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If a woman is a woman, she likes to to you, and she to listen to you, and she likes to listen to you, and she to hear you say it.From the month I was here, I also discovered a lot of her private appearance to uncover the true nature of women's fans.

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truly admired in the Pink Manager

This week, it's really not easy to be a caretaker of a woman's fan group [Woman, you can be different] again after a little bombing of your own heart.

At present, the fifth day of the mill, I still feel frustrated by the frustration of the womany attitude, perhaps because I have not yet discovered my heart and sincerity, but I believe that I am crazy because I want to do better (and I want to make a beautiful report card).In short, fan-fan pages have made me see more of the space that I can grow up, and I also understand that the sistes who walk to this day are really not going to take a walk, shake a few circles, and then go to it! (Hear my charming Big Sister to say: Use the enterprise culture empower team! )

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Typhoon days?No such thing

This week Typhoon Madeom swept across Taiwan, and originally wanted to take advantage of the day of the holiday, which I accumulated, but!Yes! There is something in Taiwan, it's like a woman fan. On the day of the typhoon, I was on the phone system of women's memes online, as if they were in the same office as everyone.

I followed the night of the storm, thanks to McDem for tuning, and thanks to Whirum for me to be aware the is not yet in mind. I'm busy processing my visit, article, and continue to schedule the next day.What do you have to give to the reader as a media?This is something that I've been thinking about for a whole week, even though my university is spreading it, reading media literacy, spreading theory, but when I really want to practice as a person in the flow of information, I often forget about my duties and responsibilities.So I was on vacation, and I also quickly wrote Typhoon Moon , I care about. Thank you very much for reminding me. Let me rethink what the media people should look like.

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The media is not a flash, but a searchlight.

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women's fans going to do?

Many of my friends at the side often say "media people", "media," the most vulnerable two industries in Taiwan, the government and the media are the media . Because the media in the eyes of everyone is the white, unnutritional information, gossip entertainment, and can dig deep and deep into the wounds of the people.

This week I wrote an international news story, and I began to think about how I wasn't so concerned about social issues. I was thinking about the news that I was just sick. Until recently, I became an "active pursuit information" and watched many foreign news and websites, and when I played the role of "sending this information to the people of Taiwan," I suddenly realized how important it was to be doing something.In addition to the Hit text, we are not only concerned about women, but are not only gender equality, but equality of all things. It's difficult to say that we want to be gentle, and we want to be gentle. We want to tell you is wrong about the conflict in Gaza 's important that innocent children, who are sacrificed, are discussed. Who are the victims of the airliner crash? What we want to do is care for people around you who are still alive.

This is what women have been doing, joining the family for a month, and this is the first time I've felt a bit of pride for myself, and I hope I can tell them what the media is when I say "You do the media" to me next time.(Getting started with media: Remember, Reporters are also people )