The value of a woman's obsession: feminine consciousness. Cherish the respect as a woman's free will, clear cognitive social mechanism of operation on the basis of the choice of their position and action.

internship into the fourth week, the count of these weeks of life, can only use "Binghuangmaluan" to describe: constantly revise the project, tight present, write to exhaustion of the interview manuscript, can't think out of the column design. in the process of repeated afresh, always distressed to how to better, to be honest, I can't say, "I'm fine, I'm good," and what I can do is to keep my eyes open, and see what kind of words and ideas I can turn out, and it's the summer life of the students jokingly "It's not easy" But unexpectedly on the way home often feel is satisfied, but not exhausted helpless.

I think this satisfaction is because in women fans, I finally first met the "female consciousness" this matter, and the awakening of female consciousness, let me see the world is different from the angle, it is like a person born to myopia, the first time with glasses, the contours of the universe so clear up, And more greedy to think of the world, the collection of the world beautiful different. (more beautiful:15 Precious moments for women to fight for breath!) )

I remember one time when I was talking about column layout design, I asked Wei Xuan what is the value of female fans can not be changed, when she answered me in women fans, no matter what business considerations, can not be changed is "female consciousness" this matter.

Now I indefinitely, because for me, women's consciousness is not a profound existence in life, more like the anniversary of the three not five o'clock the "woman to dote on their own" slogan, is a kind of legitimate regular publicity, but do not know what the connotation should be expressed in what level.

from small to large, I grew up in the environment has always been the majority of girls: only the sister of the family, the art classes with special treatment, men and women than the gap between the high school, in a way, the problem of gender is not really directly happened to me, to the university I still used to free life, I do not think there is a difference between women and men, in addition to congenital physiological differences, I can go abroad to travel self-help , to get their own activities and internship, for social issues with the students arguing, dad help bear most of the housework , love to parents like to say to stay in the home for a lifetime not to marry. (Thinking together: does sex discrimination exist?) Google search engine to tell you )

But after the woman fan internship, I found that the female consciousness is not so simple, women's consciousness can not be the external "physical exchange" as a criterion for judging values, not women out of the family, with women's security quotas, boys help do housework and other external conditions on behalf of the gender-friendly, The core of the problem is that people cannot perceive themselves from the inner spiritual level, and most of them take the external material condition as the benchmark to judge women's consciousness. (you would also like: is the equality between men and women enough?) From a different man in the feminist class.

Many people say, "The women's rights in Taiwan are already high enough, do they need to promote female consciousness?" "For me, women's awareness does not mean that women want to behave exactly like men, nor does it mean that men should serve women as princesses." under the semblance of equality, many women still do not understand their position, how many possibilities, to pursue their desired life, and let the outside label dominate their choice.

I still have a lot of understanding of feminism, but during the internship period, I learned that the first lesson of female consciousness is to cherish themselves, respect themselves as women's free will, in the ability to clearly recognize the operation of the social mechanism based on the choice of their position and action.

My idea is this: For example, whether women should go into the family, if the girls are not in the Xiangyuan from of false personal free will, let the patriarchal values of the parrot to dominate their decisions, but in recognition of the male-dominated operational level, Even if women's free will seems to be incompatible with the external demands of some feminists, why not choose sancongside yourself? and if their free will chooses not to go into the family, and to advocate lust and autonomy, there are many bold and daring styles that are not flattering.

I also can not understand why there is a sense of female autonomy, in some ways and pay attention to the appearance of the impression of conflict? Why do you love to take pictures of yourself , paint big makeup, plastic, and wear sexy clothes that are often thought of as non-feminine conscious people? If these things are considered superficial, in the women's own free will go down to find it worthwhile, will let their feelings feel happy, and can confidently face themselves as a unique existence, no longer do not want to become the other person, relieved to himself, for me now, is a kind of female consciousness performance. (same field Gayon: When a woman is happy, don't let the gender stereotype negate your beauty!) )

In the understanding that the world gives me, I think I am the master of my free will, I have mastered myself, so I freely choose my own way of life and behavior.

such a world might still be an ideal, for me now, women fans are trying to create such a network information environment, so that women no longer with the outside world to deliberately pretend, as the existence of women is not from other people's willingness to recognize, but by the free will of the self shaped, very reassuring not to cater to anyone, The level of expression of their own, since can not please everyone, let oneself feel pleased. (Recommended reading:beingproud to be a Woman, my body I am the boss )

"There are many women, and you are the only one. ”

The feminine consciousness is not the condition, does not have the cardinal, cherishes own free will, is the feminine most beautiful posture, but I also still in the female fan continues to explore, studies this matter. (more aware of feminine awareness: feminism always demands privilege?) When feminism becomes a negative label