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9/6: Refugee little Boy "Allen" died

The policeman Mehmet Ciplak, who found the refugee boy "Allen", said in his first interview that he prayed for the child to be alive the moment he found the body lying on the beach in the morning.

"I am eager to search for signs of life. But I can't find any sign. At this time, I felt sick in my heart. "At the scene of the crime in 18, Mehmet Ciplak said:" When I saw the corpse, I thought of my son. This is a kind of pain that cannot be said. 」

Allen family Four, only father survived. 3-Year-old Allen and his 5-year-old brother, Gallip, 35-year-old mother Le Handu in the Wang Yang interrupted the air.

"Nothing can compensate me." Ellen's father said in tears. "Even if you give me the whole world, it's not worth exchanging with me for losing a child." 」

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9/8: The 20 anniversary of Zhang ailing's death

Life is a gorgeous robe, crawling full of fleas. --Zhang ailing, the dream of genius

September 8, 2015, is the 20 anniversary of the death of writer Zhang ailing.

With Zhang ailing's contemporaries, no one's family is more prominent than her. However, in this big family, but staged a scene of living things change, gathering and parting clutch. The unfortunate childhood has left a deep imprint on Zhang ailing.

At the age of 23, Eileen Chang, who had never been in love, met Hu Lancheng, a 14-year-old veteran. He had a wife, a concubine and countless lovers in Nanjing. But in love Eileen Chang, she gave Hu Lan into a photo from his own, back message: "See him, she became very low very low, low to dust Eli, but her heart is happy, from the dust out of flowers." 」

From then on, their love letter exchanges, breaking the shackles of moral and rational, in a passion for nothing to extricate themselves. But Hu Lancheng did not give Zhang ailing a quiet and good day, but deep hurt. He first fell in love with nurses for weeks, then the war of Resistance victory, Hu Lancheng fled, leaving Zhang ailing face "traitors" of public opinion.

In the 40 's, Zhang ailing, a student who dropped out of war in two years, became one of Shanghai's most famous writers, but in her gorgeous first half she wanted a home. By the year 1955, Zhang ailing had travelled to the United states, but her writing, which she had prided herself on, had been hit by a devastating blow. A piece of work written out, but a ministry by the United States publishers refused, her reputation in China is useless.

September 8, 1995, Zhang ailing kicking in Los Angeles, USA , aged 75. It was only 7 days before anyone found out. There was no furniture, no bed, and she lay on the floor, covered with a thin blanket.

As Yu Qiuyu in the "death of Zhang ailing" said: "She died very lonely, just as she lived very lonely." But literature does not refuse loneliness, she told history, 20 Centuries of Chinese literature there is not a lot of burning gas in the corner. It is in this corner that a long year of Shanghai charm endures. 」

Open another window of the world 〉〉"The Soul has the fragrance of the woman" Hu Lancheng love-trick, made Zhang ailing a Chinese robe crawling full of lice

9/9: First transgender female Lili Elbe

The Lili Elbe, a trans-gender woman from 19 to 20th century, was so famous because he was the first person in history to undergo a sex-reset operation, and no one had ever tried to change his sexuality through surgery.

During his schooling, he has been living a masculine life, graduated from Copenha 's famous art school Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, and by virtue of landscape painting became the Danish 二、三十年代 famous artists.

In the 1904, Lili Elbe was at school with her sister Gerda Gottlieb married. Once the wife Gerda model, please Lili replacement. After wearing stockings and heels, Lili found that he felt particularly comfortable when she was in the dress.

After such a change of experience, Lili's inner feminine consciousness was awakened. Since then, Lili has often acted as a model for his wife. Gradually, the wife Gerda portrayal of the female portrait caused by the public attention, and make model Lili get more and more attention, and Lili also active in public places, but the fact that the husband is easy to serve is always confidential, until 1913, two people moved to Paris before the public.

The Lili Elbe is becoming more and more difficult to accept his male body and believes that he should be a female physically. His wife, also in 1929, encouraged him to undergo surgery to change sex. Lili received five surgeries in the two years from 1930 to 1931, and after receiving the last operation and transplanting the uterus into the body, she had a severe rejection and died shortly thereafter. The story of the Lili Elbe will also be adapted for the movie "Danish Girl", which is to be released this year.

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9/10:"Bay born Home" media test film will

The documentary film "Bay Born Home" Today in the new Granville Show studios held media test film. " Wan Sheng" refers to the Japanese who were born in Taiwan from 1895 to 1946. They regarded Taiwan as their home, but they were repatriated in 1945, when Japan was defeated.

Bay Health is a derogatory title, for this group of Bay students, they are not only forgotten by Taiwan and Japan, but also by the Japanese mainland residents as second-class citizens.

Documentary "Bay Born Home," the producer Tanaka is the Bay born descendants, she spent 14 years in person to interview with the field, and accompany the bay students back to Taiwan to obtain a birth certificate, witness the Bay of life to go back to the important hands of the hometown.

This group of Bay students always feel that they are Japanese "aliens." Because they were born in Tai Wan, they had to leave their place of birth because of their defeat. Even far from the Bay of 70, they still miss the land.

The documentary "Bay Born Home" in the flyingv raise Yuan online, has broken from the "see Taiwan," The Taiwan film issue raised 2.48 million of the record, currently in the16 province release.

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The 14 anniversary of the 9/11:911 attack

September 11, 2001, 19 terrorists hijacked the United States 4 civilian aircraft. The World Trade Center in Lower Manhattan, New York, collapsed after two planes crashed. The Pentagon, near Washington, was hit by a plane and destroyed in a corner. A hijacked plane was scheduled to attack the United States Congress or the White House, but crashed in Pennsylvania State.

Until this year, the 14 anniversary of the 911 attacks in the United states, a new building has been built in the World Trade Center in Manhattan , NY, including the Freedom Tower of the World Trade Center, building fourth, and the 911 National Memorial Museum.

But the building can be rebuilt, and the human wound is still there. At that time lucky survived the "Dust Woman" bo de silk, regardless of the superior stay in situ command, panic escape collapsed building, was photographed by photographers she covered with dust image, become 911 event left one of the classic photos.

But her luck became the curse of procrastination, and after 911, She suffered a severe shock not only from depression, but also from alcoholism and drug abuse, to the loss of custody of two children until 2011, when she decided to go to rehab, but last year He was diagnosed with stomach cancer, and died of cancer at age 42.

"I started drinking and never came out of the house," Bodes said in an interview in 2011. Every day when I think of the bombing, I feel very frightened. My life has been messed up and I haven't been to work for nearly 10 years. Life was almost a mess. "

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9/15: New ladies ' room movement

Toilets are one of the few areas in society that explicitly depends on sex. In addition to accessible toilets and parent-child toilets, toilets in most public spaces are not male or female.

The new ladies ' movement in the 1996 aroused Taiwan Society's heavy view of toilet design, including a series of actions such as VIES men's room, urine contest, refusing to pay, and flexible allocation.

At that time there are still a lot of stations, public toilets, only female toilets to collect cleaning fees, so the new women's movement launched a "refuse to pay ", causing media coverage, and finally 19 years ago today, the steam, Highway rest Station and other public toilets to abolish the charge system of female toilets.

However, can we have more imagination about the design of public space to loosen the stereotype of gender stereotypes? Like before the Olympic weightlifting bronze Lu Ying Chyi, because the focus practice lifting weight, the body more and more neutral, often mistaken for men, the toilet must be accompanied by the family to prove their daughter after the body to enter the ladies ' room.

In order to allow everyone to enter the public toilets are comfortable, in order to respect the needs of the transgender people's toilet, think in public space how to set up a gender-free toilet, is our current space use problem.

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9/16: China rights lawyer Wang Yu still not released

(Photo source: Guardian)

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Zaid, spoke at the country's Human Rights Council in Geneva in Monday to express concerns about the global human rights situation.

He referred to American racial discrimination against African Americans, the recent killings and arrests in Burundi and the "growing horror of Syria's nightmare".

In addition, he mentioned the recent illegal arrests of dissidents in China: " I am concerned about hundreds lawyers who have been detained and interrogated in China in recent months." 」

In the arrest operation, rights activist female lawyer Wang Yu was the first to be purged of the object, the disappearance of audio has not been. She was accused of incitement by the authorities because she wanted to help the six girls who were sexually abused by the headmaster of the primary school to fight for her rights, despite the Government's constant pressure on her by the media, Wang Yu insisted that even if it would endanger her own safety, The human rights of girls are also to be upheld.

"My strength is weak, but even if I am weak, I hope I can play a little role in human rights and freedom of speech." "Wang Yu once said so.

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9/17: The hurt gaze of Toph Carol

A self-portrait with thorns and hummingbird necklaces is one of the famous self-portrait paintings of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo.

Self-portrait takes up most of the paintings in the works of Toph Carol. Carol's self-portrait is always sad and full of metaphors, and often makes people look at her self-portrait as if they were staring directly at her as a woman and facing the naked pain.

Carol's 6-year-old child is paralyzed, but fate has not easily let go. On The September 17, Carol's bus crashed into a car with a brake malfunction , and a steel bar from her lungs ran through her womb, turning 18-year-old Carol from her life.

Although Carol was lucky to pick up a life from the jaws of death, but in the body left many sequelae, moved up to 35 times of surgery, the final right knee below still have to amputate limb. In addition, the car accident also let her heart always embrace the "death " of the great fear.

After that, Carol and Mexican famous mural Diego-Livera (Diego Rivera) in love with marriage, but Livera romantic personality, but let Carol 's loved exchange to hurt. Carol because of deep love, Livera of the romantic behavior always endure, until Livera her own sister, she decided to separate with Livera, finally choose divorce.

This portrait of a thorn-and-hummingbird necklace depicts the neck of the Thorn, surrounded by thorns, and a hummingbird adorned with a chain of brambles. The Hummingbird is the sign of love and hope, but in this portrait the Hummingbird bears the thorn and bleeds on the neck, as if it were because of love, so life always aches.

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