As for loving ourselves, we often can only sketch the outline, how to talk with ourselves? Listen to Zenning's life philosophy and musical attitude, and know the beauty of solitude.

"Music is my home." "Word talk about music are resounding, said when very gentle, speaking of music two words always have a toughness and firmness, she is Zenning son." The sun fell on the corner of the coffee shop, through the transparent landing window, her eyes are reflected clear, Zenning like a forest in the free jumping of an animal, whether playing music, or life, she has her own rhythm, very lightweight, with music shuttle in Hong Kong Taipei two cities.

The story of Zenning's encounter with music is this, the student period changes to participate in the choir, vocal is her most able to express their voice, Canada after reading, in Beijing musical "movie Song" Backstage task met Jonathan eldest brother, Zenning son always said he is the music on the road, she chatted Li Zong Sheng in her life influence: "I cry every time I see his concert, he is a man who does what he says and he always races with himself." "Most important, Jonathan also influenced her way of thinking about music, just because he said:" You think about, what is your relationship with music? (Recommended reading: sing the true truth of three generations: a lifetime cannot escape a Jonathan )

Dormant five years, the harvest of the first album of Solid

Zenning began to wonder what kind of musician he was going to be? For example, an entertainer's career is often outspoken, but will you continue to play music at home when the red is over? What part of the music Do you love? is a person playing guitar at home leisurely afternoon, or standing in front of the grand concert million people. The exploration of the relationship with music is Zenning's lifelong homework, and I ask her what is the relationship between the current situation and the music? Frankly, she sighed and said, "Like a friend, and a colleague, like a teacher, like a mirror." Like friends to express my emotions, like colleagues and I work together to grow up, like a teacher to urge me to explore myself, like a mirror let me throw doubt on myself. 」

Zenning and music grow together, this road is not easy, she ran in Taiwan five years of live house, for Eason Chan concert to do together, until the beginning of this year's first solo album, I asked in the music on the road dormant long time she felt frustrated? She did not think so, Zenning said: "The album is like a Harvest, the song is like a seed, I have been performing to irrigate, five years after the harvest, must be very different from the original Demo." 」

We now hear that any song in the Zenning album is not a "special trip" to do for the album, but to write for life. 焠 for a long time, each show may have more or less arrangement changes, every emotion is so unique, only then this album, The birth of an album is always particularly grateful to record companies, producers, creators, Team Partners, Zenning son of "Here", I think the most should thank her five years, With the feelings of life to stagnate a solid emotional weight. (same field Gayon:"Do music do not make ripples, want to make stone" Music Man of the Lifetime Zhong Chenghu )

Where you are now, where you should be

Zenning chatted about the album, saying "Here" to say: "Where you are now, where you should be." 」

"Here" is like Zenning, who is moving around the city with his soul, because he is good at his own, so he can adapt to the environment wherever he arrives.

"Do you still, do not want to leave yesterday's stage/Still, fly to the sea that you desire"-Zenning son, where

Zenning, who used to study in Canada, then went to work in Beijing to develop music on the way to Taipei, Hong Kong, she felt even if her body is far away from home, but as long as the spirit close enough to be in that moment. "Music Is my home," says Zenning, who is always wandering around. "Because music is the most able to make conversation with oneself, closer to themselves." She said that everyone has a unique way of talking to themselves, someone is text, someone is sports, she is music. Walk into the place where you can most open your heart, and you can get close to yourself.

Zenning chat about the "space" thinking: "Often to one, I will record the environment there, very simple, is actually using mobile phone." In the park in Tokyo before, the sound of insects and birds in the air wrapped me, that feeling is very shocking, I recorded, and later put into my album song. 」

Zenning to live in the present, she is good at listening to the sound of the environment, learn to find the comfort of their own space, but also the album to give you the atmosphere, the album from Tokyo-Taipei-India, with everyone's heart in the journey to find Habitat, in the music to find a berth, but also in life to find a comfortable space. (You will like: Solitude Aesthetics: Learn to own a person, can enjoy the plural life )

The essence of music that will never change

I'm curious how she sees the Chinese music environment through many cities. Zenning said the music environment in Taiwan is very happy in the Chinese language area. She said that Taiwan's happiness is that many people support "non-mainstream" music, very good taste appreciation, there is a friendly music space, such as a live house rent, Hong Kong is three times times the number of Taiwan, Hong Kong's independent music ecology is not easy to operate.

At the same time, let us think that when the music industry said that the record no longer sell, but also should develop the transition, rather than stand still. Zenning said because the network technology is changing the world rapidly, devouring the habits of the past, so we should also be on the mentality, business model on the move forward, and the only thing that will never be changed is the nature of music.

Solitude is learning to talk to yourself

Zenning laughs that childhood is very good at self play, sometimes with videotape to take a record of yelling loudly, singing and playing, and sometimes talking to friends on the phone eight hours also don't feel tired. She was glad that there was no such a convenient 3C technology, because less time to linger on the Internet, naturally more know from the place. We asked her how modern people are going to be better at being alone. Hearty she answered directly: "Put the phone down, turn off the computer." "Zenning said:" Independent thinking and find their own form of life has always been what I am doing, since I was instilled such a concept, give themselves and others have a lot of space to express themselves is very important. (Recommended reading: the farther away you go, the closer you are to yourself )

Access to a paragraph, I seem to be more able to feel Zenning do not conceal their own way of talking, originally thought her body exudes a kind of cool clear, but I found her clear is very temperature, more like a cup of gentle not hot tea, without publicity to infect you, let you into her music and thinking.

Zenning said: "Music is constantly dialogue with their own, to ask their own questions, to explore their inner things." 」

She felt that everyone should try to face their own heart, even if it is painful, shame shyness, hard to look at, only to face, Frank, accept their emotions, you can understand yourself, this is an important lesson in solitude. (You will like: The Long road to study: cultivate the ability to look into their own soul )

Zenning's independence is very much like the innate instinct, so lightweight and playful little animals, probably very much like squirrels, in the life of the jumps between the decision of their own rhythm . Because the artist, singer identity, natural side of the person will take the initiative for her to arrange all the work, she still has an orderly with the person next to confirm the trip, she was thinking of the interview over the Tuanlian, sometimes show a little tension, reconfirm. I think that she is very real and very cute, she cares about each other's music exchanges, but also do not want to delay the appointment of a good time for private practice.

The Joy of Music: the achievement of others and their integrity

Zenning's music, like her personality, is often categorized as "indie music", she and Zhang Hang, Lukai tied as "new independent female voice", she felt that the so-called "independence" is a form of music, rather than state, music because of personal intuition difficult to distinguish between mainstream and non-mainstream, even if we are called " Independent music, in fact, there are many types, the spirit of which should not be collectively summed up in order to savor.

Zenning in the album Before the "Harmony" work, while in Eason Chan's concert singing People's ears in the "mainstream song", while running live house to share their creations. Such a process she does not lead to bitter, but enjoy the "singer" and "harmony" role conversion.

Zenning said: "I really like that balance," harmony "work allows me to train myself to learn more skills, to become familiar with the way other people sing, to explore the music of the broad, step out of their comfort zone," Singer "is very need of personal style, you have to go 焠 to refine your own things, to complete your own, Although these two things seem to be contradictory and conflicting, both make me happy to do the music. 」

Zenning Children's happiness, is willing to become a supporting part of the integrity of others, also not stingy to achieve their own. Say this big paragraph of words, each word is so certain, the eyes can't hide her obsession with music. I imagined the way she was performing at the concert, imagining that she was talking to the audience with music and audiences in more than 30 live house, regardless of the form of the show, her every serious, are pondering herself. There is a saying: "Everything you do now, even if it seems so meaningless, in the end, it will come back to you in a casual way." "(You will like: Theater Female Force Yau Kunjun: Tender Love oneself, is Rao that cannot" perfect "your person )

This sentence is used in the Zenning body, again suits however.

Creation is the fragment of a piece of emotion

At the end of the visit, I asked a silly question: what's the happiest thing about making music?

Zenning's answer, but let me particularly deep, she said: "is to finish a Demo that moment." 」

Not the album release that moment, not the concert ticket sold out that moment, why is the Demo finished that moment?

She said: "To finish a Demo, is a process from scratch, very much like you from the air to grab something." The mood is very satisfied, I put the word into a very satisfied, but still better state, even if the music is still in the rough state, but at least it is not fragmented, full of possibilities, is the independent completion of their own. 」

Zenning felt that the rewards from their own departure were the most fulfilling, and that the other moment was when they were concentrating on singing songs. I think she is a person who is constantly experiencing herself and linking herself to the world, because Zenning's thinking always reveals her relationship with the outside world, seemingly big stab, occasionally naughty her, head melon seems to be a not stop the small planet, occasionally a small explosion of creation, occasionally because of small life caused by the electro-optic flint. (Recommended reading:"Independent Orchestra Interview" Prophet Mary-style inspirational: In order to find the light, you must first into the dark )

It's hard for me to forget Zenning talking about the happy moment of the Demo is like remembering every time with the music, her expression is full of gratitude and cherish, not a little arrogant. Love in life before things, we are always the most humble and kind, because the good, people persistent, occasionally bulky walk in that rugged road, but each step is steadfast. It was Zenning, a girl who could treat bitterness as a sweetness, a creator who thanked all the fates for her coming here.

Writing this interview, I was listening to her voice in the free form and gentle lines depicted in the comfortable space, miss the Zenning chat with the beautiful afternoon.

Finally, Zenning also share her life's most important five songs, may these warm music, can accompany you to spend more need brave time.

Starting tomorrow: The first song of my life, like the beginning of music in my lifetime.

The end of the world: This song changed my life, is in the Eason Chan concert singing song, began the road of harmony.

We are not in vain 30 years: "Zhang Shan Gujiao" is yoyo with a vote in the children's choir for nearly 10 years of friends, composed of a capella (no accompaniment chorus) combination. Like to commemorate their friendship and the fate of music.

Often willing: this is the only one of my mother's album wrote me the song, I will write 〈baby song〉 to Eason Chan.

"Always willing to be willing, the embodiment of the lighthouse to sail with you." pray for endless blessings, and in the frenzy you'll be weary.

The person who races with himself: This song makes me want to Jonathan this teacher, carve my life very deep person.

"We're all in the race with our own people. Striving for a better future/ striving for a meaningful victory/ We are all in the race with ourselves to work hard for a better tomorrow/ no end in front