November 12, a European Space Agency released a meeting, scientists Matt Taylor's naked blouse in the foreign community platform set off a #shirtstorm of bloodshed. Today let's take a look at this event, not blaming Matt Taylor, but talking about the " casual sexism "casual sexism the bigger damage. " No gender, maybe you and I are both victims and perpetrators. In women fans, we expect men and women to join together to meet a more gender-equal society. (Recommended reading: not only for women's rights, but for both sexes to be free )

In November, the European Space Agency ESA announced the success of the comet lander "fantastic Philae Philae" out of the mother ship, the rosetta"of the Luo Tower, sent 67P comet. This is the first time the human probe log into the comet record, this landing will help people understand the solar generation and evolution, will be a proud moment in history! However, such a historical moment, but because of a naked blouse and the color of sex discrimination.

The reason is that the Rosetta plan's key driver, British scientist Matt Taylor, at the release of the choice of wearing a printed sexy naked woman's printed shirt, when interviewed asked Rosetta plan, he said: "She is very sexy!" But I never said she was easy. "She's sexy, but I never said She is easy."

The news quickly aroused heated discussion at the international. The BBC is reporting on the "sex discrimination" shirt physicist ' sexist ' shirt"," Rosetta program scientist ", while Timemagazine is" How to turn a cool moment into a shirt storm how to turn a Cool moment into a #shirtstorm "for the title, different into the view, open discussion space, #shirtstorm this hashtag was used in one night 3,500 times! What can not be denied is that when the world is in the debate, to pay attention to this one overnight red shirt, to do everything possible to support it from all angles, against it, decoding it, Taiwan is relatively quiet. Why, then? Is it because we have no sex consciousness and how do we talk about sex discrimination?

Today I would like to spend a few minutes to invite you to look at this event in front of the screen! Because it's more important than we think. First of all, it is clear that Matt Taylor, who is under heavy artillery fire, finally cries to apologize and is indeed innocent, and we can see him as a scapegoat for the patriarchal society, scape goat. When we hengmeilengdui glared at him and scolded him, he was bombarded with tweets, and the patriarchal society behind him was still perfunctory.

Through Matt Taylor, a scapegoat for artillery fire, we were able to think about bigger and more difficult social problems and try to understand that "casual sexism" and "Casual sexism" are so ubiquitous in our lives. (Recommended reading: A day when a man experiences being a woman, the result will be ... ) )

The #shirtstorm hashtag of the strong and negative side of the big noisy serial frame

Let's take a look at the pros and cons of his shirt after Matt Taylor.

Against the side heavy artillery attack, "Ah! Women are completely welcome to enter this field with the industry, no problem! Ask the man wearing the naked blouse to know "rose Eveleth, a female science and technology correspondent wrote.

Such a shirt annoys a lot of people, certainly not just because of nude women's drawings, but because it is so honestly presenting women's long-standing oppression in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).

Positive Work field, so that Matt Taylor did not think of their own behavior and wear, may make women feel uncomfortable.

There is also another voice, supported by the view that feminists are too sensitive and vulnerable to exaggerate the view of Matt Taylor. "It's a vague focus and I'm not worth the talk of a scientist," commented the Daily Mail 's supporters. It's just a shirt, no dew point, no indecent, I don't know what people are fussing about. "" There are no nipples; There are no buttocks; There is isn't even an exposed midriff, as far as I can. Can ' t-what all of the fuss is about.

The supporters also worry that feminism is going too far, for a little bit of "nothing" to make a fuss, or even start attacking individuals.

So you say my words, in the support side and the opposite side of vicious criticism cycle, increasingly lose the opportunity to understand. Whatever you think of this event today, perhaps we should all start with rational thinking. Matt Taylor and the ESA Science initiative are definitely cheering and cheering, but stop to think, as humans are taking a step closer to deconstructing the universe, are we aware that we are still stagnant for decades on the "gender consciousness"? At the same time as celebrating scientific progress, is society willing to review its long-standing oppression of women?

Today Matt Taylor really shouldn't be naïve about choosing a naked blouse that might be controversial, or even say something quite sexually suggestive. She's sexy! But I never said she was easy. "This kind of planet is a personification of the use, it is difficult to not let people have sexual implied interpretation." First, the scientists found a "sexy" target, launching the probe, attempting to "own" the comet, although she was not easy. Did you hear the reading behind it?

Second, is Sexy and easy two words of clever replacement. Is it easy for sexy people? The most important thing is that But word, she is very sexy but she is not easy yo. Is there a problem with such remarks? (same field Gayon: ubiquitous culture of violence Rape Culture)

Matt Taylor was wrong, and the mistake was to be discussed separately from his astronomical initiative. He is a great scientist, and of course he can make mistakes. The more important question would be, why would he make such a statement? Even, why more people think that such speeches and clothes "harmless, why angry", I hope the opposition will shut up, this is actually a bigger problem.

The answer to this question is called "casual sex discrimination"casual sexism, not intentional provocation but inadvertently fuelling gender discrimination. " And through the "Why angry," and "do not make a fuss", the issue is again diluted, and to strengthen the concept of Casual sexism.

Behind the bigger question: to talk about Casual sexism

Matt Taylor's choice, in fact, is not only his choice, but also represents the generation of choice, most escorts choose "Do not overreact" of the front-line response.

More should care about is the first time jumped out to escort the speech: "Is just a shirt, also did not miss the point is not pornographic, why make a fuss?" Please, let's put the focus back on his scientific initiative. "We've heard so much from childhood," he said, "It's just an ad." It's just a TV show. 」...

When can you stop tolerating this "just"? These "just" are Casual sexism, a stitch in a woman's body, telling you that sex discrimination is so ubiquitous.

Casual sexism are usually frivolous and short, accosted from the street catcalling to the sex joke Sex jokes The double standard of the workplace, equal pay or sexual harassment, called "casual sex discrimination"casual sexism because they look so " Innocuous ", and we also mostly with a common attitude to face, but the ubiquitous Casual sexism with a vague posture repeatedly appeared in our daily life, implied packaging exquisite hate female message misogyny, constantly in our mind deepening, generation by generation, until deep-rooted.

In London, a woman named Laura Bates, after an unpleasant experience with the mass-transit sexual harassment, decided to set up a Everyday Sexism program on the Internet, inviting women to speak out about their own pain, and to make more people witness Casual sexism everywhere.

Time and space transfer to Taiwan, think about the witch-hunting plot of the society to the chicken row sister, when we decided that she was "chest big and no brain", so unwilling to listen to her speech, when we hurried to cut with her, blurted out "I am not her kind of woman", in addition to fall into the traditional body and mind two yuan, but also a Casual sexism. Admitting is not easy, but think about it, even I often do not consciously make similar remarks.

We always thought that this kind of speech is perfunctory, but Casual sexism but Anchao to let a woman's autonomy say the shrinking smaller, once again put the female back to be patriarchal social restraint of well-behaved shun appearance. Casual sexism the most terrible thing is to let us, both men and women, unconsciously become its reinforcements. (Highlights: The Sun Flower Queen and the Crape Women: the patriarchal society accomplice structure and mainstream feminism's limitation )

When human beings look to outer space to try to understand the formation of the universe and why we exist, is it also possible to spend the same mind to understand the long-term oppression of women in society? Should it be considered that "gender" is not inferior to "science", but equally important, and must be brought to the table for discussion?

So, we can say that Matt Taylor's move really shouldn't have caused such a fuss, but is it possible to see the #shirtstorm of the web as a huge backlash against the long-term oppression of the Casual sexism Force? It's a long way to go, and when you're aware of the problem, it takes more time to start a conversation, but not just women or women. (Recommended reading: Joseph Gaudenlivai, who embraces feminism: "Don't let the sex decide who we are")

You and I, as important as gender, are in urgent need of leaving the potential control of Casual sexism and towards a more gender-equal society.