. Walk for a while, I walk more slowly, really feel fast can not go on, rely on my friends around me. My ankle was swollen, my heels were frayed, my toes were blisters, my waist was sore, my friend had to go back and on and on and on and on, my tears were spinning in my eye frame. I just suddenly found ...

Forgetting from which day I had been so cruel to my body, I refused to listen to its voice.

Also at that moment, I found, so insist on the heels of me, so hard to prove that I am not short of me, really have more fun? In order to trample the high heels of the night, I bite the teeth reluctantly, is even higher yes, but look not happy at all. Is it really worth it? I let high heels become the person who controls my actions, and I let others ' eyes define who I am.

That night, I finally took off my high heels, obviously short a cut, but feel that they grew up overnight.

Now I, accept that I am a "little girl", yes! From the moment I was born, no matter how I do it, no matter how I hide and mend it, I am still the little one, and I must accept myself as I am. Of course, this does not mean that I have never put my beautiful heels on the shelf (who willing to do?) , I will still put on my high heels, or enjoy their own heels on the swaying posture, just compared to that year, "do not wear high heels, dare not go out" of their own, now I can choose for their own.

other people say that women are Yue's own, I say women for the pleasure of their own capacity . I choose the beautiful way I want, slowly put down the pursuit of other people's eyes beautiful me. I know I am very beautiful and I like to wear flat shoes. The right to choose, originally in my own hands.

We often feel that many things are not a choice, but more often we do not give ourselves the opportunity to choose. Dear, also want to ask you to give yourself a chance! Give yourself a chance to understand your inner fear, to face it, to embrace it, to overcome it, to give yourself a chance to be the master of your body, to give yourself a chance to embrace who you really are, and to give yourself a chance to be what you want to be. (also want to tell you: the shoes that do not fit, put it down )

Girls who like flat shoes and high heels

The first step in the new life may be to start with fear. Honey, what about you? Do you have a similar high heels dependency syndrome? This month, want to invite you together don't be afraid, together face the fear, together look forward to break pupa and out, fly to their own.

About women, they all want to give you strength.
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