Life will kill the vigorous and sweet, even if this can still hold hands to go down. Because you are happy only when you are willing.

This day under the sun, the oncoming is the male and female writer big A, big A's writing is very sharp, but the person has a kind of sureness simple feeling, but her opening, has attracted your gaze, the most attractive perhaps is not the intonation, but has own opinion to each thing to have the firmness.

Now go back and look at the big A who just started writing, what do you think?

The news from Robin Williams recently reminded me a person who looks so happy, in fact, is not happy, and over the past few years my feeling is that when you look more cheerful to live, when your emotional range can rise the height of the higher, the fall can be very deep. (Remember to laugh every day, Miss Robin Williams 10 words of Smile )

So when I see the past of their own, whether it is love or work is very hard to ask themselves, will feel that in fact does not need to live very hard, because the real happy is contented to live, do not need to deliberately show.

Look at the time of their own, will feel good when it is good, bad time is bad, but I now understand that you do not need to live as an example.

In the past setbacks will tell themselves, "The end will be fine," because at that time did not meet the happiness of their own, so you will always cheer yourself. But I now face setbacks, will feel that it is a part of life, sometimes hug him is right! It's impossible to finish everything well, but it doesn't matter if you say it or not.

What power does big A want to have in his writing?

I think everyone has a gift or talent, I used to chat with a predecessor, I said to him: "I think talent is a curse." "Because I may be very good at writing, so it is easy to hurt by a sentence, but he said:" Your talent is not your, but God asked you to bring to the world, so more should use talent to help more people, will not become a curse. 」

"Writing is the best thing I can do," he said. "I like words very much, I like the absolute voice of the musician, but in fact, writing is very painful."

Like writing this "ex-girlfriend" after two years of time, in fact, the first six months have been very bad days, emotional accident, the whole person crumbling, falling apart, at that time did not write anything, lost the feeling of writing. On the other hand, when you write this book, you also want the text to be more refined, so write doubly hard, each sentence is a long time to write down, sometimes a day to write two words, hoping to become like poetry works, this is let me write the most painful also the longest one book. ("Women's obsession with weekly diary" text, is to let the reader see themselves )

How do you feel about reading "ex-girlfriend"?

The book was written in the worst and most unsuccessful of my life, so there were a lot of broken processes in the book, or the idea of "hurting", if I wanted to tell the reader what it was, "harm is not a negative thing".

No one likes to be unhappy, but in fact, the injury has been in the body, like cancer cells, everyone has, just do not know when the attack, let you think of what will be painful, will cry, but do not feel that they are not better, or feel very good to applaud.

One day you will find out, even if you recover! Even if you get out of a relationship, you're still miserable, so you don't have to be afraid of it. (In fact, Love is to have the courage to hurt )

Big A said, like "ordinary days", can you talk to us?

In the past when you will swallow, wronged in the heart, when I saw some women can be very willful, in fact a little envy, because she can talk about a love, but I just trapped in a love. In fact, love is a noisy will make the Cold War, this is true love.

After getting married I may become a very vulgar person, very tacky person, all day concerned about the price of food and so on the life trivial, but in fact do not need very great, very solemn and stirring is love. In fact, you can find a person with your plain ordinary days is the best.

What is the difference between a 20-year-old love and a 30-year-old love?

"Vigorous love, I have been blown 500 times!" 」

I think a word head and two characters of Love is a kind of tragic character, on the one hand emotional will be very big ups and downs, on the other hand, you will feel not like it is not called love. I wrote in my book: "Boys and girls can make themselves so happy" because they will be better, but after an age you will know that after the fall you have to spend a lot of effort to stand up, you may not easily screw yourself.

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Which stage do you like best in love?

Favorite has not fallen in love with his stage, but the happiest is just together, because from knowing each other a little meaning to each other really take your hand, you will feel the light all over the world on your body, every day with a bed feel very happy.

Of course, the stability is also very happy, but marriage will be a lot less excitement and romance, but perhaps this is the way to live, not too many accidents, I like this day after day. (Sometimes, love is like traveling, from a lonely waiting station to another person's heart )

Will big A miss the day of being single?

"Every day is worth remembering, that kind of nostalgia is a kind of respect for youth." 」

I wouldn't say it's the bitter and the bitter or have a very happy ending, because this is unfair to the youth, because I have also been happy in that period of time, some days will have been wrestling, some days are very excited, but these days passed, and we miss, also serious past the simple days now.

I most miss the freedom of being single, I often go abroad when I am single, I want to stay as long as I like, but sometimes I am free to represent my helpless, because this means that nobody waits for you to come back. (Listen to what people say, six reasons to like being single )

What is the good love in the mind of big A?

I think there is no perfect love, because love itself is not perfect, and when imperfect but still fall in love with each other, that is love. I think the most complete love is that you are with this person, you can feel loved. Before I could see a man who would think, "I really like you." "But the pain is because he may not love you, and you just find a feeling of love in him." And the complete love is you feel to be loved, you can love him more.

Please share a big a favorite love dialogue

Recently read the "Good Things in life," there is a saying: "You dodge me will not reduce my love for you, you want to avoid me all the efforts will fail." "This is very touching, but I also like the" Real Love Pick Day "in a sentence:"she made you decent, and in return to you made her so happy"because it is really loved people will understand. (Brave to love!) true Love picks the day )

Woman obsessed X big A love Question Time

Q: A good friend's boyfriend derailed, but friends still want to save what you would suggest?


"I don't think a dog can change the crap." Cheating is a inertia, only "will" and "not" the person, I do not believe that the person who cheated once will be a makeover, but on the other hand I think, if you accept! You think you love him, so still want to be together, but you still have a lump in your heart!

When you have reservations about a person, there is doubt, that love is actually love? Sometimes it's just obsession and infatuation.

A lot of people can't figure out what love is. Some people just don't want to lose, because everyone is afraid to lose and change, do not want to become a person, but there is no one in the world "without him what will you do" you just do not want to have no love. If it's my friend, I'd say, if you really want to be with him, you don't have to complain or suffer because it's your choice. (You can also refer to the six things you should do when a good friend cheats )

Q: How do you decide whether to step into marriage?


I think when you think about it, don't get married. Because two people go into marriage is very consuming love, because many life problems will emerge, if you hold a skeptical attitude at the beginning, more impossible to pass the test behind, so when you think you are not ready that is not ready Ah! If you're not sure, you'll be miserable by then. ( marriage, can it be the tomb of Love?) )

Life will kill the vigorous and sweet, just like myself, even if we still quarrel, even if I become not so beautiful, but we know want to live together with each other, so even if there is still able to hold hands to go. I don't think 30-year-old must be married, because only when you are willing to do something you will be happy.

After the visit, we chatted with big a about her baby, her eyes more than a touch of warmth, listening to the story and the idea of big A, women fans want to talk to each of the dear you, we may have had the youth, we have a crush, we cried and laughed exhausted to love that may not be so suitable for the people, But this is a part of youth, as long as once loved, there is nothing to regret! And you, in the future, will only be more mature and bright, just like big A.