It's hard to think of anyone who can surpass him, if it's a self directed act. If you talk about the contradictions of youth and the Tangle of love, no one can be as sexy as he talks about. Vieri, a film director who is active behind the scenes, is blue. (Recommended reading:"Dear Mummy" The essence of love is not to recover, but to give each other the ability to hurt each other )

There's a director in the world that fascinates you. In addition to his rich creative energy, unique creative perspective, as well as his versatile film skills and charming appearance, he is Vieri Blue (Xavier Dolan).

born in Canada's Vieri Blue talent, in addition to the director's identity also often single-handedly writers, producers, actors, clips, costume design, art design, music, at the age of 26 years of his astonishing overage talent shook the world film, is already the new generation of the most high-profile director, But in fact his acting career started as an actor, at the age of 4, he performed many TV dramas, advertisements and films, and the 20-year-old self-directed film works, "Listen to Mother's words," the first cry will be stunning four, selected for the Cannes Film Festival director of the two-week unit, won the time of the European Art Award, Young Vision Award , SACD Award, and on behalf of Canada to compete for the 82nd Annual Oscar award for Best Foreign Language Film.

The film "Fantasy Love", "two-sided Lawrence", "Tom on the Farm" and "Dear Mummy" have won many nominations and prizes at various international festivals, But even so, the blue still shows that they are still keen on the actors themselves, he said:" I realized that my true passion was in acting, and even when I was directing, what made me so excited was that the performance was so exciting that I couldn't help thinking:"That's it!" "At that moment, it was really the reason I was able to do my best, so even as a director, I'm still an actress." "(You will like:" a regular actress Julie Ammole: "A person to be brave, you must first experience fear")

Next, let's go deeper into his charming blues from the series of blue works, and listen to him talk about actors and directors, and unique creative perspectives.

Burst the magnificent bubble of Youth: "Fantasy Love" (heartbeats)

"Fantasy love is often more interesting than reality." 」

When you and your sister fall in love with the same man, your friendship is still not tenable? Fantasy Love outlines the adolescent fantasy of love and crazy infatuation, but also depicts a person's narcissism and gaze. It is not so much a triangular problem, more like a person with their own infighting, we desire the kind of youth, are thinking of their own role in love; the film is a scene of touching is a reality or a dream, I would like to leave the love itself to answer. (Recommended you see: for the 20-year-old youth sheet: Please allow us to be silly again )

Whose youth does not have a fantasy love? Those who do not have the vague, excessive speculation of secret love, love of the evil and innocence, have contributed to our best time.

Love is the most manic language: "Listen to Your Mother" (I killed my Mother)

"The Enemy in the heart is the hardest to conquer, the conquest is the art"

Many blue love pondering "mother and Child topic", the protagonist "Anthony Hampo" quoted Rimbaud verse: "When you are 17 years old, you can't be more serious." "A word to annotate the growing madness." The film is a thrilling family debate, who has not been rebellious in the confrontation with the mother, who's love for the mother without a little hate.

In a half-autobiography script, he said he had written "I killed my mother" in high school, and for a long time he turned over the novel and pieced it together for a while, and wove it into the script. So the end of listening to his mother, he did not kill the mother, but left a letter: "To see me, come to my kingdom." " What a lovely childlike innocence, but also childish to write down our mother's wayward forever." Hey dear: to you as a mother: the child will make mistakes, but will not miss her life.

I love you, because you Are you: "Two sides Lawrence" (Laurence anyways)

"I should not have been born a man, I have lived like this for 35 years, it is a crime!" I stole a man's life and stole the life I was born to be a woman.

Lawrence, for a full ten years from the handsome male teacher, gradually discovered his true self, towards the costume, degeneration of the road. She wears women's clothes, paints lipstick, puts on high heels, but still loves her girlfriend. This movie is more about "the nature of love" than about being cool. When "I" is no longer the ideal of "integrity", you in the heart of the "I" also ideal?

How Blue never believe love can save everything, the end of men and women are not together, but when Lawrence's mother confessed to the decision, he suspected and injured eyes look to his mother asked: "So, you will still love me?" , the mother said lightly: "You are to become a woman, or a fool?" "That scene, Love is so complete." (Recommended reading: A teacher's transsexual confession: from Zeng to Zengjia core, I have lived a woman in my heart )

Stifling black sexy: Tom at the farm (Tom at the Farm)

"Today is a part of me is dead, but I can not cry, let me forget all the words of sadness, now without you around, I can do is to replace you." 」

"Tom on the farm" of the gloomy and Occupy suffocating , Tom to the dead boyfriend Zeon home to attend the funeral, Zeon and brother to Tom's violence and control, Zeon's neurotic mother to the child's life, everywhere not show people in the family lack of security. Everyone wants to tie up a prey, so that their lives have sustenance, some witnesses.

How Blue Talk about "lost", talk about the hurting. No one really wants to come out in the loss of love, and everyone has the same sad coexistence. See "Tom on the Farm" in the corn field of grass how to cut the illusion of family and lies, honesty, the contradictions in the relationship of Envy evil. (Extended reading: every day is a practice of letting go: Put down the sadness, accept the love )

The violent aesthetics of love: "Dear Mummy" (mommy)

"I will only love you more and more, but you love more and less, that is the inevitability of life." 」

Dear Mummy has a pair of very special mother and son, Mom wears is a fashionable single mother, Steve with hyperactivity, personality disorder, violent tendency to live. Steve and Mummy, in their own way, sometimes armed, sometimes pierced to love each other, they have a hot and impulsive dialogue, dirty words, no disguise of the emotions.

When the frequency of love does not resonate, they try their best to love, but still have nothing to do with each other's lives. In the endless fetters with the mother, we can only not give up, closer to the word "love".

Five blue movies So far, you may have found that he loved to shoot transgender, gay subjects and bring Idepas complex closer to his story line. But his character is like a movie arrogant, more Blue said: "I can you say I am a gay director, but do not define my movie is a gay movie." "He wants everyone to see the movie to rip off the small labels and to feel the breath of every inch of the lens," he said. (Extended reading: politically correct gender hegemony: "The groom marries the wrong Lang" is not gay is not gay world)

Every blue movie, like after a revolution, into a barren. He wrote many "is so" sad, also photographed love of the wandering ambiguous. If you are easy to be sad, you will find a trace of laughter in the blue movies, if you are happy space is empty, perhaps you should taste his open to tea hydroxyindole melancholy.

"The same field plus" vieri the new play of the Blue Star

The song of the Sad Elephant

Mike's mother is a well-known vocal singer, Michael saw his mother suicide, after a mental collapse was sent to a mental hospital, the mother sang the song of the " Elephant" lingering in his mind, day and night lingering, Mike to Dr. Green confided the astonishing truth, Complained that Dr. Lawrence during the diagnosis and treatment, the long-term invasion of juveniles! Does Lawrence's disappearance have anything to do with the scandal? or Michael's self-directed psychological game? The secret of the cat and mouse, who wins the game?