Like to stay in a stable relationship , like the constant thermostat? Do you consider yourself to be ordinary or just accustomed to the comfort of love? Follow the song list and walk out of the comfort zone of love and find a relationship that makes you more comfortable and grows with you . (You will like: from "I" to "we": intimate and independent relationship exercises )

Are you in the comfort zone of love? In a relationship, we are apt to fall into the comfort of the call, like to stay in a stable relationship, like the constant thermostat. With the necessities of life is the eternal fantasy, the day a long grind the essence of love, invariable let Heart numb, overnight coffee put stale.

"I have wasted the world it passed me/tired like never been loved/But tomorrow I will be so wasted I want to be like this/want to waste time with you/spend a short silence long meaningless/together to pass away the exquisite and the old universe"--〈 I want to waste a moment with you.

Li Yuansheng wrote this poem, Cheng heavy singing that insipid life. Love if we spend the fine and old universe together, why can't stand the ordinary. You start to wonder what is the years of quiet good, what is ordinary? Many times we are like this, you wake up early in the morning, looking at the side of his sleeping face, but not a heartbeat. together for a period of time, how to break up are reluctant, how to turn as if the soles of the feet sticky memories of the strong glue. It seems that there is no strength to develop a new life, to talk about a new Age of love Ah! You use the "so good" to muddle along, to convince yourself to love very well.

Love in the status quo and comfort, why with ordinary happiness some different? Let's re-examine this relationship and now do you feel "happy"? Or are you just too "comfortable" to leave? Seven songs, take you away from the comfort zone of love, Take-off, you will be very uncomfortable, feel the wind, feel the road far away, feel the rain. Fly steadily, hiding to the most suitable for your mind, free flap. (Extended reading: Love is not independent also does not matter: dedicated to the habit of your strong you )

True love will always touch you, love in the comfort zone makes you feel like a natural

"Get used to your voice, get used to your body, get used to picking my little problems, get used to your careful, get used to the topic you're talking about, get used to the bad weather." There was a storm in my heart, breaking up my mind for a long time, and it broke my body from your lips to my eyes. Strawberry Saviour, 1 million butterflies

The love in the comfort zone makes you feel all right, you don't even ask questions about your life or your feelings, and when he complains, you just feel bored, not the same. You are not really happy, you are comfortable with at least this person with me, better than a lonely day. You no longer imagine love, you just have to have a person, understand your existence, from the look in your eyes, determine your value.

The joy of love should be able to let you intoxicated, like every day with just a good little alcohol. This happiness is not unrealistic, but your stomach seems to always have butterflies flying, there are small deer bump, never calm. The most intriguing thing is that the first time you accidentally touch a piece of hand, in a few years later, or so touching heart shock. (Would you like it: dependence or love?) Five relationship psychology makes you more and more strong .

True love is knowing his meaning in your life, the love in the comfort circle or not.

"You will find me meaningless in the most perfect life, and you will find me in the wheat fields that you don't need to go through." Find me or miss me, find me and hold me. Kozhi, find Me

The love of the comfort zone makes you too lazy to work harder for this relationship, you refuse to change, you refuse to compromise, you just want someone to accept you.

true love makes you dare not imagine the story of his departure, think of the various possible separation of your heart even dull pain. Theoretically you know you're strong enough to face all, only one person let your original domineering become helpless, let your strength melt into a pool of weakness. How afraid you are , to miss him who is so different. Just like all the prophecies of the Little Prince to love, we only know the value of a certain rose, inadvertently in the most impossible to stop the wheat field stops, so the story unfolds. (Recommended reading: Love psychology tells you: Why, always can't meet the right person?) )

true love makes you feel at ease, love in your comfort zone is full of contradictions

"Maybe I can't afford to wait too long, maybe I just need one of your hugs." --Queen's suitcase, 〈hold Me tight〉

Comfort Circle of love, let you often feel bored in the relationship, kissing hand gestures like drinking water as usual, no longer cause heartbeat, non-toxic ease in the corner of your life. Even more often, you are too eager to be alone. Both his eyes and fear that he is too focused, you are just used to people do not leave the feeling, no matter how far you want to have someone who do your lights down. (now hot: like you, but not the courage to be with you people )

When you put your heart and soul into a relationship, the warmest place in the world is his bosom. It is never enough to touch his skin to become the most habitual action and to kiss his scent. He is like a winter morning quilt, people can not bear to get up, you want to stay longer and longer.

Real Love lets you enjoy the chat, the comfort circle of love to end the conversation lightly

"Honey, do You hear me?" I am talking, saying that no one understands the language, exclusive of our password AH. In this world, there are too many noises Ah, disturb our communication ah, closed our ears ah. Huang, Honey, do you hear me?

Do you have this feeling? Why are you together for a long time, for those insignificant little things still can laugh, talk about a movie still Amoy. Whether it is national affairs, garlic Feather, you all like to share together. Other people do not understand the Smile , only your alien language, you know the code, love so that you always have to say endless words.

If you are in the comfort zone of love, you often want to be in his Press the Terminator button in the nag. "What do you want to eat", "Do you think of me today", "You have eaten not" these words only let you feel the end, you try to focus on the topic of "more meaningful" talk is always in vain. Because, you really want to talk to the object is not he. (Extended reading: Stop chasing love evidence: He loves you, doesn't need to be proven )

Happiness is being willing to grow, you in the comfort zone don't want to change

"Dear Sorry, I did not become better myself, the Loneliest road movie." Cannot bear the light, the sky is swirling the Moonlight Ginkgo biloba, tears of the empty scene, no river has a memory. You ask me, does it hurt? Wings, a weary night-sky journey above the scapula. --Chen Shanni, the snowy Gingko Forest.

Love in the comfort zone often makes you feel "this is good", as long as you have enough security in your two space. So you don't want to expand your circle of contacts, know each other's friends and family; you can't afford to venture around the island with him, on the pretext that we are old; you don't have any thoughts of deep memories, Valentine's Day is the heart, the anniversary has something to celebrate, anyway, every day is to live.

True love, let your greedy desire better. Want to keep on moving forward, for him to become better himself. You hope to have him in the next growth, you quarrel, running-in, retrogression, reconciliation, in every argument, try to be closer to love one step. When you are truly happy, you will feel infinite possibilities, as if nothing can be done as long as you go down together.

The real is soul-stirring, the comfort of love is tasteless

"I cry because my heart is full of confusion, I cry because my beloved and I spend, I am not strong, I am weak, just want to find the forgotten love." Lie Gaolu, there's no cloud in the sky tonight

Like the comfort zone you can not experience the thrill of love, can not understand the Ming of lovelorn. Because of everything, you want to be smart and choose the safest, the most error-prone.

But is there a love that makes you feel like his fingers are hanging around or itching in your heart? Love is full of thrills, this person makes you feel happy at the same time, also let you fragile. You feel the joy of flying all the time, even you think what I have done to deserve this person to love? Zhang Ai-Ling said: "People are always happy when approaching happiness, in the well-being of the outcome." "At the moment you are so like the lost soul of the blind worry."

Come here, I hope you can step out of the comfort of love, more courageous to make mistakes, more hurt. Feel the love of pain and softness, for his lines heart lost soul, for your devotion to rejoice and panic. Hey, if you're willing to take a few more steps, maybe you'll just pass by the cornfield, so you tame each other and walk a track that only you know. (Recommended reading: fall in love with a Rose of the wayward: The little Prince taught us six relationship topics )