abortion , what is the word in your eyes? Every hour of the world, a woman dies from unsafe abortions, and we blame women more than we do to improve our imperfect production environment. Production is not an obligation, the right to life disputes, we may try to return the answer to human rights . (Extended reading: These women's abortion diaries, let's look at abortion from another perspective )

Abortion has long been rejected by the community for public discussion. Pregnancy, miscarriage, childbirth as a system, the woman's body to establish a dense structure, teaching us how to become a woman. Abortion has become the crime of 噤, a standard to evaluate women's morals, it is our most tacit understanding of the secret of the mouth.

In mid-September, when the US Congress dismissed the Abortion Fund Act, Obama and the pope openly criticized the abortion, US writer Linda West launched a "#ShoutYourAbortion(Name your abortion experience)" on the social networking site, and woman advocates Bono ( Amelia Bonow, Morrison (Kimberly Morrison) exposes his abortion experience to the U.S. federal House of Representatives anti-abortion-related news, subject label "#ShoutYourAbortion" activities in the social media to spread enthusiastically, into the 21st century, The women got up to regain the right to say the abortion .

Why can't I choose to be a mother?

"Most women are deeply convinced that if they are good women, their miscarriage will be accompanied by sadness, humiliation and remorse," Amelia Bonow wrote on his Facebook book. But you know what? I have a very positive attitude and a very safe abortion process, after all this I am still a qualified woman. Why can't we choose ourselves to be a mother? (Extended reading: When a mother is a choice, not an obligation: a woman who does not want to have a child does not have to explain to society )

"We don't want to pretend it doesn't exist," Bono said. They see the Federal Conference of the United States dealing silently with abortion laws and discussing them in the most unattractive way, and abortion is again a word that can only be whispered. Bono said that the label activity is not to make women proud of abortion, but in the unequal sex premise, the woman's body language right back to themselves. She believes that this is not a campaign to promote women's pride, but the appeal that everyone can live in a choice, a more benign legal environment.

Every hour, a woman dies from an unsafe abortion operation.

According to the World Health Organization, 13% of women worldwide die of abortions every year, meaning that every one hours a woman dies from a miscarriage. The United States House of Representatives, the world's targets, voted two bills on September 18, one to freeze the federal funds used to finance family planning associations for one year (the Association promotes the prevention of unwanted pregnancies, reduces the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, carries out screening for cervical cancer and other cancers, etc.). ) and the second is to limit the doctors who perform abortion operations.

United States Study on Gretl Mach Association for Gender Health means out There are 85 million unwanted pregnancies each year in the United States, with at least 3.4 million women facing them alone. However, in the premise of illegal abortion, they can only seek unsafe ways, to drink medicine for abortion. killing the abortion-care environment, not dropping the abortion rate, but destroying the woman's right to life.

Abortion is not a moral issue, but a human rights issue

The World Health Organization (WHO) said: "We should put an end to this kind of epidemic of abortion silence, which is about human rights, legalization of abortion is a fundamental right of women, wherever they are, should have a medical environment to ensure that they are safe when abortion." 」

Last year there was a shocking news that a 11-year-old girl from Senegal, West Africa, was out of school after being raped, Senegal. Abortion was not allowed in the country, so she had two twins in her tiny body and could not continue her studies now. Her mother, who asked the Senegalese Bar Association to provide financial support so that girls could continue her studies, stressed that the girl needed to switch schools to avoid being bullied. (Extended reading:"I am eight years old, I have a child" the Sad Song of child marriage Little Bride )

Whether a girl wants to have a baby or not, we should keep her options. without the option of abortion, her story can only have one version, the childhood and learning opportunities lost as a result of being raped. If we are silent when we are raped, and when we have abortions, when will we let the world see the truth of the agony?

#ShoutYourAbortion their story.

When #ShoutYourAbortion heated up on the Internet, someone came forward to bounce "What's so good about abortion?" "While a group of women are still struggling to resist shame, they speak out not only for physical autonomy, but also for women who are dying of a dysfunctional medical system, a girl who has been prematurely premature in the light of violence, and a woman who is not ready to become a mother."

"I had an abortion when I was 23 years old, and this decision made it possible for me and my two young children to escape their violent father," he said. 」

"I have two miscarriages of experience and I have no obligation to explain it to anyone: My life is worth more than a potential life." 」

"My son was only one and a half years old, and I was a young single mother, penniless. I will be responsible for my starving son first. No regrets at all. 」

Perhaps there are so won't be, these girls who experience miscarriage for others to say "cold-blooded" feel guilty, and even occasionally feel that they "abnormal." When we have a wider world view at the same time, if the society still chooses to remain silent to the woman's body, cold-blooded, abnormal is more likely to be the society. ("Why do we pursue normalcy without celebrating uniqueness?") "16-year-old autistic girl's rocking TED speech. "

Just as #ShoutYourAbortion appeal no longer makes abortion an anomaly, only public talk can bring about a safe and legal environment in which women can implement the decisions they have made for their bodies. The right to abortion is not for the sake of arbitrary abortion, no woman will be willing to bear the pain, but we all need this option, when life is lost to find the exit to survive. In any case, we should have the right to write our own life story, and this story should not be full of shame.