When more and more people understand feminism, the word will not be misunderstood as ugly, because the pursuit of equality itself is not ugly.

Womany: In many idol dramas or movies in the plot, the actor and heroine because of an accident and exchange the soul and body , boys become girls, girls become boys, and then develop a series of interesting stories, then you have not thought, If you become a girl or become a boy, what will the world be like? A group of girls started a #ifIWereABoy activity, let's see what happens? (Extended reading: A day when a man experiences being a woman, the result will be ... ) )

When we were young, we thought that regardless of boys and girls have a fair chance to get the life they want, as long as we work hard, everyone's dream has the possibility of realization.

But as we grow older, we find that there is an unseen set of rules in the world, and these rules are said to be: "Girls shouldn't ..." but now that these restrictions are not being stated, they still exist, and we call this " Glass ceiling "Even now there are more and more women standing up for many freedoms and rights, but there is no denying that our society still points out the boundaries between boys and girls, so a group of people have launched a #ifIWereABoy activity on Instagram and Facebook, Let everyone think, if we really live in an equal society, that will be what kind of situation? (Extended reading: You deserve a better salary and loudly refuse equal pay for a job )

If I were a boy, I wouldn't treat the goodness of a girl as a weakness.

Warm and friendly personality is not a weakness, and I am not polite to you to invite you into the room.

If I were a boy, I would cherish the ability of a girl to express herself.

Boys sometimes because of gender stereotypes of education, so can not enjoy the expression of their emotions. (How to express emotions: Face book should not be your emotional garbage cans )

If I were a boy, I wouldn't ask a girl to "smile"

Women have the body autonomy, if I want to laugh naturally will laugh, no one to tell me how to express my feelings.

If I were a boy, I wouldn't think I'd take a girl to a drink and bring her home for the night.

A drink in a nightclub is one of the ways to break the deadlock, but it does not mean that I have to have anything to do with your drink, and if so, I can pay for it myself.

If I were a boy, I would learn feminism

When more and more people understand feminism, the word will not be misunderstood as ugly, because the pursuit of equality itself is not ugly. (Extended reading: feminism always demands privilege?) When feminism becomes a negative label ...

If I were a boy, I would respect a girl as "human".

We have to help each other to understand what makes us different and when we face these things we need to be together.

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If I were a boy, I'd remember to lift the lid of the toilet.

The small details of life can make us show our concern for each other.

If I were a boy, I could have complete autonomy over my body.

I would like to have a body of autonomy and form of birth control, when men want to use contraception without government consent, but women's right to abortion is legally bound. (same field Gayon: Sexy Sweet doll Cameron's infertility confession )

When I was a boy, I wouldn't use "You like a girl" to make fun of people.

Sometimes women's traits are negatively labeled, such as sensitivity, compassion, and vulnerability, and boys will want to avoid these traits and be afraid of others to judge them with these qualities, but I think it's a pity to abandon them.

If I were a boy, I wouldn't post insulting women on social media.

This behavior not only shows disrespect for women in the social media, but also in real life.

If I were a boy, I'd take care of my hands.

It is the most unacceptable thing for a man to flirt with a woman with his eyes or behavior, and a woman's body should be respected, and no one can touch their body arbitrarily against a woman's will unless it is allowed to do so. (same field Gayon: dress is too short, no one "should" be violated )

If I were a boy, I would spend a little more time on communication.

I give you my phone does not mean that I want to receive the text message at one o'clock in the evening, or ask me to hang up quickly, the girls want is a fun and willing to know more about us.

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If I were a boy, I'd give her a hug when the girl was angry.

Boys may want to rationally discuss or solve problems, but girls in fact, as long as the solution to the emotions in fact solve most of the problems, girls do not want much, a simple hug is enough to overcome the countless words. (Extended reading: The girls have words!) Sometimes men don't really want to guess.

If I were a boy, I could be at ease over the sea

When the weather is very hot, the boys can be free to take off his coat to show the bright Side of the sun, but as a girl even in the seaside nude sunbathing, or there will be unfriendly eyes appear, you can take off clothes in a hot day is also a kind of happiness!

If I were a boy, I would not have to endure the "pain" of a physical period or a baby.

As a female, in the physical limitations, let us each month have menstrual cycle of trouble, this period of time may be restless, also may have to endure long time pain, let alone the pain of having a child, it is difficult to understand the feelings of boys.

After this event was launched, has been followed by many, but there have been differing views that these slogans are not entirely correct for men, and that they do not achieve the gender equality that feminists aspire to, but rather the preference for women, which is often questioned by feminism, It is true that women still have unequal treatment in modern society, but when it comes to women's rights, it is also necessary to be careful not to become biased or to care only about women's rights, but to ignore the basic human rights of others. (extended reading: feminism always demands privilege?) When feminism becomes a negative label ... )

Even with these doubts, but we can actually look at the event from a different perspective, and use it to promote communication between the sexes, give men the opportunity to explain their behaviour, and let men know that some behaviors are a problem for women, so that communication can promote more understanding and make gender equality more accessible.

If you were a boy, would you ...?