womany editor: Princess Diana has always given people a warm and friendly image, and the royal nobles are close to the people.While his marriage with Charles was not successful, she was able to show care and warmth to the vulnerable groups Britain and other countries.We see Diana, not only the beautiful appearance, the noble royal image, but also the warmth of the concubine of the people.What do you remember, Diane?You remember her wedding with Prince Charles?Or is she different from the royal fashion ?Let's go back to the life of Princess Diana.(Recommended reading: Diana: The Windward of the People, Princess of the People )

Today is the birthday of Princess Diana.

Before the marriage to Prince Charles, she was Diana · Spencer, 16 years old, and Diana recognized Charles on a one party , opening the royal marriage.Four years later, under the spectacular dome of the St. Paul's cathedral, was married to Charles and became the Princess of Wales, when there were hundreds of millions of viewers around the world watching the Century Wedding .

It is said that Princess Diana was the woman who was out of the world her hand, and her show of hands was the focus of the world, and her dress was dressed up to take the women's wardrobe around the world.In addition, her kindness was as closely watched as her appearance, and she was committed to charity activities, supporting the International Anti-Landmine Organization, promoting AIDS treatment, and visiting patients and children who cared for many of the most serious diseases.(Recommended reading: Practitioner: It's a good thing

However, , who is a star of the British royal family, is often harassed by , and divorced in 1996 following the outbreak of the Prince of Wales.On August 31, 1997, Diana was in a serious car in Paris, France

From this point on, Diana stopped at the age of 36.Princess Diana's life was short, but she left a few unforgettiy moments. Let's go back to Diana's life together. (Recommended for you: Find Things to Light )

born on July 1, 1963

in eastern England, the nobility family and the


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The tenderness of Princess Diana


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Charles in Buckingham Palace //lh3.googleusercontent.com/ZjtK7wUB1qyJUqFcCpyF7t8-tAZCRtOGqRv17RbUFB9Z-HmwmE_JbSH6XIrhG4mhj_PacgsCVk9c9jv5stv8feSSBXRJnXg5bvqSZKIVQmbWz_QhjdID42wBXPVxN1yWfA the Prince Charles' announcement. />
Royal Wedding , Princess Diana, Princess of Wales
1981, 750 million people live on television for the wedding.

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mother , and , one year old. First Appearant

sons of Diana, William and Harry, Prince of Wales

Prince of Wales

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Princess Diana's 1997 visit to Angola, where Princess Diana was committed to the abolition of landmines

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Diana was visiting AIDS patients in 1996

Princess of Wales is a symbol of the spirit of Diana, she said.She is beautiful and is more committed to promoting the public good and caring for the people.Maybe she didn't get too much in the marriage, but she didn't mean to pay it , instead, she used her love warmer, more people .

Diana once said, "We should all express our concern for one another , and at the same time express our concern."(Everyone of us needs to show how much we care for each other and, in the process, care for ourselves.) " This should be the philosophy of Princess Diana's philosophy of life, care for more people, care about, and love yourself more .(Recommended reading: Love is a key to happiness )

Believe that Princess Diana will be a beautiful image that will always remain in the hearts of the people.

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