Have you ever stood in front of a mirror and watched your body carefully? People are used to being watched, being watched, but very rarely when we really stare at ourselves and feel satisfied, we are too accustomed to understand ourselves through other people's appreciation of our way, the beauty of the woman's understanding is: something beautiful makes us feel "pleasing to the eye", like the sort of word, first seeing the other's heart, the inner texture, So that the full significance of the shift to look at his eyes, we think that brave people are beautiful, women for children to leave the traces of the child is very beautiful, adolescent scars are very beautiful, those deep in your life, so that you become a more complete person. (Recommended reading: women, you are actually more beautiful than you think)

"The most magical thing about a woman's skin is that it is a memory that will never be degaussing." Every cell of the skin is stored in a woman's memory, must face these cells in the past, let these stored in the emotions and problems through the daily touch to get comfort and a little to express, the day can continue to go on. " I'm Xu Yanglong," Levi .

The human body is a wonderful construct, as if every place has a soul, your hand is used for writing, the mouth is used for kissing, the ear is used for listening, and each part of the body has its own emotional function, secret and memory.

A group of Finnish social artists have published some modern swimsuit photos for a group of women.

"These scars hide some painful memories, but also the traces of my bravery ." 」

"I don't want to hide it, I don't want to stop swimming, I don't want to undergo cosmetic surgery, and if I have to carry a plastic filler on the beach it makes me feel uncomfortable," he said. 」
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" I want to feel free , just like I've ever had." 」

This series of works of art is certainly not only a group of women with record, but also the body of all women. we may have flaws , may have been hurt, but we love our own appearance, very beautiful. (Recommended reading:15 Precious moments to fight for a woman's breath )

Hannah Wilkes, a feminist photographer in the middle of the 20th century, also published a series of "Hanna Wilke of feminine scars" through the lens, in addition to resisting the repression of the cultural system on women's autonomy and the male-female " Beautiful character code ", also suddenly accuse people of women's inner and spiritual concern."

Here with the body of the stain to reject the angle of male viewing, subversion of women's body to "men look comfortable" is the power structure of the United States. What is Beauty? By the creator himself. If other people's " subjective happiness " has forced us to become some kind of pleasing to the public, start thinking about how to do their own body original! (Be Your own master: from girls to women, fall in love with your own six kinds of imperfections)

Hanna Wilke also recorded the mother's old age and her own cancer at the end of the appearance, we visually image the pain of the characters, and even feel sad, experienced the lives of others, she showed a man will not like, but completely fundamental belong to "my own" body, Hanna Wilke from the real experience of female life, to reconstruct the meaning and value of women's existence. (Would you like:2014 women can live much differently?) Let them tell you )

Do we really gaze at our bodies, even the power of our bodies? Your good beauty can not be replaced, because you have other people do not have scars, those scars like embroidery stitch, stitching out the unique brilliant.

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