Singing this road, Dailing not plain sailing, but she said, as long as a microphone, there is power! Let's listen to her music story.

"Love is to wait, to look carefully, to feel important." Rather blank hands, waiting for once, sincere hug, I believe that in this world, will meet the people appear in the corner of the eye. 」

In the 2003, a MV began to broadcast strongly on television, with a high-pitched voice and a catchy melody gripping everyone's ears. A lot of people are curious, who is she? But in this MV, the singer's picture is very few, several appear also is far lens, even some people misunderstand this song is by the MV heroine this many Ruru sings. This is the way Dailing and we greet each other, only to hear the sound but not the people.

15 years of discipline, from self-closing to self-confidence

"Hello, I am a princess!" Dailing looked at me and smiled and said. A pair of native Aboriginal deep eyes, blinking, sometimes shy and lively, looking at her, I was puzzled by the record company's propaganda strategy, why should she " Hide "Up, let everybody listen to her song but not easy to further know her, make Dailing in just debut when song than people red?" (Extended reading: give you full strength of the 20 female force song: Embrace the True self!) )

"I used to be very autistic, not confident, more afraid to express their ideas." I'm talking about autism now, no one's going to believe it! "Dailing said so. Debut 15, think back to the past of their own, is a just from the Pingdong to Taipei students, very can sing, a microphone to pick up the Typhoon steady, imposing. But when the singer is not so easy to face the media, the face of the camera, these steps into the necessary skills of showbiz, but let her eat enough to suffer, as long as the camera in the film, she was cold sweat DC.

Dailing in Pingdong growth, mother and grandfather discipline is very strict, "My grandfather is a warrior, is also very strict people, Pingdong home are my grandfather's certificate, I was the exam, speech contest and so on, Grandpa is archery competition, or glory of the light." No need to put a wallpaper at home, affixed to the certificate is enough. I always feel that I am very different from the other Aborigines, they will go swimming, hunting, I do not, my mother will only ask me to test the top three. Dailing smiled and said that he was protected too well from an early age.

Perhaps because of such a growing background, the formation of a Dailing shy personality, the appearance of the outside world for her is very vague, came to Taipei after a series of shocks and collisions. I asked her if the song was redder than a man, did it ever make her frustrated? But Dailing said, the setback is not too big, she was in the heart of a calm, feel that they may not be suitable when the hair singer, then concentrate on the Pub to sing, then Taiwan's good, this song is five years, do not face the camera and can be happy to sing, she is actually very happy.

Now, Dailing in Showbiz for 15 years, the love and perseverance of singing has not changed, but the self-closure in her body has not been found, replaced is to make her luminous self-confidence.

Set foot on the music road, Uncle is a lifetime of noble

From an early age in a somewhat simple closed environment grew up, personality is also introverted, I am very curious why Dailing had the courage to develop in Taipei, go to the singer this path?

"I will set foot on the road of music because of my uncle." Dailing mouth uncle, in fact, older than her three years old, grew up together, feeling good, and her singing talent, is the uncle Unearthed. Dailing said that at that time, no one found that she is very good at singing, she also felt that the Aboriginal people will sing as if it is taken for granted, but uncle don't think so, the eye see her talent, also can have today's Dailing.

My uncle told me that when I was a child, I would secretly hide under the table singing. There was a family reunion, I ordered the Red eight-point file theme song "Bath Fire Phoenix" to sing, Uncle thought "how can sing so!" 』。 But he knew I was very shy, so also do not tell me he thought so, began to secretly take me to the former kind of outdoor KTV to perform. He is a dance teacher, so he dances, I sing, if he is not, I dare not sing. 」

After that, uncle has been carrying Dailing to participate in various performances, competitions, let her have the opportunity to "see the", but also looking for bole. At that time, uncle at the National Institute of Art, often to the Pub to dance, the karma to get acquainted with the "people", "Millennium Love" and other classical music of the musician Keith Stuart, and he later became the first agent of Dailing.

"I've never been anywhere except Pingdong," he said. My uncle lied to take me to play, fly to Taipei, let me have the opportunity to sing to Keith Stuart in pub , but my first time to fly, a bit of air sickness, in the pub vomit, did not sing to the song. My uncle did not give up, take me to the second time, I sang 〈walking by myself〉, "Listen to the Sea" two songs, Keith Stuart said very few Taiwanese can sing English so well, he signed me down. "

when Dailing was only 16 years old, his uncle began to take her into Taipei City, two people uprooted, trying to be in an uncertain environment to come out a road. This story looks like blood, desperate, but after the dream behind, absolutely indispensable is "may fail" pressure. This period of time, even if the work is not smooth to only nest in the home to eat bubble noodles, the face of Pingdong family, but also just glossy. (same field Gayon: the farther away from home, the more than 10 tears of the Homesick song list )

Love is coming, why not?

About the first album, once, Dailing in Pub singing, there is a boy handed a note, want to ask her to eat chocolate hotpot. It was Dailing's first time in love. From a very strict tube, met the first love, she hid from the family, like a moth to the fire as fall into love, until uncle found Dailing often did not come home on time after work. "My uncle said," We come to Taipei to work, to make money, not to fall in love! " "Dailing listen to uncle, not easy to break free from the bondage of home, the mind is full of what not to rebel."

"There was a typhoon day, I deliberately rebellious, did not go home at night." Until the next noon, I thought uncle should go out to work, I secretly ran home. I will never forget that picture, my uncle wore a red bathrobe, took a chair to sit in my room, my heart rate accelerated, put down the bag quietly sitting beside him. Uncle said, he is very pressure, obviously only I am three years old, but to my responsibility, he is trying to bring me to sing in Taipei, in case I have something, he will do? Said, uncle Tears fell off. 」

At that time, love fiery Dailing, just a drop of tears have not dropped, a more than 20-year-old girl, fall in love with the family, can not be aboveboard, her heart is full of blame and puzzled. "At that time more not sensible, just feel that I have not done what they really want to do, why other people can love, I do not?" The joke, wink to say this paragraph of past, I in Dailing eyes but see to uncle full of thanks, this as the teacher also as the father's existence, is her life the most close and strong rely on.

Recall a few love experience, she said that the previous oneself as long as a love, put love first, very dependent on each other. And now know how to enjoy themselves, love themselves, know that two people in the world also need their own space, although many times, love let us setbacks and heartbreak, but it is certain to experience things, especially for the people who do art related work, love is absolutely indispensable life experience.

"When I was a child, I can only imagine the love to sing, after the love, emotional more exquisite, singing is no longer just the pursuit of high treble, clear voice, more important is the emotion and tone, but also more attention to the lyrics can make the audience resonate." "Dailing's changes over the years have really been a glimpse of her performance," she said. (recommend you see:"Do music do not make ripples, want to make stone" music person Zhong Chenghu Lifetime )

"Hold on, or else?" 」

I asked Dailing, this road must have been hard, but the most frustrating period of time occurred when?

"In fact, these two years is my life at the lowest ebb, really very melancholy, once still want to see a doctor." "The record company has taken care of her general manager, leaving Dailing to challenge the concert at the Taipei International Convention Center," he said. "The last album is 2.5, and the new album's song is not good." For many days, she had nothing to do at home, and it was not customary for the Dailing, which had always been arranged before.

The work meets the bottleneck, the family condition also follows, the grandfather develops the cancer, lets the attention family Dailing will draw more attention to the hometown. had already saved a sum of money, prepared to buy the first house in Taipei, but heard Grandpa said he wanted to rearrange the old home and forget. Dismissed the idea of buying a house, she took the money home to help build the house, and the recent younger brother married, her help is not less.

Family is really very important to Dailing. After the release of the second album, after resting for five years, she had intended to sing in the Pub, because of her grandmother, decided to challenge the personal album:

"That year, my grandmother had acute pneumonia, before she died, she held my hand and spoke to me in her native language, and she wanted me to continue singing, encouraging me to say that someone would be willing to help me send a film." 」

Wearing the love of family and friends, in these two years of low ebb, although she is melancholy, but never give up. As soon as one picks up the microphone, there is unlimited power, she said, this pass after, she honed the Iron Man's will, as long as the hang on there will be dawn. Singing This road has been gone for 15 years, Dailing said:

"Hold on, or else?" 」

Many times, we always encounter certain life level, now feel that they can't get through, but after the event, they will be grateful for their insistence, because that is the insistence, let us become stronger. Dailing, now the goal is to stand on the small giant eggs, singing to more people listen to music this road, she never thought of leaving. (Extension recommendation: Shun Zi: "I am not a big star, you are my Star")

"Sing, as natural as breathing."

I asked Dailing what the meaning of singing was for her. "Singing is as natural as breathing," she said. "She never used to sing as a job, but she couldn't take it seriously as soon as she sang a song." "I just pick up the microphone is very input, even to KTV friends will laugh about why I am so serious, but I really can not disorderly singing." 」

Perhaps this is the love, let her come to Taipei also cherish every opportunity. Dailing very true, very pure, in the mind is to be able to hold the microphone for a lifetime, so, she has been reminding herself, not because come to the city changed a person. She said that she had seen some people change because they came to Taipei, and maybe people would change, but if that change was not good or positive, it would be a pity.

So, I ask, if you want to describe yourself in a sentence, what sentence will it be? "Innocent and lively and lovely" is her almost without hesitation to speak out a word, and I saw in her is full of positive energy, the immediate Dailing exudes a very reassuring breath, although it is the first meeting, but can chat like friends laugh, no distance, only sincere. I asked her if she wanted to make a grimace, and she laughed and said, "but I'm only cute!" 」。 So, here to send you Dailing "cute four", I want to share her true and you.

Five songs that give you the courage to get a full mark

Dailing through the lowest ebb of life, already have the energy to face setbacks. Recently, Taiwan accident spate, I asked her to share with us five inspiring songs, she chose her new album, "I Do not leave", "no Fear", and her previous work (pain), and Backstreet Boys's "My future is not a dream", every family singing May days of contentment. (Look together: may everyone be safe!) Baxian Dust explosion accident: swimming ring, carts are saving hope )

She wanted to tell us:

"In the face of setbacks, do not be afraid, as long as peace, good health, deep breathing, nothing is difficult to pass." 」

The past has always been to sing the image of sad love songs, Dailing in the low ebb after the rebirth, want to give us is more positive force. Yes, life is difficult, but don't forget to constantly remind yourself how hard it will be, just like the lyrics of "No Fear": "Even despair/want to chew me up / The sky will lend me / rain Rainbow / Even if the sadness / want to destroy me to go / or there is a reason to live "Hope Dailing story, can bring you no fear of strength."