Have a drink with yourself to celebrate your happiness; to dry a drink with your sisters, to celebrate with your appendicitis; and to drink a night of starfire and a deep brewling.

< Love doesn't need to be translated, Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson) meet the scene of a hotel bar. The two travelers from the same country, in strange foreign countries, say the same loneliness.Charlotte's friends at a bar don't always have a topic: fashion, hip hop, slimming, these things that she doesn't have to worry about.In a boring bar, she and Bob make the most interesting flow.

Charlotte: "Have you had fun today?""
was planning to escape, I was looking for an accomplice. We first wanted to leave the bar, leave the hotel, leave the city, and leave the country. Would you like to join us?"
'm a" "Summer Green" "

Hey, your loneliness, I'm a part of it.A strange toast, one in which I am a part, and we are in a crowded and lonely space, and finally we find a habitat of our hearts.Every travelman is always planning an escape, escaping too heavy a hug, escaping from the days of the escape.In the time of a glass of wine, a person who understands you.There is always a bar that has such a smell, texture, and soul that attracts similar frequencies. It always has a cup of wine seems to have shaken up the gently, bitter, bitter, and unimaginable, and bitter, and bitter.(You will also like: The Woman Pocket List!9 do not Tibetan Cafeteria )

On the island, a map of the island, which is your single runaway, a hot love trip, a sister route.Or, go through the city with you, meet a kind of eye-eye.We're here to talk about Plato's love, and this moment, we only want to toast you.

Point a glass just fine — — drunk pub PUB ( north )

A lazy store like the name of a store, if you need a comfortable Friday's night, if you just want to be alone at this point, the little space in the alley is perfect for you to run away briefly with yourself.

There is no such chic electronic music, and at this time you can be very careful to sip your own loneliness, and loneliness is a good thing, and the so-called "son-whisky" is to give you a lot of intoxication.In the north city of almost deep sleep, there's a special quiet that makes you comfortable sitting comfortably with you in a few days.(Little weekends you can: men don't understand!)with three wines that are shared with sisters )

(Picture source: pinch )

(Picture Source: kneading )

Address: 438 North, Midway, Midway, north of Taipei
Phone: 02-2873-5848
Business hours: 21:00 ~ 01:00

Youth is still in sharp — — Indulge (Taipei)

Indulge is defined as arsonists, obsessed with ... as this store wants to hug every weary traveler.Breaking into this minefield, if you break the food, will not be able to enjoy delicatation of the food and the blending of the wine without a minefieldIndulge is a call for experimental innovative restaurants. Before 8:00, people come to small restaurants. After eight, they become romantic bar, but they are decorated with decorations and big furnishings, so that everyone can have a cup of joyous joys.For your old friends' night, it's like you had a taste of beer at the same time, and youth are still alive!(Hey, honey: Friend or Old?Seven Reasons for Contact with Old Friends )

(Picture Source: Indulge fan page )

(Picture Source: Indulge fan page )

(Picture Source: Indulge fan page )

Address: 219
, Danzianlu, Tel: 02-2773-0080
Business Time: 18:00-02:00

Escape to Unmanned Escape — — MOD Public Bar (Taipei)

A cup of wine, a classic bribe, and what's better than this?The most obsession with the city is always a type of breath. Some people describe MOD: " They talk quietly. They sip from time to time, and under mild light, the MOD Public Bar is a train heading for the environment. It's a little warm, and it's like a world."At MOD I have a heart of escape, a northern time-honored pub, the more smelling of the soul of a city."and taste it quietly.(Sibling: [a memory of a memory] at the end of the world, miss the person you came home to )

Address: 40-lane 4 on Area 345, Inlove Road, Taipei
43-43-4: 19:00
03:00, 19:00 ~ 05:00

Jazz Time Tunnel — — ALCHEMY (Taipei)

If you like the luxurious pub behind the mirror in the mirror, you will be forced to walk into the store.One of the founders and administrator Angus once said: "I hope people don't feel like coming to the bar to get drunk or get drunk at the bar, but at the bar, relax yourself, not much time, so long as one, two glasses are good, you can open the sensory pores.""(Recommended reading: [Obalist talk]] Rereading the" "," I want to live this show )

Walking into ALCHEMY, you seem to be in the decadence of a 1920 underground bar, ALC HEMY , and more old-fashioned alcohol, whisky, and so on. It's a classic, jazz-free, jazz-free, beautiful, and forever-nostalgic thing.

(Photo Source: Alchemy Bar )

(Picture source: Alchemy Bar )

Address: Lutheran Road, 16-1, Hsinyi Road, Taipei
Phone: 0953585759
Opening Hours: Tuesday to Sunday 21:00 ~ 02:00 On Fridays to Saturday 21:00 ~ 03:00
* Every Thursday nights Live jazz band performance

Hidekestone hiding in the park — — Hide Out (Taoyuan)

Hide Out, in Chungli Park, is a clear coffee shop in the corner of the park during the day, and in the evening it is the park's recipes, and greed is a little more relaxed, and the tempo of your life next to the green pasture. When passing through Taoyuan, don't forget to walk into the side of the side, take a little bit of a story, or leave a little story, and talk to the inner heart that has been in the harbour for a long time.

The owner of the hiding says, " You come to the bar in the park to find the food that can fill the soul. There is no limit to the development of the story, and there is no limit to the price adjustment. We're here to tell you the story that belongs to you.

(Picture Source: hide Out Cofe Lounge Park Bar )

(Picture Source: hide Out Cofe Lounge Park Bar )

Address: 03-2807351
Business hours: Tuesday ~ Sunday, 14:00 ~ 2:00

Gently of a Japanese bar — — ages and dining&bar (Hsinchu)

Located in a Japanese bar in Hsinchu, it makes people feel part of the small corner of the Tokyo metropolitan area after work.The Japanese always liked to have a cup of tea after a day of rush, and give themselves a relaxed period of time.Kuamura was champagne, red wine, burning, wine, brandy, and whiskey, and was a good night for the local Japanese to come and gather.Sisters and sisters, or their families, came to the village and felt the tenderness of the Japanese bar.

(Photo Source: Kumura Dining and Drinking Bar )

(Picture Source: Kumura Dining and Drinking Bar )

Address: Number 74, Big Tonglu City
Tel: 03-5252108
Business Time: Monday ~ Sunday 17:00 ~ 3:00

Taiwan's small Mediterranean Sea — — UZO (in the United States)

Many foreigners in the travel platform like to go to UZO, the small courtyyard surrounded by white outer walls, and the UZO moves the East Sea view of the waterfront to the bench, and the white and blue alternates between the white and the blue are ideal for stopping the rest of the journey!The taste of the blue coast can be tasted in the same way, and the way it is made is the best way to make a good look at the mojitoe of the shop.(Recommended reading: 20 Reasons for Foreigners in the Dock North )

(Photo source: UZO BAR )

(Picture source: UZO BAR )

Tel.: 04-2327-3518
Address: 5street 5th Street, Midwest Central, Middle East

Old House Mood — — KINKS & Breathe (South)

If you go to the south of the country, you can't refuse a slightly drunk night.If you are a fanatic for antique furniture, if you are in love with the old and unfuriable atmosphere, you would love KINKS and the graceful tresy of the house.On the sofa, there must always be a night. On the couch, the wine fragrance of the rock and the bottom of the rock, and the warm smile of a stranger or stranger, will melt a bleaker heart.

KINKS Old House: first founded in 2005 at the end of 2005. In December 2007, the house moved to the present site, 60 years old, and the courtyard style of the early retrocession.WIRE
WIRE, originated in the 1977 rock band WIRE, with a 75-year old age of four stories, with a large, decadent spirit of "Punk" and "decadent".

master loves the old house and has created a magic and colorful rock field in KINKS, leaving behind the shiny furniture and the edge of the leather chair in dilapidating rooms.The old house had a soul, and it was accepted as a visitor to the south of the travel dock.(You would like: Old Memory in the City: Seven Southern Presbyes, Take You to the Old Time )

(Picture Source: Blowing Puffer Fish , CC )

KINKS (picture source: KINKS old house &WIRE broken house )

broken house (picture source: KINKS old house &WIRE broken down )

broken house (picture source: old negatives of Ah Fei )


Address: 232
, Eastern District, Tel.: 06-2085152
Business hours: Monday ~ Friday, Sunday 18:00-02:00 Saturday: 14:00 ~ 2:00


Address: 5
Tel: 06-2287219
Business Hours: 1 to 5 PM18:00 ~ AM2:00/ 6 Day AM10 ~ AM2:00/ Tuesdays on Tuesday

Zhou Muyun — <2046> — TCRC Bar (South)

lights and atmosphere in the TCRC remind people of Wang Jiawei's <2046>, such as the secret train in the film, passing by the charming past, and also to the future of God.The TCRC also has the same story as <2046>, where all the good things are left intact.TCRC does not have a menu, from a base to a favorite fruit, to a dim, sour, and to customize a story that is your own.The TCRC is not in the way of our imagination in the bar. It is more like a graceful gentleman, Zhou Muyun in <2046>, and has a quiet, quiet, and tasty move to find out in the south alley.(Sibling: South, a city reminisers of home )

(Photo Source: Bar TCRC )

(Photo Source: Bar TCRC )

Address: 117 New Mei Street,
& Western, Tel: 06-2228716, Do not accept booking
business hours: week 1 to 421:00 ~ 02:00/Friday through 621:00 ~ 03:00 Sunday and Sunday at 21:00 ~ 02:00/On Sunday at 21:00 ~ 02:00/On Sunday, Sunday, the last week of each month

Xiao Xiao traveled to the south of Taiwan. Do you want to get up and dry up? Please look forward to the next one. We will continue to drink from Kaohsiung to the great east of Kaohsiung, to the sea of Taiwan, to the sea of Hualien, and to Ilan's vast!You're also welcome to leave a message underneath the article, share your tame map with us, maybe one day, we can drink a nice, warm and deep night in a faraway little wine.

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