A few days ago Jennifer Laurence proposed Hollywood pay serious differences between men and women, her old partner Blaidlicoupe also in the past few days to express their solidarity! Let's see how Cooper responds to the allegations of wage inequality in a vested interest. (It's hot:"I blame myself for not being able to fight for"─ Jennifer Lawrence learns to fight the smart image and stand up for women's rights. )

Gender equality in Hollywood in 2015 was more openly discussed, written in the Emmahuasen #HeForShe after Allempe, Shan Chaubrac refused the "most Beautiful Award", Jennifer Laurence also for women pay rights platform. I also remember that last year, topless. She accused: "For me, the naked exodus is not a scandal at all, but a sexual crime." "This time she fought more vigorously:" If we don't stand up, the world won't change. "(Recommended reading:" This is not a scandal, but a sex crime "jennifer Lawrence sexy debut, the first public talk about naked photo storm )

If we do not stand out, the world will not change, not only small Jennifer in the work of unequal pay issues, partner Blaidlicoupe (Bradley Cooper) also for her platform, as a veritable #HeForShe best demonstration: "This society is full of double standards, The film industry is just one part of the story, and it's a great thing to be audible, and I think it will change the whole environment. Cooper praised little Jennifer for coming forward and not forgetting that there are more gender issues that must be discussed in society.

Gentle Cooper for Jennifer Platform: gender equality cannot be silenced

Cooper worked with little Jennifer on "Pat's happy Script", "The hidden-precious", which is "the men who pay higher than me" in the statement. The face of her brave Cooper does not mind at all, but also to the end, he believes that Jennifer's efforts to work enough to make her get the same fee.

Blaidlicoupe also explained that he would work harder to speak up for women's issues and not be silent, and would like to discuss the issue with the actress in public before filming the film in the future. At a time when a female voice shouted at the unfairness of Hollywood culture, there was a deep vocal expression "I am willing to stand with you." "I think that's a deep picture.

When he decided to discuss the fee openly with the actress, he was bound to abandon the gender advantage, more frankly and modestly to face injustice as a vested interest. Such men fearless of the world become a more equal kind of appearance, live to 40 Cooper does not stop to understand the issues related to people, nor superior to look at life . (see: Joseph Gaudenlivai, embracing feminism: "Don't let the sex define who we are!) ")

Did Cooper have a big bonus in your heart? In fact, Cooper has been discussing women's issues more than once, and although he has not claimed to be a feminist, but has respected women, he is not careless and is also actively vocal in human rights. Next, we know the bright eye and superb acting both the first-line male star!

"Real men don't buy women without money!" 」
Real Mans Don ' t buy girl!

2011, Cooper in response to "Bring back to our girls" activities, he denounced the sale of girls, more than buy a girl, a real man to learn to do their own breakfast.

"I love her, there is not a love in this world so general." 」
I Love has her. I wouldn ' t have it any other way.

Cooper in the media before the public confession, a great fellow so sweet and greasy narration, how lovely and moving. Cooper says he's living with his mom, and he's enjoying it. I think his mother gave him great upbringing and freedom, so that Cooper is still a man who knows how to be considerate and respectful even if he is red all over the world.

Cooper and mother pictured

"In a relationship, treat others the way you want to be treated," he said. 」
In a relationship your want to treat people the way and want to be treated.

Cooper's kindness and respect for women shows. He said the best relationship in film cooperation is: "Two of people to coordinate and feel each other's relationship to achieve harmony, far more than the body's desire to attract." 」

Cooper Confession: Jennifer is a lot better than me.

In fact, Blaidlicoupe is fourth in Hollywood this year, but he did not choose 噤, but to stand up for screen mate little Jennifer Shout! I think his gentlemanly spirit is obvious to all. Both of them are good partners in the screen, Jennifer once said: "Any boy's role makes me think of Bradley, because in my opinion, he is the best, I like to work with him." "Cooper is also very generous with the dedication of little Jennifer:" You will always want to work with someone better than you. 」

Blaidlicoupe In addition to the film from the bright Eye performance subversion of the early "vase image", more gradually let people know his amiable side. I think, like Cooper said, "You'll always want to work with someone better than you." "We all strive to be better ourselves, regardless of gender, regardless of ethnicity." Blaidlicoupe's #HeForShe makes people look forward to the beginning of the transformation of Hollywood culture, expecting us to remember love, not to be arbitrarily changed by the world, to have a gender space that is more discussed in good faith. (Recommended reading:sheforshe Emmahuasen: I want to use my privileges, for the forgotten edge of voice )

Perhaps our mainstream media needs people like Cooper to come forward-a vested interest, a man who may be the furthest away from what is called feminism. He is willing to come in and squat to see each one-sided flaw, I always feel like this Cooper must learn to stand in the various deformation of the haha mirror, accept their own on a variety of issues on the different face, sometimes twisted, sometimes tilt, see the world more scattered imaging. At this time to stand up and tell us #HeForShe people, if by the Blaidlicoupe of various heroic standard blockbuster, more subversive value and the significance of the times.